Diablo® III

Funniest way you have died?

did around 15 blows to a mob without hitting them and when it finally hits "I'M DEAD".

you know what killed me LAG! everybody's nightmare.
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Have to say the tag team efforts of the keywarden, a elite pack of scavengers and a savage beast. The Keywarden knocked me back with a fireball just intime for the elite pack to jail me as the savage beast was already rearing up and charged me just as I landed. I was dead before my wizard's feet hit the ground but I laughed my !@# off for about three minutes.
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I was playing my Demon Hunter in act 3 and my friend triggered a trap. I being distracted by the Victoria Secret commercial, look back only to see my character blown up. The funny part was when the body was thrown so high it nearly hit the screen of my monitor.
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11/21/2012 12:25 AMPosted by Deity
I was playing my Demon Hunter in act 3 and my friend triggered a trap. I being distracted by the Victoria Secret commercial, look back only to see my character blown up. The funny part was when the body was thrown so high it nearly hit the screen of my monitor.

WINNER!!!! Thank you for making me laugh. If I wasn't so damn poor (because I don't use a bot), I'd give you a prize for ACTUALLY making me laugh.

Thank you again !
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summoned right onto the arcane beam DOT, then immediately lockdown then frozen
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Pre Inferno nerf, in a co-op game with a friend inside the ACT 2 sewer, a champion will jump up from nowhere, my barb friend much better geared than me was "instagib" we were like WTF what hit us in google chat? lol pretty funny moment.
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Everytime I start a new game upon loading up Diablo 3, spawn lag death almost every time, thanks Blizzard for no servers in Australasia!
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patch 1.0.3.. spawned at The Bridge of Korsikk immediately there was a rare demonic tremor, who I went to do battle with.. got 1 shot off then his whole posse ran at me at 200mph, hit me with nightmarish PLUS their natural knockback.. thought that my nightmarish + knocked back like a full screen length was enough to have them unaggro me, but then I see his whole group come back at 200mph.. didn't even get a chance to attack again - knocked into a wall where they proceeded to smash me to death.

You see the map? Yeah.. the waypoint was up there. Lol :)
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Dying in the Tower of the Cursed on any level. Hulking Phaseb*tches slash me to death or the fat mobs walking on sticks that run and shoot fireballs then I die and fall on the pit. It's funny.

And got this one barb buddy who died from the exploding mobs when we were in Keep Depths. 4 of them exploded at once right on his face on mp8 and he was doing a hang time mid-air when he died. Wish I had a screenshot. Darn. I was too busy laughing.
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Cleared level one on one of the caves, went in to lvl 2 adn encountered a fast molten spider pack... near the entrance.

When I had just a little HP left, I decided quickly escape back to level 1.

On while recuperating at the entrance outside, a rock worm came up and killed me.
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Gotta be from a pack of those beasts that charge. With knockback ability first I get knockbacked and when I struggle to get back to the pack one of them charge me from out of screen and KAPOW!!! :)

There are however many funny ways you can die in this game lol
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Personal favorite of mine. Me and about 7 or 8 friends where trying to farm Bashiok. I got bored and spent about 20/30 minutes dragging as much back to the waypoint as i possibly could. Then said on vent i found him, drug him to the waypoint, but he is about to die, and it's first come first serve.

We never did get Bashiok that day.
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I'm always amused with myself when I die to many raging packs of monsters while I'm desperately trying to get the last shot or two at that Globlin that's about to jump through the portal.

Treasure Goblin: Best. Idea. Ever.
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While ressurecting someone that died from a wall of fire ... this is epic
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Fast Tremors with Vortex. They'd knock me back then suck me back in and I couldn't do anything, but it was kinda funny.
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Accidentally hit enter prior to hitting the #4 button.
[1. general chat][DogBone]444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444441111444444444444444

Followed by a few seconds of wtf?! Happens to me all the time lol.
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Both the game boss and my house boss (wife) aggroed...
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