why was there a huge patch that took me over an hour to DL and it says on the blizzard site that every server is available yet i cant join battle.net because i keep getting error 33 for the last 2 hours and i got the new public test and it wont even let me open my account cuz Error 33! this is bogus, i really hate how battle.net ruins things for people cuz its soo slow to fix or do anything and their servers are down more than half the time so this is rediculous and blizzard you lost my brother cuz of the BS. you guys keep doing with patches and i dont even play anymore cuz its soo stupid with the servers and nothing ever works, all my friends said F.U. to this game but im trying to give it the beniefit of the doubt but everyone else i know either sold it or gave it away cause they hated it soo much. when are the servers gonna be up? ive been downloading a huge patch for over an hour and i try to play it and everything says available but yet i cant login cause ERROR 33 and ive been waiting half the day to play this is its just a total !@#$ storm again, fix the servers and post when they may be back online cuz ied like to give it another chance but with no single player and battle.net goofs messing things up, its pointless to try and even play anymore cuz theres always something wrong!