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Funniest way you have died?

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It was a sunny day out, had just won a new item off the AH for my wiz and was ready to test it out. I decided to get ballsy and do a core run. The start was great, Archon was up to 2 minutes and everything was dieing quite fast, until.... I ran into an invulnerable group of bloated malachor with vortex des arcane nightmarish... I tele'd out roughly half a screen past them into unrevealed map and continued to try to kill them until a wall suddenly spawned in my face and i got vortexed again but in the opposite direction of the big blobs.. i found myself amongst the spear throwers with vortex wall fast and knockback... then i got knocked back into mooore :( untraveled map right in the middle of an elite fallen back and then vortexed back to the blobs... My archon had ran out but i still had frost nova and teleport with fracture, i tele'd out and froze the fallens and started to book it around the walls that where being tossed up everywhere until i got vortexed yet once again and knocked back (ironicly both of these have been knocked forward) into more untraveled map into another elite pack... and sadly the fourth and last one i would encounter with that character, among them all, all effects had been covered it seemed and after running, teleing, and freezing with continues vortex rubberbands between 2 groups, walled to where i didnt want to go, and knocked in some direction i really didnt want to go... i finally died with a screen full of elite and champ packs seeming to have a party around my corpse, only killed maybe 2 or 3 champions in the process.
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HC level 59, ~5% from level 60.


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11/01/2012 10:20 AMPosted by BubuArt
blinding flash (+30%dmg) + mantra of conviction( +48% dmg) +Wave of light (Explosive Light) = one hit k.o one pack of REFLECT DMG elite ..................

I did something similar. Was fighting Elite Phasebeasts with reflect dmg; I threw up Exploding Palm - Flesh is Weak since they were taking forever to die.

Sure enough the one I tagged goes down, but too fast. He blows up on his buddies and I go flying through the air from the feedback.

Was the 2nd time I killed myself with EP that run...
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Was playing the first part of Act III where meteors can come down on the fort and hit you. My roommate had to get something in the next room and parked himself in the corner of the map to be safe. A second later a meteor came down, killed him in one hit (he was low on HP), and his body went flying off the level. I was laughing so hard the few packs ahead of me ended up killing me too. Good times.
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Ah I always laugh when the act 2 keywarden gets me with his anti orb combo:

I fire about 5 orbs into his dampening field.

Right before they hit him, he starts doing his 100 hand slap spinning hurricane kick - then vortexes me in.

Then every orb catches up, is deflected and explodes in my face at twice the speed I can fire it and what feels like double my damage.
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Best death for me had to be A3, Tower of the Cursed. Blasting through mobs like no bodies business, then ran into a pack of Horde, Molten, Illusionist, Vortex Phasebeasts. It was terrible, I'd get pulled back with a vortex then they would all multiply and it was like 60 phasebeasts swinging at me, took a few tries but I got them, then when I killed the champion, I rejoiced then got exploded by his molten-ness because I was not paying attention and my body just got shot off the edge of the abyss like a rocket. Also have a buddy who just can't seem to get away from Desecrations its funny to watch him fight desecrator mobs because he just stands in the fire lol!
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I was trying a new wiz build and running alkizer.

Everything going great until i ran into a gob. Startled it and it gave chase ... ran straight through a reflect damage pack into the one of those fat occultist that buffs other creatures. The occultiste buffs the gob of course ... for some reason i hit archon to melt the gob while im getting jailered and surrounded by the elite pack with reflect damaged. Finally got out of jailer and interupted the gobs portal sequence ... gob starts running again and i chase him ... into another reflect damage pack. i get jailed again by the first pack ... then out of nowhere ...

Enchantress: "This is going poorly!"
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Every time I attack a reflect damage pack.
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after you killed the minions of a molten/vortex pack altogether and ran away to avoid the explosion, the rare sucked you in...
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Couldn't wait to use Cluster Arrow with SS on a champion with Reflect Damage.
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I opened a door and exploded. Hardcore mode.
Error 3007. Hardcore mode.
I met keywarden in Act 3. Hardcore mode.
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Had my game do the total lag lockup for over 10 seconds during a fight against elites with arcane and desecrator. Shocked to see I was still alive after the lagfest stopped, I killed the elites, broke through the next door and was promptly exploded by 2 fallen maniacs.

On a side note, it is hilarious to be in the middle of a cm wiz spamfest when fighting either molten or frozen elites, and see someone get ragdoll exploded by bombs they didn't see because of all the explosions and twisters.
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HC barb, level 60 ready to get my inferno on. Ran a little bit of MP5 Hell A3 to get some gold to buy starter gear. Fight the undead out in front of town then clean out the inn. Get the quest to kill the puking mothers and the boss puking mother, barricade busts down aaaand....40k hp 9k armor 500 resist all instagibbed. No glorious battle with two packs, no close calls with crazy affix groups, not even a valiant death at the hands of Belial or Azmodan. Just an anticlimactic death kind of like surviving kind of like surviving 3 wars then dying to an intestinal blockage
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Funniest I have had is that I had run into an Elite with Minions... Elite had illusionist...minions had it too... was getting creamed, so I had to opt to run round waiting for health globes and potions, when I suddenly ran into a champ pack..which conveniently had illusionist as well.
At that time I just sat back as all of them jumped me and went berserk illusion casting all around me. The screen was filled with them...could not even see my Character. The screen went Red and it was over, with them still striking, pounding smashing my poor guy to bits in a loud raucous symphony. Tried going back...but same thing, just annihilated me with all of them together. So just signed out. LOL
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When I die, I don't find it funny at all.

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I got nightmared into a fire trap in the keep depths when I had the last champion down to 1% health. It was that one with the evil little chest that always tries to tempt you in, I could feel it laughing at me ¬_¬
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I got so excited about a legendary drop that I ignored the four explosions that were blooming.
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