Hey dudes,

I hadn't played D3 in 2 months until yesterday, so my experiences might relate to earlier patches as well as 1.0.5.

When I first logged into a game (private), played inferno Act 1 with my monk. Latency was RED to begin with, then dropped to a steady <250ms in the green. I did a few Elite runs, got 5 stacks of NV, then went on a killing rampage. :)

- Playtime was for 30-40 minutes.
- Time: 2:30PM EST - 3PM+ EST
- ADSL 2: Connected at just under 6mbps

* Game seems a bit faster..?? Like I'm moving faster, attacking faster and being attacked faster..?? Is it just me? I quite liked it!
* Still have rubber-banding. Very short bursts of it though. I noticed it frequently at first when in town, then not so much when out killing demons.
* Encountered lots of arcane elites and managed to kill and move around quite well. The elites were a mix of easy, and not so easy, which was good.
* Drops were normal. Got to 5 stacks and got the usual rares. The 60-63 drops were decent, not fantastic, but not pathetic either. (only had 89% MF). For a 40 minute run, fairly happy with them.
* One annoying thing was 5 randoms adding me to the friends list but they were all spammers. "Go to my website for Gold blah blah", so immediate report/block got rid of that.

Main point though: I really enjoyed myself for 40 minutes playing this, and I haven't even touched monster power, my Paragon level is 0 I think...maybe 1, I haven't checked out the machine thingy... and I bloody well enjoyed myself! I'll be taking on Act 2 and those stupid flying birds in the desert next!
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