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Uber service groups compilation thread.

Hi all, after being on the forums for awhile and seeing all the service threads popping out, I felt that it might be easier if someone listed all the awesome guys helping out on ubers.

I will just add groups to the thread as I see them appear on the LFG forum only.
If you are providing free and (better/faster) paid services, I will still list them under free as long as there is a free option.

If you are one of the listed ones and want you name removed (or added if you are not in), editing of prices, or to fix any misinformation, feel free to comment in this thread and I will fix it ASAP. More information below.

Here goes:

Aldozer#2430 - MP10

ReaVer#1305 - MP10

confucious77#1950 - MP9+

Apotheosis#1815 - MP8+

Substandard#1378 - MP8+

Megademon#1255 - MP8+

KageShouMei#1539 - MP8

RaiseOnce#1482 - MP8

ThePwet#6321 - MP7/8

Saxonyy#1301 - MP7/8

Giggs#1195 - MP7+

Harbinger#1951 - MP7

AileenOng#1120 - MP7


Sessions#1926 - MP10 [8 - 15m]

Arkhane#1173 - MP10 [5 - 8m]

Joch#1760 - MP10 [4.5 - 9m]

RWK#1242 - MP10 [6 - 12m]

PhyzX#1340 - MP7/8 [500k]

Didn't search after page 2 at the time of thread making, therefore if I missed you, please just comment to be added in the same format I used for listing (please!) I will try to arrange it according to MPs. Further information are available at the runner's respective threads, thus I will not list everything down, just the basic.

If the runners should stop their services without notice, I of course will not know so forgive me if anyone you PMed refused to continue their services ^^ (And of course comment for removal - I will confirm again on their thread)

This is also not an advertisement thread by any means, and so any requests to bold, underline, promote, etc. your name will be kindly refused. I will only edit if the information is 1) Wrong or 2) You want to be removed completely.

Hope this is not a violation of any EULAs, cheers!
Edited by Azurelight#1332 on 11/13/2012 10:13 AM PST
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Cool idea, also if any of the people from these threads are looking for more strong players to help them out, hit me up! Easily capable of doing mp 8, should be able to do mp 10 in a strong group. I have 220k dps and 450k ehp.
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Add us OP http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004405669#19

Paid and free service. mp7-8.
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Add me too!

Portal Opening Service!
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@ThePwet, PhyzX

Added to the list! Thanks for your contribution :D


Not really sure what you meant by
If you need a CM wiz, I can also run with you for free.
Will carry 1 person mp7, mp8 for 500k, or 2 people for 1 mil

So I assumed carries will cost :) Feel free to contact me if I misintepreted.
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If their gear is good enough to contribute to the fight, no cost.
Otherwise, 500k

Main service is selling IMs!
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I will just leave it as paid services for now then, since it requires people to buy IMs.

Also, bump!
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