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Guide: how to survive in MP10 (revised)

There are three challenges to MP10. The first challenge is surviving the 1.5M EHP or so damage bursts you take while not in control of your character fighting triple CC elites. These are the ones with built in knockback + double CC. Now, because you are fighting elites with hundreds of millions of total health, it isn't really a chance that a burst like this will happen. It will happen every 3-30 seconds over the several minute fight.

There is no kiting elite packs in MP10, as these elites and minions in total have hundreds of millions of health, and may also have teleport built in, as well as teleport, There is no killing mobs while smoke screened or spirit walked.

http://i50.tinypic.com/2mfkm0z.jpg <<just showing that illusions have 10+M health.

And of course, you may just zone into a dungeon to face a triple CC elite pack (or in this case a triple CC pack between the two sets of elites at zone entrance, with their couple hundred million total health.


There are multiple ways to survive this. 1.5M EHP is one option, which may be reduced with gear that ultimately functions as CC reduction to around 1M. CC break skills are another, if they are relatively free to use and spammable. Pets take hits, and reduce the number to around 1M. Alternatively, delayed damage skills or damage over time skills combined with LoH and LS may also reduce the number to around 1M. Or you could be a barb and spec for CC immunity or heals on CC. Dodge isn't included in this EHP, as the highest burst involves CC + lasers/desecrate/molten, which cannot be dodged.

Surviving the damage is actually relatively cheap and straight forward. It will happen, you just math out what gear/spec you need to deal with it.

The second challenge are the hard enrage timers on bosses. SK, Belial, and Rakanoth have hard enrages that basically 1-2 shot you. Rakanoth on MP10 has around 100M health and deals 1-1.5M EHP dps to you past 3 minutes. You have to deal 540k dps in total to avoid mp10 2 shot enrages. But Rakanoth also teleports around, knockbacks, and summons adds that knockback, so you generally want a setup that deals 600k dps to him as a barb, or 660k dps as other classes.

This is generally the expensive part. In order to output 600k dps, you generally need 100-150k character dps. What makes this expensive, is that you still have to keep the 1M EHP buffer at the same time against CC burst, unless you are a barb using CC immunity. However, because of this, many have or are switching to barb, inflating the cost of barb gear. For example, the 1.05 IK set is currently more expensive than all four other 1.05 sets put together. A Str Mempo is 20M, 2.5x the cost of a dex mempo used by twice as many classes.

What makes this especially expensive, is that it prohibits use of a shield, as I have yet to see a 125k dps shield user w/ 1M EHP.

Double shrine Rak at 75k dps illustrates what happens when you are at less than 660k dps:

The third challenge is healing back up between 1+M EHP bursts. However, at the all resist and armor necessary to get 1M EHP without dodge, and DPS necessary to deal 600-660k dps, lifesteal and delayed damage skills generally fits all requirements and will heal you through reflect and CC. Yes, you will generally need high lifesteal on your weapon(s) and at least one skill or passive as well. I would avoid LoH entirely regardless of proc ratios, as future proc ratios are unknown and change significantly each patch, and it takes a long time to gear up for MP10.

So ultimately, to survive mp10 you are generally looking for 1M EHP, the dps and spec necessary to deal 6-700k+ dps with delayed damage skills that work with lifesteal, and high lifesteal. Or you can be a barb with CC immunity. Or both, which is what I am working on.

EDIT: I was wrong, in order to kill mp10 Belial, you need 1.2M dps. Combined with the EHP requirement above, there simply aren't enough affixes available. Therefore, the only way to survive in MP10 (all of it) is to be a barb.

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thx for the guide. very glad at the part where it says barb items are rising in price. no wonder I sold a 140 str 130 vit IK boots for 100M. instant buy out the moment i put it on AH. and no wonder, the next similar stat IK boots was going for 200M =_=
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So i just killed SK mp10 and went up against Belial MP10.

SK was straight forward. Belial however...had 210M health you had to kill before enrage in 3 minutes...a 1.2M dps requirement. This requires a character sheet dps of 240k+

Added to the 1M EHP above or barb requirement above...I'm going to revise above that MP10 cannot be reasonably completed unless you are a barb. There just aren't enough affix slots or gear available for non-barbs to hit the EHP and dps requirements.


You might be able to glass cannon mp10 Belial down as a non-barb, but your not going to generally survive well in the rest of mp10.
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Maybe about 10bil could reach the necessary reqs.

It may sound like a joke, it may not, but damn. :)

Those numbers are really high.

EDIT: I'm half the EHP and WAY OUT on the DPS. >_< I'll try and have fun with GHOM at MP10.
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Hrmm...I went through about 30 of the top 40 DPS DH on diablo progress...I found one...just one...who also had high EHP:


There are about 200 total DH in the world above 240k dps listed on website. If 1 in 30 have high EHP, then there are about 7 DH in the world who can generally survive all mp10 content.

So gear is rare enough that 1-2 more DH a month in the world may achieve this. Maybe more, depending on how good of coverage the website has. Hrmm...may be easier to roll a barb.
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11/02/2012 12:20 PMPosted by SteveC
Hrmm...may be easier to roll a barb.
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farming MP10 # beeing able to kill bosses before enrage

and a WW-Barb in general isn't any good against single-targets, he shines while doing high ae-dmg against multiple elites while maintaining HP with high LS. I can do MP10, but if I encounter a pack with a boss and minions those minions are dead after 30s and I need additional 2min for the single boss... not good, and that in general the reason why you don't see WW-Barbs actually killing everything when showing off on youtube - you only see the fun part and not the sad ending.

If I take your way of measuring class-viability monk should come out on top.
A friend of mine tests his effective dps after every upgrade on Ghom MP7 and his best result was 940k dps while having only 105k charscreen-dps+SoJ

Yeah I know Kingcongor got 2.4mil dps as a WW barb on azmodan, but azmodan is fat, has a good hitbox, stands still all the time and the way he achieved it (frenzy-maniac) is totally inpractical while normal play.
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Guide how to survive highest MP levels: RMAH
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Yeah the EHP req was obvious
But i'm wondering if there is any way to do it , for example uber solo on mp10 with lower EHP maybe some ww barb can post to see if this is possible
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If anyones interested, heres the TLDR.

Roll a barb.
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A monk with pacifism (75% damage reduction while cc'd) would also work, but I don't hear of any monks saying to roll a monk. I read on the monk forums they have a 7.5x paper sheet to real damage multiplier, meaning they would need 170k dps unbuffed dps for Belial. There are tons of monks with this level of dps who also have high EHP.

So a monk or a barb would both work. Anyone with high gear levels of both chime in on relative costs?
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the thing is that the cost of gearing a demon hunter to successfully survive mp10 content is the only drawback, but i love my demon hunter too much to reroll another class. So, I farm and save till i find gear that gives me both survivability without sacrificing damage which really does suck
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necroing an old thread. just so happen to be searching something else and this popped up.

As for DHs yes we can do MP10 and we do not need 1mil ehp to do so. Proof is here.

And for top DHs, the category that you want to search in diabloprogress is PVP. That will show the DHS out in the world that have 1+ mil ehp and 300+ unbuffed dps. We can roll MP10 quite easily and beat bosses. The #1 PVP DH just told me he beat Azmodan in 44 seconds.

This is my video of beating Belial MP10. Probably would be faster now since I upgraded and using better skills.
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