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Why are Goblins immune to damage?

I like how they can move at 200% of your movement speed no matter what. What is a fleeting shrine for if goblins, blood clan occultist and other annoying kiters can out run you no matter how much movement speed you have? Seems dumb to me.
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i hate this immune aure remove thing. When i'm on my nuker build they are almost completly immune to bola shots
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I find it next to impossible to down a Goblin on solo mp6+ as a CM/WW Wiz with no Archon... and now I think I know why...that initial immunity pretty much kills my chance to get dmg started and keep arc on crit up.
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I think it's lame that the meteors that fall from the sky in Act 3 (Skycrown Battlements, Stonefort) can aggro a goblin. I was fighting an elite pack away from a goblin so I didn't accidentally hit it. Then suddenly a meteor comes crashing down on top of the goblin and he starts running away. I've had this happen several times.
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I've found that "rapid fire" quickly depletes this immunity and kills goblins fast. Just a tip for anyone looking to speed up their goblin runs.
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i have had several ledgendary/set drop recently do not recall how good they were or any drops from them for that matter. i prob. should run my puzzle ring more often. on mp 8and up i ignore them i know i dont have enough dps to kill them they serve only as a tease. I do however agree that the shield going onto the goblins is a bit to much.
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The immunity is actually intended, and it's there to ensure that Treasure Goblins are able to perform their role once they're engaged (i.e. so that they have time to run away before getting absolutely clobbered). This is something that's been there since launch, though, and hasn't been changed.

What's likely happening is that, since goblins now [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006895826#2"]have more a lot more health[/url] due to Monster Power, every point of damage you're able to do to them is valuable, so when they're immune it's a LOT more noticeable. That said, to my understanding, the immunity should only occur during the first few ticks of combat, so you may still want to kick a report over to the Bug Report forum. :)

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