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Disappointed with Nephalem Valor

i couldn't be bothered to read every last post......

so i hope i'm just repeating when i say that i have found leg's/set's with 0-4 NV stacks many, many times.

oh wait. those times were when the RNG factor of it being a "drop it like it's hot" teusday was in effect. not a ghost town wednesday.

my bad
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I am voting on removing the NV.
1) I am always having problem keeping the stack, due to constant connection problem at my area, and it really pisssss me off, trust me if you are going for a 60 min act 3 run you'll feel like quitting D3 when the DC kicks in at the 30th min.
2) D3 is no longer the game that i can play for leisure (5-10 min run) as the 'real' MF starts when u hit 5 stack of NV, and it usually takes more then 20 min, and it reminds me of WoW ... doing instance, took me like 30++ min per run...

I really enjoy the way MF works on D2 and also please take away/redesign all the WoW element (60 lv max, CD on potion, Boss fight in WoW = Boss fight in D3, town portal = health stone ,and etc),i am not saying to nerf the game ... it just please do something different rather then copy all WoW element in.
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I am voting on removing the NV.

2) D3 is no longer the game that i can play for leisure (5-10 min run) as the 'real' MF starts when u hit 5 stack of NV, and it usually takes more then 20 min, and it reminds me of WoW ... doing instance, took me like 30++ min per run...

why? the 2 most efficient runs are Assassin vault and alkaizer runs. first takes me like 4 mins and second ~10mins. dont know why anybody would want to do full act 3 runs. that's why i would want to see changes to the NV buff that encourages players to do longer runs and lets us switch acts like in D2 while keeping the buff.

right now everybody who wants to farm efficiently does these short boring runs. kinda like D2 i must say :/
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Overall, we think Nephalem Valor does a great job at addressing two core needs. First, it helps make sure that extremely short play sessions (i.e. < 1 minute) are not the optimal way to play. Second, there's a lot of value in being able to swap your skills at will and tailor your builds to the environment around you, but there's also gameplay to finding a build that really works for you in a variety of situations -- we like that NV helps balance these two concepts, and allows players to feel like there is some commitment to a skill build without also feeling like they’re locked into that build forever. So, while there are definitely some issues with the current design, we currently think that the pros outweigh the cons of how the game would probably feel if the system were not in place.

That said, you're right -- the system isn't perfect, and we're definitely looking at ways we can do better. Certainly, one of our goals is to allow people to play game sessions that are about 5 to 10 minutes in length and still be rewarded well, but we need to make sure that in the process we don't make rapidly flipping games the go-to method. It's all about striking the right balance for a wide variety of players, and we'll definitely be keeping your feedback in mind (as well as other threads on the topic) as we explore options for how to improve NV.

Great thread!

Hi, great suggestion! Here is my addition, I hope you like it:
Make the the bonus effects of more Nephalem diminishing. THe result should be, you can farm very well (and have a chance for keys) with NV3 (or NV2???) and more NV's will of course increase it but not as much.
To satisfy everyone NV2 allows for the good chances and short games (if you want)
NV3 has reasonable chances.
If you have time NV5 should be more rewarding than playing the game two times with NV2 (also keeping the warden hunt in mind) (also notice I can't say NV2.5 here but it's meant) <- This is the important fact that will keep players in games, while the first rules still allow for short games (with good chances - even on keys - with NV2 and reasonable chances with NV3) if you want to test builds or only have a launch break, for example :)

What could also be funny would be one or two more Levels of NV, of course with a very small bonus [according to the dimnishing rules I created]. This will always reward you for playing more than only the effective areas. But I think this would be too confusing for some people. On the other hand i created this idea because of the early advantages with NV2, NV3 so you havve a reason to stay and play :)

ps: I don't understand the radical idea's of some people here (remove nv seriously?) makes me think they didn't read the blue post and the mentioned advantages of NV at all. Guys be a bit more logical, your idea's are kind of arrogant and ignoring and won't help.
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(Oh, and PS - I can't seem to find the post where this was asked, but since it's related, we are working to allow NV stacks to persist across Acts.)

Figured this was worth making a new post for, but I can't figure out how to quote the blue text.
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I agree with OP.

Sometimes I don't enough time to get 5 stacks and then do some more content because I have work / children. I used to like on D2 the fact that if you had 5-10 minutes you could still get in a few mephisto or pindle runs.

I think NV could be safely removed from the game now that there are MF mechanics like paragon. Also MP, which ultimately determines your loot too.

Please stop trying to force us to play 20-30+ minutes each session.

Again you can farm in 5-10 minutes if you want like diablo 2. No one is FORCING you to go all the way up to 5 stacks if you don't have time.

Am I going crazy or are people complaining about stupid stuff? You don't have to farm at 5 stack if you don't want too. Do 1-2 minutes runs if you want too.

^^ this!!! People are so frustrated that they are taking it out on every and any feature. What is an has always been the problem is drop quality. RNG is fine i suppose for some item/weapons classes but NOT for sets/legendaries. Set and legendary items should have generally (within a small margin of each other ) fixed affixes.. There can be the perfect items but if you dont get it the rest shouldnt suck as so horribly to feel you wasted your time. "i grinded all this time for that?!?" They are legendarily horrible. Legs should hard as sh*t to find but equally bad a%%. Blizz dhould make a purple or red item class just for RNG drops.
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I just don't get it. If you don't "like" NV, then play like it's not there. Problem solved.

I got my first ever double legendary drop right at the beginning of an ALK run on the first elite pack with ZERO NV on MP1.

The effort required to get to 5NV stacks just doesn't seem all that off-putting to me.
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(Oh, and PS - I can't seem to find the post where this was asked, but since it's related, we are working to allow NV stacks to persist across Acts.)

Right now there's a discussion about this going on on the Diablo-subreddit and some people mentioned that even if it was possible to carry NV across the different acts, there's still the problem that you won't have any waypoints and its completely unefficient to farm a whole act instead of certain farming routes.

My suggestion was that after finishing an act (e.g. killing butcher, handing in the quest and talking to the caravan leader) the leader shouldnt ask you if you want to jump into the next act but rather let you choose with what quest you want to start - so that you can kill butcher, hand in the quest and jump right into "The Black Soulstone", the quest to kill Belial or even into "Kill Azmodan". This way people would have the waypoints that are available for the chosen quest to farm with most/more efficiency.

Obviously, this should only work if players completed the act that they want to jump into, so you cant play act 1 and jump into the last act 2 quest if you didnt even finish it yet

Last but not least the link to the reddit-thread - http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/16b4ba/

I hope thats allowed, CoC says no links to other forums and such, but since blues even reply to posts on /r/diablo every now and then I assumed it could be ok - if not, let me know, delete the link or do whatever
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12/18/2012 05:56 PMPosted by Lylirra
(Oh, and PS - I can't seem to find the post where this was asked, but since it's related, we are working to allow NV stacks to persist across Acts.)

I'm glad D3rmt.com picked this little edit up didn't see it on Diablofans nor Reddit with the 01/08/13 edit.
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Hey I have this stupid idea..

How about we increase the NV stacks to 30 or 50 - of course the MF/EXP increase has tbe capped as well otherwise we will have ppl with 1k MF running around..

Ok back to the 30 or 50 NV.. once a person manages to hit , lets say 40 stacks of NV in a single act, he is guranteed Legendary drops.. Hmmm..

Well why I'm suggesting this is coz,

1) It isn't that easy to get 40 NV stacks.. you really need to go to every nick and corner of the world to find all the Elites, Chest and Mini Quest to get the Stacks.

2) Even without the this guranteed Legen Drop, ppl who farm this way will probably get at least one or 2 legends per FULL run. This is just to give players the incentive to clear the Act Fully and search for places they usually never go into after the initial run.

Something to that effect

... Pfft sounds stupid doesn't it? LOLOLOL

Just my 2 cents worth
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@ Nightmare I like your idea very much but it'll never be implemented...
On the other hand if those legs can't be sold on the AH and are not nailing the coffin of the economy...hmmm...nah still not :)
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NV stacks to persist across Acts

Explain! When I finish an act and get to next one, what need for NV stacks do I have.
To make any kind of farm run, key run or else, it needs to absolve a lot of quests first.
To the time i meet keywarden, i did lots of elites so no need to have stacks from act before.
Some think it means, i do 5 stacks in the morning and all through day, i start eyery new quest or run with 5 stacks. Cannot believe so. If you want to make asmo run, after you did Assasinrun and Belial, in the moment you choose the quest comes the caution you loose all your efforts, what contains your 5 stacks.
There would be no need for Neph stacks at all, if it is enough to do this one time a day.
I think there are much bigger Problems, that need to be fixed. You all know what, so no need to talk about damn reflect again.
This is best example for doing a favour to the whiner community, when there is much more to be done at other problems. Was it so terrible to play some time to get 5 stacks, that we now need to have bonus nephalem valor.
It is no good idea, it makes no sense and at last it is so useful as a hole in the head.
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