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Best build for killing high MP ubers?

Hey everyone,

I'm your standard, well-geared, high DPS, high resist and high HP WW Barbarian. I typically do key runs at MP5 for speed (and for a 50% chance to get keys) and do MP7 uber runs.

Is there a better build for fighting ubers than WW? Is Hammer of the Ancients better than WW for fighting an individual target? In almost all cases, at MP7 I can just stand there and use frenzy on an opponent, but I'd like to kill these ubers faster than I currently do. Any suggestions, especially for those that will allow me to keep WOTB up without destroying my fingers spamming sprint and battle rage?
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change frenzy with bash - punish.

sprint and normal attack on wotb = infinite wotb for single target.
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Yup no need for frenzy when u can get a couple bashes in and increase ur dmg by a large %. I dont use wotb usually, i use it with my HoTA build, but before 105 hit my dps was so high i couldnt sustain it.

I like the ability to avoid any CC effects with it but just like any class, ive learned to dodge them by moving :P

Anyways Just keep the build u got and swap frenzy for bash like sovereign said, and if u want like i like to do just drop wotb for OP killing spree.

Thats just my preference since i rather have that extra crit up 24/7 rather than wotb up almost 24/7 depending on the MP

You can try the 100% CHC HoTA build which i love but thats just for soloing high mp imo and u need high LS and insane dmg with great survivability to pull it off. I use this build for farming keys.

When it comes to ubers, nothing beats the old double nado build, u need that mobility and u need those nadoes landing crits for ya while you ww ur !@# off

As for grinding lower level MP for XP and items i recommend switching up builds often enough to keep you entertained and not burnt out, but not so much as to get into the habit of running different builds in patterns, you wanna stay away from patterns and try and enjoy the game as much as possible so you dont burn yourself out

If your like me and you cant get bored of your build, i love using the weapon throw build using fury reduc on belt and ring, or ammy, and then using different runes, switch it up a bit. I always keep everything from my normal build which i guess ill just link at the bottom...
But for the weapon throw build just swap out sprint for weapon throw, ricochet for quick runs, dread bomb for higher level stuff, u can keep wotb up 100% just as easy as hota using dread bomb, or you can go for the simple damage bonus of the first rune that a lot of ppl like to use, then just swap out wherever WW normally is for what ever you fancy, sometimes i like WW but most of the time i run sprint there so i can still get around fast.

One last note about dread bomb, keep in mind ur gonna be using the passive no escape along with into the fray which both give u a chance to get 14 or 15 fury back from a crit so if ur chc is high enough u can wind up with like 30 fury for one dread bomb, and having it cost 1 fury is amazing. Dont get -10 total fury cost on weapon throw tho from what i hear the animation wont work and u wont throw a thing *shrugs*

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HotA will keep Wrath up pretty much infinitely as long as you can keep spamming it. Not sure how well this would work while dual wielding though since I run a 2-hand Rend/HotA build.
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I could always substitute a good Skorn for my weapons if necessary. What's a good HOTA build?
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The Weapon Throw/WW hybrid build in my profile is great for MP7+ ubers. The only essentials are high crit chance and -5 weap throw belt. I like Mighty Throw rune for solo and Throwing Hammer for groups.

Your current offhand is not doing much for you. It would be decent for HotA but it's far from ideal for WW. I know your EF adds +attack/sec to it, but it's still far from ideal. Less DPS, more CD, and much more speed would help you a great deal to maintain WotB and get the most effective DPS. Your character sheet shows high DPS but your effective DPS is being hamstrung by the spear.
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I still swear by my build.

- Bash
- Rend (LS rune)
- War Cry (Hardened Wrath) or OP:Killing Spree
- Battle Rage (into the fray)

I stand there holding right click spamming HOTA. I refresh rend every 3-4s or so. I have zero troubles keeping up WOTB. and I dual wield. I change no gear from my WW build.
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