Diablo® III

1.05 issues p.10 - rare/champ achievements

-Rare Savage Rockworm &
-Rare Rockworm &
-Rare Sand Dweller &
-Champion Fallen Cur &
-Champion Plague Swarm &
-Champion Savage Rockworm Are all Monsters that can not spawn and are needed for Achievements.
-Subjugator Champions can spawn, but are not checking for confirmation in the Achievement-screen.

unless I am mistaken I thought I read in the patch notes these monsters should be spawnable & achievements available, however many players are stating this is not true

I have not personally farmed enough to confirm this is the case myself, other than to say all the time i've spent I have not yet seen these monsters here, nor on any of the live streams I follow.
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You can add Rare Skeletal Marauder for hardcore....no where to be seen.
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thanks for the updated info Jesser!
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Rare Skeletal Marauder spawns in Battlefield Stores

My list is the same as yours, Treezat.
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Same list like you.

Hope for a fix asap >_>
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for the subjugator champ packs that spawn, it appears in addition to not checking the box for achievement, some players are reporting they are dropping no loot. if you have this happen please be sure to share, includ your MP level, class, act, quest & location, as much info as you can really. thanks
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For rare sand dweller, I think you can find it with imps as minons at desolate sand. But you can not get credit when you kill the rare pack.

For others, I have the same list. I'm wondering why champion subjugator bug is so hard to fix, two months ago, someone had reported on the forum.

As far as my knowledge, D3 develop team won't fix the above bug until the next available patch(1.06 or 1.10), which means we have to wait one or more month for new patch coming.

One more thing, I believe D3 develop team doesn't give too much attention to achievement system. Well-known achievement bugs takes so long time but still no fix. And there is no any achievement points information in your web profile. Last, they never increase new achievements with new patch release. It's so disappoint to see no paragon level achievements in the game.
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Blizzard, can you please add this information to the Known Issues List?

The Champion Subjugator should be especially easy to verify, it doesn't work for anybody. Both HC and SC achievements are broken.
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Meilin, that's not Sand Dweller, it's Ancient Walker.

I agree with all of you, it gotta be fixed! Many people just miss those rare/champs achievements to complete all achvs!
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I have also (and some other people) with rare subjugator, i just killed one and didnt get the tick

I was playing in normal HC, it actually ticked in the rare phenomenon achievement (SC) but not in trophy hunting (HC)
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We have a lot of people also confirming this info over at;


Would be nice to be able to finally finish some of these achievements...
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Sand Dweller rares do not spawn. They're actually Ancient Walkers.

I killed one and I got ancient walkers checked off.
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I am also missing the Rare Sand Dweller and Champion Subjugator.
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I have spent 6+ hours trying to get subjugator champion checked off. Part of it killing Champion subjugators that do not update the achievement and the rest trying to catch a rare spawn in a rare instance.

The lack of acknowledgement of the bug, much less fixing it is inexcusable from the standpoint of customer relations, and it leads me to speculate in the absence of any official Blizzard communication that these are not bugs at all, they want to be able to point out how few people have the achievements as proof of how challenging the game is, or possibly it is just a carrot on the end of a stick to try to get people to continue to play the game.

At this point I am seriously considering going full bore: Slashdot and Reddit submissions, letters to all the gaming magazines as well as a submission to the BBB in the context of poor customer relations and customer service.
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