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Might be a solution to latency issue

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I am using a TPG broadband, after reading the post here: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1936941, i found someone mentioned he didn't have any lag issue when he connected from his office VPN.

The problem is the route that TPG uses to connect to US is unstable. It not only affects Diablo but affects everything from other games to voice chat.

So I was wondering if i use VPN would that change my net traffic route to US like:
before: me -> TPG -> problematic router -> US
after: me -> TPG -> healthy router -> US

I have subscribed a free trial VPN, downloaded a tool PingPlotter to trace my net traffic health.
what i observe is:
before: i get 30%-80% package loss on multiple nodes to US server
after enable VPN: the routing nodes changed and 0% package loss

Unfortunately Diablo server went offline for maintenance just before i setup the VPN :(
i will keep trying tomorrow and hopefully prove this could be a solution to the latency issue with certain ISPs
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i dunno why everyone complains. i'm in Perth and i never have any real issues. my service is through the bunch of thieves with no customer service skills (aka Telstra,) so i'm prob'ly getting the higher end of the signal.

just curious: anyone here using iinet naked DSL in Perth? how is it going? I used to be with them, then moved to Cairns for a year and switched over to the thieves and am now stuck in contract at exorbitant prices now that i'm back in Perth - like over twice what i was paying for iinet before.

i want to go back to them once my thieves contract is up, but not if it jeopardises my Diablo!!
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I am with Westnet and live in Geelong, Vic. my problem with lag is that I am on the borderline of getting ADSL2+, so i suspect the almost 5km from the exchange is my huge issue with lag.... :(
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depends on the area mojo. Im in perth with iinet, but using ADSL2+. I asked if naked will be better, and the customer service said probly not, so i didnt change.

I live in Stirling, and the internet is SHYT.
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thanks Seansky. i'm up near Midland. i might just leave well enough alone and enjoy my lag-free gaming. very rarely do i ever get a bit of a stutter
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