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Disappointed with Nephalem Valor

I just have an idea which is we can add extra Nephalem Valor when we achived an specail event or may be when we killed the purple name elite (cuz there is not always shows in game, and also the drop from the purple elite not as good as the normal elite), when player achived one of this then they can have an extra Nephalem Valor which is the 6th or 7th ( but I think is better not over 10th Nephalem Valor during the new expantion disc coming out) that will be the one of the better idea to keep players to feel there is always something can be changed in the game in my opinion.
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at high mf level. zero stacks, you still get yellows from any/all elites. NV is a reward, you make the reward now seem like a punishment.

I wish that were true , many times I get 0 rares until I have killed my 5th elite pack which is a load of crap . This with high mf :)

A small change I would like to see is any champ / elite pack give a guaranteed rare drop . The thing is you don't get a guaranteed drop until the 5th , after that you could still only get one , I just feel that that could be slightly tweaked .
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- Increase the density of enemies in Act1-2-4. (Everyone doing act3 runs to farm xp, gold, Legends)

- NV should be on Normal, Nightmare, Hell. (The drop rate sucks while leveling up to lv60)

- Increases drop from Bosses with NV, Bosses should drop unique legendaries even if the drop % its 0.00001. (Its really not worth the time stopping by to kill Butcher, Belial, Azmo and Diablo)

- More stacks of NV, make it worth less like 10% but stack for 10-20. (This can be done on Endless Dungeons)
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Idea for getting a 10 min play time to feel worthwhile, while (hopefully) not killing what NV does now.

Have NV persist between play-sessions. Currently NV resets with any time you log out, change that to reset any time you don't select "Continue Game". So it would still reset with a quest change, new act and skill change.

This way, I can start out an act, kill a couple elite packs, log out, come back later and keep working on the same act and keep building up the NV. So long as I don't "Change Quest" I know there is NV waiting for me ready to go.
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When you get some gear, 5NV runs take less than 10 mins, even on the highest MP's.
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Nephalem Valor is a real joke and a very bad concept. Why the hell should I have 5 stacks of NV to have a CHANCE to get a unique drop from say, the Keywardens? It's absolute bull!@#$. Wake up.
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+1 for this, nephalem is stupid , it doesnt even ensure what its suppose to since... does it really matter if im in the game 10 mins or 30 mins ? if i really just wanna bash some specific monsters, if its truly rng it wouldnt matter
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Everyone take a deep breath...hold....let it out.

I actually enjoy the NV, the mf gain, gf gain, xp gain. If someone voices a complaint that it takes too long to farm the stacks, get better gear or drop your mp level. You have choices. I'm finally able to comfortably farm MP7 and the gold is plentiful...had a mempo and innas pants drop in 2 days along with rings, ammys..etc.....yeah, the loot is good. That NV doesn't increase the chance of legs dropping, but it DOES factor in to the roll quality of the items, and folks, I'll take all I can get. The addition of monster power with NV was the BEST move Blizz has made to date. I've been grinding since the beginning and all of my gear was either found, crafted or purchased(GAH only), and the current system in place is fun, challenging, and very rewarding. To those complaining about only having 10 minutes of play time, i've had legs drop with 1 stack in less than 3 minutes of gaming....and besides, if i only have 10 minutes, i'll use it to check the GAH. That's my 2 cents. Cheers.

ATTENTION BLIZZARD....there are many, many players that are quite pleased with the current content. (If you guys need to make a change, make it a buff...no more nerfs.)
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If its taking you 20-30 minutes to get 5 stacks, you're doing something very wrong.
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Idea for getting a 10 min play time to feel worthwhile, while (hopefully) not killing what NV does now.

Have NV persist between play-sessions. Currently NV resets with any time you log out, change that to reset any time you don't select "Continue Game". So it would still reset with a quest change, new act and skill change.

This way, I can start out an act, kill a couple elite packs, log out, come back later and keep working on the same act and keep building up the NV. So long as I don't "Change Quest" I know there is NV waiting for me ready to go.

This is a great idea. My only worried would be situations where people can go somewhere, like say the Vault of assasins, kill almost everything but not activate the blood, then quit the game and hit continue to keep doing the same dungeon
you'd have to do soemthing to account for that morality. Maybe keep track of the number of enemies left in a dungeon
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Don't know if it's been mentioned, don't feel like reading ten pages of posts.

A consumable or skill with a long (several days to one week) cooldown that instantly buffs your NV to 3-5 stacks would be interesting. Would make things more rewarding for those of us with limited time to play, and wouldn't be that much of a buff for daily players.

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or just increase the mob density in other areas so that everything is as nice like vault of the assasin and you can farm everywhere =)
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I like NV...until my 100% rare drop is a follower token.
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I liked the drop rates in 1.0.1
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I will laugh so hard if they remove NV and allow people to swap skills at will.

There are no current plans to remove NV, but we do feel like there are ways that we could continue to improve the system to allow for a broader variety of play styles (i.e. shorter play sessions, as mentioned).

Edit: typos :(

One nice option would be that if you continue a quest, you keep your NV stacks after logout. So if you clear the Keep Depths 1 through Ghom with a 5 stack and log out, you'll have those stacks when you start back up again for the next quest. However if you change quests, you'll lose them.

I'm sure it would still be more efficient to just do Alkaizer runs, but it would provide some options if 100% efficiency isn't that important to you.

Also, I think it would be fun if killing an Uber boss gave you a 5 minute buff that lets you change skills without losing the NV stack. The three uber fights are very different and what may be very useful on one (for example, hex on ZK) is mostly useless on another.

EDIT: Read more thoroughly and saw this is already suggested. Oh well, doesn't hurt to say it again.
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Overall, we think Nephalem Valor does a great job at addressing two core needs.

First, it helps make sure that extremely short play sessions (i.e. < 1 minute) are not the optimal way to play.

Second, there's a lot of value in being able to swap your skills at will and tailor your builds to the environment around you, but there's also gameplay to finding a build that really works for you in a variety of situations

To your second "core need": Please think of a respec cooldown, so you cannot swap skills for each different situation you face. It is a much better system, but a harder one to code. In my opinion respeccing should not be tied in any way with your MF bonus earned per session.

To your first "core need": easy to address: Bosses that drop good loot require a full act clear. If I spend 1 hour + clearing the whole act 3, I think I deserve a guaranteed leg drop (though it will be 99.9% an epic brimstone) from azmodan kill. Same with the other act bosses which at the moment are massively ignored (was this really intended?). There is no such thing as pindle runs in d3 (or mefi runs since you cant really teleport freely like in d2).

I would simply put a NV system that stacks up to 50, and for each level it gives you 2% chance to drop an additional leg from final boss act (diablo/azmodan/belial/butcher). This way If I only have 5 mins gameplay, Ill simply do core arreat for a 2/4% chance of a leg on azmodan (depending if I face 1 or 2 champion packs in this area), It I have 30 mins I will start after siege breaker for maybe a 20/30% leg chance on azmodan, and if I have over 1 hour I will do the whole act for a 100% chance on azmodan. Easy enough.

I would of course untie respec penalty from NV system. After changing your skills, you simply cannot respec for the next 5 mins.

The system is a good idea, but the current implementation is not brilliant imho.
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11/12/2012 08:03 AMPosted by Nikolai
it's a mandatory mechanic that shouldn't exist.

Which is so true and funny considering all the time they spent trying to remove "mandatory" things, like boss farming, or specific runs, or partying, or not partying. Yet with NV, you can't change skills, takes forever to get (act 4), etc. Keywardens need 5 stacks to just have a chance to drop a key. The idea (I assume) is to force you to play some content instead of just making a game, flying to the KW, and rinse and repeat. What would be really cool is if they did away with NV and upped the number of KW's to maybe the same level of goblins and put them randomly throughout the entire world (which we would be able to travel through using the traditional WP system). So then you would just be playing and having fun and all the sudden, hey there is a mega beast, its still a small % chance to drop on anything <MP5 anyhow. If KW could spawn anywhere and maybe had a slightly better key drop chance at lower MP levels, I would definitely play a bigger variety of areas.
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I like nv. but sometimes I feel the "guarenteed rare" is overriding drops that could potentially be legendaries. (as I most often find legendaries when I'm at 3-4 stacks). and I find tons of rares anyway (99.9% are vendor trash anyway)

I realize for lower paragon/mf players that the garenteed rare is a blessing as not much will drop with 0 mf anyway. but for players at the 200+ mf mark we find plenty of rares anyway

as I don't know the inner workings of the game its all just my theory. perhaps you could elaborate on if the gaurenteed rare can or cannot override the possibility of a legendary?

i can guarantee you that the rare that drops with 5 stacks can also be a legendary. i've had that happen several times. 1 legendary and rest only blues even though i had 5 stacks. which basically means with 5 stacks you have a better chance of getting a legendary and that's not just because of the mf.

btw my ideas to improve the system would be to first increase the number of stacks or remove the maximum number completely. then longer runs would be a viable option again. also, let us keep the stacks when we switch the act. make it like in d2 where we can just use the waypoints to get to other acts.

then let us play without the quests. so we have all waypoints and still can do all the bosses.

another thing that i find quite interesting would be extra bonuses we get for every 5 or 10 stacks. like extra movementspeed, dmg buff, bonus drops... then there would be a reason to keep building up stacks and do the other acts and not just do short act 3 runs like we all do now.
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