Diablo® III

Auto-click mouse bug/lag (for auto-attacks)

When the mob you're attacking dies and you keep the mouse button held down, if there's an item right under the mouse cursor when the mob dies it will pick it up as if it tried to click again after the mob died.

This seems to be the reason why when moving/selling items in your inventory quickly it will sometimes swap it with an item right next to it. Also for why there sometimes appears to be 2 circles on the ground instead of just one. And perhaps the most annoying part is when it seems to do a 2nd click on empty ground right after clicking on an item to pick it up or a mob name to attack.

Could be a bug, or just an issue dealing with latency. Either way, it can be pretty frustrating.
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If you click and hold on a mob it'll keep attacking that mob even if you move your mouse cursor off of it or if it goes out of range (bad if you're surrounded or can't get to them). When that mob dies it will click again for a new target, if it clicks on a mob, that mob becomes the target. However if it's an item or the ground when it tries to pick a new target, it'll pick up that item and do nothing else, or get stuck in move-mode on the ground. Not sure if that extra click is intended or related to this issue.
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Anyone else notice this? Picking up items they didn't mean to, moving instead of attacking, etc?
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I've just noticed another neat trick with this. If you're holding down your left click button to move, and you tap the 'move' button (if you have it keybound) with your mouse cursor over a mob (with mouse button still held down but not clicking on the mob), this 2nd click will make you attack that mob instead of moving.
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