Diablo® III

Here's how you fix itemization

To fix itemization the patch need to read as follows :

1. IAS values increased by 50%
Only one of the following affixs may roll on a piece of gear : ias/crit chance/crit damage.

2. Armor changed to only effect physical damage.
"Physical resist" removed.
Values of AR/Armor on gear doubled.

3. Elective stat mode added :
Players with this feature enabled may now manually allocate stats while leveling pre-60 and paragon.

(This will allow players to save a cheap unwanted mismatched set of gear up.
Then build a character for it. It will help economy, allow for more building options, provide incentive if you like making new characters. )

4. The ability/element specfic affixs found on legendaries, may now spawn on any rarity of gear. No more than 2 may spawn on one piece of gear.

5. Elemental damage on weapons changed to a flat output of listed damage.
No longer effects weapon damage, weapon damage scaled to adjust.

All elemental weapon damage is capable of a critical hit except poison.

Elemental damage on weapons new effect :
Cold damage : listed amount + slows the target by 10%
Poison damage : listed amount + 3% of the strike damage over the next 3 seconds (does not stack)
Lighting damage : Hits everything around your target for listed amount.
Fire damage : listed amount + Burn targets within 15 meters for 150% weapon damage over 3 seconds after each kill.
Arcane damage : listed amount + Targets become vulnerable to arcane damage, increasing incoming arcane damage by 2%.
Physical (change name to "keen blade") : listed amount + Targets become vulnerable to physical attacks, increasing incoming physical damage by 2%
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I'm not sure what to do with holy damage. Maybe some kind of group heal.
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Anyone disagree?
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If no one agree's does that mean everyone disagree's?
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Cold already slows.
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Yeah sorry, I pretty much hate all of those.
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im ok with the way items arerightnow, yes its a little boring and uninspired but its simple...

get get as much mainstat and crit/cd as you can and enough vit to not get one shot, then heal with LS
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