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Taking way more damage ( original post by )

Original post by LordSpanky

I am merely re-posting a concern which some players are observing. ( I personally felt it too )


May any Community Managers please kindly commute and relate this observation to the developers.

If it is a intended changes, please do post it on a patch note.
If it is a indeed a confirmed accidental bug, please do address it.

Prompt and honest and direct replies would be most appreciated.

( No trolling please, and to those who may not or may yet to experience the concern issue, please kindly keep your feedback or comment civil and polite. Everyone's experiences are unique and to each of his or her own agreement and disagreement.

To those who are experiencing the mention issue, please do kindly keep your feedback civil and polite as well. Move your arguments somewhere else should it is necessary between you and the other party. )

and even this morning ..

Yesterday I absolutely noticed the drop in monster damage. I was loving it.

I did 20+ key runs yesterday, and I didnt have a pet die the entire time.

I was totally creaming the monsters in mp6 all day like butter.

This morning I noticed I was having more trouble.

However, and hour and a half ago I log back in and discover that I can barely do mp6 anymore.

Yesteray, I was annoyed by reflect damage, but I never worried about it. Sometimes I would stop bears for a second and cast toads because it didnt hurt as bad, but that's about it. I certainly never ran from them, lol.

Today, I am doing everything I can to avoid reflect damage because after casting a couple bears and I am DEAD, lights out. YEsterday I could easily spam most of a mana pool worth of bears before I said ok thats enough for a second.

Also, as I mentioned, my pets are dying today, and they werent yesterday. YEs, this simply cannot be ignored. My pets are dying all the time now, when yesterday they were practically invincible.

Before the MP damage reduction hotfix on the 23rd, I was doin MUCH BETTER than I am now.

I know its wierd, and I know it sounds like BS, but its true. EVery word of what I have said is true.

I have no clue why. I am hoping I am not alone in this.

Everything hurts way more than it should. period.
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This is definitely happening. My monk started getting pulverized in mp 6 after this hotfix.

Before he wasn't ever going below 90% hp
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Finally the game was fun after 1.05... if this is not a mistake/bug im going to quit this game for good... im NOT going to regear again because some Blizzard dude got a bright moment and trippled the damag... FIX IT !!!
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The damage is at least back to it's pre 1.05 hotfix levels. But possibly even higher, MP3 feels harder then MP5 yesterday.
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little oftopic :
any got problem to create infernal machine ?
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Redband =) The Damage is far beyond pre patch levels... they are even beyond 1.04 levels
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Is there any better way to bring Blizzard's attention to the issue?
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ittle oftopic :
any got problem to create infernal machine ?

Wish i could answer you that, but i had not done any runs for infernal machine.

Perhaps someone else could be so kind to answer you.
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10/26/2012 08:07 AMPosted by Dekal1
This is a serious issue. WHen i'm doing 70-90k on MP3 and I can't kill one mob w/ out dying when I cast bears, something is wrong. I say that because I was doing it easily before.

You are not the first witch doctors facing a similar problem and i do agreed this is indeed a serious issue.

( well to me, it mean no fun. haha)

Or a serious scope, it mean people might having their gears values alter, be it good or bad.
Some people might just be peeved enough to quit all together.
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I come here to confirm this, i am taking way, over the top damage then original 1.0.5 launch.It feels like doing act 4 pre 1.0.4 on steroids, somehow.
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Are you still experiencing the same now?
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I have to agree. I was getting so frustrated because I kept dying when I had been fine before the hotfix. I just thought I was having bad luck or playing bad but then I just happened to notice these threads.
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I've experienced it as well.

It seems to be mainly affecting fire based skills, from what I can see. I used to run MP4 in my sleep, I've gone back to MP3 and am OK against poison and electricity. The minute I hit fire, be it fire chains; molten, or even plain fire bursts from shamans and the like, things get nasty quickly. It feels almost as though I have no resist to this damage (just like the underground fire in Act 3)
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Blizzard want us to make a report on bug forum, and yet they are replying in the general forum.
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