Yeah I know there are other threads on this but I'm putting out my findings.

Since 1.05 I get severe FPS issues at certain parts of the arreat crater levels(especially core of the arreat). It also seems to happen alot when you have those fat enemies which put the protection barrier around other enemies. Also happens in fields of slaughter and what Ive also found is when approaching the waypoint for rakkis crossing going down those stairs. I play a ww barb and it happens more often than not and much more evidently when there are more players in the game. Other players in the game suffer from the same problem at exactly the same time. My setup is decent. Another wizard I roll with has a setup which exceeds my system(raid 0 ssd, 680, 12gb ram etc) and he has the exact same problem at the exact same time when we roll together.

Pre 1.05 I had no issues with video performance, at all. This is not a system issue. It almost feels like the game is choking. It doesnt feel like a low frame rate issue, its more a on and off issue, jumping between 60 and 5 fps randomly, almost as if the drive in the computer is struggling to keep up. Mind you I do run an SSD and my drive activity light shows no activity.

No other game or stress test I have ran on my system presents any similar issues. The issue seems to be either revolved around locations, specific enemies or a combo of both.

If I run with a wizard and fight azmodan, there is a 50/50 chance the game will either run smooth or like absolute !@#$.