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Zero Dogs Build


I'd like to give Zero Dogs build a shot...can someone shoot me some quick info about the build?

Just curious as to the skill tree and it what slots I will need dog cool down reduction in...
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Helm Visage of Giyua - 9 seconds
Offhand Homunculs - 20 seconds
Necklace Mara's Kaleidoscope - 8 seconds
Ring Stone of Jordan - 8 seconds
Ring Skull Grasp - 7 seconds

Those are the max rolls for those gears. It needs to add up to 34 seconds with Tribal Rites or 45 if you want another passive.
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Thanks! - That's perfect and exactly what I was looking for.

How should I gear out my other slots? Focus on CC/CD? Would Zuni's set still be advisable for this build, or go with more tanky EHP rares?

Any specific 1H i should shoot for?
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You can get any rare-helm with reduced cooldown on dogs.

For a weapon, id suggest one with as much crit dmg as possible
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You can look at my profile for gearing/build. I love this build. Look for tanky stats over offensive stats. Armor, Strength, Vitality, +Health Globes, All Resist. Every health globe produced from my dogs heals me an additional 50k HP which I'm probably going to drop to around 35k so that I can gear more armor and vitality.

I can solo MP 10 with this build with very little deaths although it takes forever to kill stuff.

The stats you want to try to retain are INT on every piece of course as well as CC and CHD. Zuni Chest+Boots+Ring still works well as it gives you additional INT for dmg and residual AR and another 55 AR for the 3-piece bonus. If you use SH + GF you're almost always at max stats on both. My measly 35k damage buffs to around 70k dmg which the dogs still crit for around 300k with.

I sit there and face tank all the MP 8 ubers (haven't found a group to try higher MP yet).


Horrify and SW are your oh-crap buttons which you should use intermittently for extra defense or when an uber is doing a special attack. Also great to use on unavoidable affixes when you're trapped/walled and lasers are coming at you for example. BBV is only 90 seconds with Tribal Rites and provides additional damage, more so for the higher damage dealer in a group but can definitely give ya more damage if soloing.

Good luck
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Thanks everyone - This was immensely helpful.

Just gotta sell some of my gear when I get home and I should be able to hit 35 seconds!
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11/06/2012 08:26 AMPosted by Warath
Just gotta sell some of my gear when I get home and I should be able to hit 35 seconds!

There's no point in going beyond 34 seconds and every second more a piece has, seems like it drives the price up tens of millions of gold.

For example my Homunculus, Mara, and Visage: 19 + 6 + 9 = 34. I found a good deal on the Mara first (6 seconds), which meant I needed to do a 20 second mojo and 8 Visage or 19 and 9 (and it worked out that 19 and 9 was the cheaper way to go).

My advice is to try to find a 7-8 second Mara, as it seems like those are the cheapest, and then look for the mojo 19-20 seconds, just so you can drive the Visage price down by only getting one with 6-8 second but finding one with INT, VIT, AR, and Crit chance (most important stat).
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Thanks for the price advice, that was my largest concern...
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outstanding, thank you
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Here's a very nice Zero Dogs Guide to help you out, posted on EU server. Enjoy!

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the problem with using maras is that u are missing out on the chance of gearing for 10 cc... i mean u can grab a maras with cc on it but its going to be expensive... my point was missing 10 cc from ur ammy will make it difficult to at least get to 30 cc which is my goal... that being said i prefer a ring.. soj or grasp...

just a thought..
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