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Key wardens

Key wardens are inapropriately strong compared to whats around them, they can keep their power for inferno and maybe hell but i think for normal and nightmare they should be nerfed. i say this because i play hc and have heard many stories of faceroll till key warden and insta gib. my 2 cents.
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I'm surprised, I did not know they were even in normal/nightmare/hell. What's the point?
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10/22/2012 03:24 AMPosted by Voski
What's the point?

to kill hc players? dunno. theres not except to slow people down that i know of. and its not like you can just walk around some of them and not activate them. eg the act3 one.
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Yeah, I was playing act III on normal and my character got killed a half dozen times (no exaggeration) by the Key Warden before I managed to kill it. I would have been pissed if I was playing a hardcore character.
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Interesting. I thought his appearance in ActIII was a glitch and reported it this morning. I was in normal mode as well and this Blue Keywarden shows up and trashes me >10 times [lost count after that] until I whittled him down finally. He was duping himself, hitting me once with mega impact and raining bodies like Azmodan on me. In NORMAL mode! Worse than that I don't think I got any experience from killing him and I know I didn't see any gold or items dropped. Very unhappy.
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I just got killed by the NM A3 key warden in Hardcore! Was lvl 46 Monk, and I just beat Belial and was going through A3 so far with out even barely getting hurt, then this guy kills me in a couple hits. I wish I knew he was going to be so hard, I would have just exited the game.
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dam, so everybody agrees that the keywardens should definately not be in norm and nm, and there still kinda pointless in hell but still tolerable?
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