Diablo® III

Tech support is completely worthless

At this point I think I am done with this game. I have been hackesd and someone stole all of my gear and deleted all of my charecters. So I told them this and showed them that I am the real owner of this account. I explained to them that I do not care about the 2.5mil left on my account and said that they could take all of that away if they could just put my charecters back and gave them a date of the last achievement that I KNOW that i got. Thier answer to this was... "I have taken another look into the Diablo III account, and have confirmed a rollback point does not exist for this compromise, thus we can not provide one, though I do see the account still has a total of 2.5 million gold, and some items they can share amongst each other; this should help get the account and its heroes get back to its previous levels." So the 3 months of game time and charecter building and over 400 hours of game playtime mean nothing???? not to mention all of the time I put into the auction house?.... From there I proceeded to call them 5 different times during the day and getting the same stupid answering machine that says when i ask them to speak to someone, it says no one is available to take the call... well done tech support.
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Quit your crying! It is just a game, have fun! Start over or not, your decision. And how we're you hacked? No authenticater? Shame on you.
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I guess you had some juicy items on that account that you wanted duplicated via roll back eh?
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No winners in this case.

You should have done all you could to protect your account - authenticator, antivirus, not clicking on dodgy links etc etc

If Blizzard did not have a rollback point for you, that is a major problem.
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no I have not had a rollback point in the past. I just wish Tech support would do something anything besides saying "sorry for this inconvenience"...
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