Diablo® III

RNG is a bad girl today

Act 2 keywarden. MP4. Ran 6 times today. Zero keys. :(

Random Number Generator, why are you so coy?
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On the 10th run at MP4, it finally dropped. Good gravy.
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7 times to get the recipe in act 4, but 6/7 were on mp2 the last was on mp3. I found it on mp2... RNG ftw?
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3 Mp5 + 1 Mp2 Act 2 run and that jerk won't give me anything. He also manages to always hide in the last spot I reach. God I hate act 2.

I also ran into a triple elite pack during this while nice for collecting stacks is wtf.
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Open a program, run a random real number between 0 and 1, multiply the randomly generated number by 10 and round up, and then spank her that many times because she deserves it.
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Interesting, I run it on mp8 for keys and always get a key. What an odd occurrence.
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11/07/2012 07:58 PMPosted by ArchonWing
He also manages to always hide in the last spot I reach. God I hate act 2.

It's the "spawn warden only when there is one patch of unexplored area left" feature, designed to make you waste maximum time searching.
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Contrary to your experience, my luck with RNG has gone up! Every time I run Act III, I go and check for the Caverns of Frost for a Gibbering Gemstone, and I can’t tell you how many runs I did this before I finally got one last night.
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I think my highest was 9 times on mp5 no key
done a few times where i've done 4/5 runs on mp7 and not gotten !@#$ lol.
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i did 4x act2 mp3 runs and got 4keys, lacuni's and a mempho :p

then we did ubers mp8 and i got 3 of 3..

too bad the hellfire ring was an epic fail. RNG RNG RNG
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Well, done about 12 times on MP4, Act 4, no plans yet...

The other keys dropped quickly for me tho... What makes it tough in Act 4 is that the concentration of Elite/Champs only start on Silver Spire Level 1. It's really difficult to get 5 NV before entering Silver Spire Level 1.

I usually have to pray Nekarat is not right next to the waypoint and for me is also usually accompanied with 1 or 2 other elites. His ring of fire damage is very 'ouchy' LOL

But I take solace in the fact that once I get the plans, I just need to farm the keys where getting a 5 NV stack is so much easier! :)

13th time now... cyaz! :)
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Had the oddest experience yesterday with key runs.

Only playing on MP2.

Ran Act 1 three times. Dropped three keys.
Ran Act 2 two times. Dropped two keys.

Act 2 two more times, no dice. But still, 5 times in a row at Mp2 and I was beginning to head scratch.

Such is RNG.
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Act 2 keywarden. MP4. Ran 6 times today. Zero keys. :(

Random Number Generator, why are you so coy?

I did about 14 runs of mp3/4 on various acts and only got 1 key out of it. So I feel ur pain.
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used 7 infernal machines on mp6 and got 0 parts. RNG is a !@#$%.
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Why are blues such noobs...anyway had like 5 legendary drops in an hour...all total crap....my time with this game is almost over
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11/07/2012 11:19 PMPosted by Ender

the guy posts about not getting keys and you tell us you finally got a gibbering gemstone 7 months after pony level was actually worth doing

really dude...? who cares

You obvious care, why else respond to his post?

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11/07/2012 10:57 PMPosted by Foopster
who cares

i care..
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