Diablo® III

Would you survive?

If you had to rely solely on the items you find in the game and not on the items you can buy or bought in the AH (if that makes any sense), how would you fair? Would you be able to beat each difficulty level, or would you fail?

For me, if I had to rely only on the items I find and nothing else, I would not last very long. I have very poor drop luck. Even the legendaries I get are either weaker than the item I currently have or I cannot equip them. That's why Nightmare Diablo kept handing me my butt on a silver platter.
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Try it on hardcore mode. DC > Gear / LvL.
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I would be about 30K dps. Every item has been purchased from the GAH. I have no qualms about admitting it. In D2, I never once traded, and had a Druid/Necro/Barb that were all 90+ and very well geared.
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just in the example of a new character:

not without extensive repetition farming (yes i know its a grinding game).

when leveling, and you are actually current level to the part of the game you are in, the drops are at least 10 levels behind you.

for max level inferno:

not without gamechanging alterations. the drops you get are always 30 levels behind you.
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I find full sets of gear (as in more than one) every single day that are better than the set I used to kill Diablo pre 1.03 when the game was actually hard. And I vendor almost all of them.

This game is easily doable on find it yourself gear.
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13 Pandaren Mage
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yes easily
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my barb is all found gear, my wiz is just about all gah or gifts from other players. my barb is nothing to write home to mom about, but he's alright on mp0
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I will admit it, at this point, my D2 guy would have been the shizzle! I only traded when someone had a set item I needed, and that was it.

Now, in D3, it seems like unless you buy stuff at the AH, you will lose. I miss finding sets in Normal and Nightmare.
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I doubt I could increase MP with just found items. I have had to buy 99.9% of all the gear on my Wizard and Monk
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And same for my DH. Barbs get all the good drop stuff, while Monks, Wizards, and DH have to buy their stuff.
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