Diablo® III

Funniest way you have died?

Triggering Plant Pods on purpose to kill my follower. love doing that.

Also whirlwind into a blind door straight into fallen maniacs. classic humour.
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So I join a game with a few guys and we party up. Someone comes up with the bright idea to try and kill Diablo on MP 10 in inferno and I said hell yeah, not knowing the ridiculousness of what was about to happen to our seemingly awesome characters.......the battle ensued.
After a failed first attempt we concoct a brilliant run around and attack and heal plan. We eventually had his health far enough down to the point where he takes us into the shadow realm. Spirits were pretty high after that accomplishment and suddenly the mere appearance of our shadow enemies vaporized our bodies. It was an instant kill on everyone and I would have missed it if I blinked. It was the funniest, most epic mass death I have ever been part of. Watching my character and the rest of the guys disintegrate without being able to move an inch. Kudos to Diablo.......I've killed you so many times that I deserved to witness this beating.
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Probably getting vortexed into 3 arcanes as well as a desecrator pool and plagued patches all over the place while getting frozen at the same time.
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Good old Diablo 3 tis be fun till i wiped out not me but also a friend.
All started good i was farming with him (WD) and my monk. He finally got enough gold to buy his prized manticore to test out crt dmg. we are still partied and he goes to resume game because his check point was Vault of the assassin so i thought mine was too. Resume game he spawn there and goes to get his prized bow from the bank and i spawn in the desert on top of not 1 but 3 boss packs. As im screaming in skype bloody murder he comes to my rescue and i escape but little did i know he threw up his little wall to save me and kill his self in the process. me feeling bad i did a tribute run in the path he had been farming in. little did i know i was not as geared as i thought i was and the first boss pack (fire chains, arcane, *@%!@@!! and *@%!@@!!) took me out in a matter of a min. all said and done we had a good laugh. the manticore was still safe in his storage tho =D

R.I.P Kyono / Unlucki
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Dying to disconnects in hardcore while being hit by invisible enemies with over 100 plus hours of playtime on some of them. That's always hilarious!
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Not my own death, but the funniest for certain.
You all know the chest in Keeps 1, sitting over a patch of floor that goes on fire every 5-6 seconds right?
I was playing with a friend, when another friend of mine joins the game. The latter is not a noob, but has few hours played and is oblivious to the chest situation.
We all arrive to the chest in cause, and friend nr. 1 calls out to friend nr. 2:

"Yo, E, open that chest!"
Needless to say he is instakilled the moment he approaches the chest, which bursts into flames at the right moment.
Couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes. Still lol every time I pass by that chest.
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Wall of Fire. Nothing beats clearing a room of elites with jailer/vortex/molten/fire chains/waller/extra health/+10,000,000 damage/invincibility/time travel, only to die from running into a Wall of Fire two seconds later.
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My cat pressed enter, lost control of my toon which got frozen over descecrator + arcane sentry (yeah, both of them at once)...
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Sharpshooter full, champion pack with horde and reflect damage affix. Died in 1 multishot lol

I can lifesteal enough usually but when it's horde too much % gets reflected back.
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waller + decap/arcane beam

Some elites can cast waller so fast and furous and u r stuck in the little space that u cannot move at all. And you can just watch the decap appears on the foot and u died as a BBQ pork slowly (not instantly but slowly XD). Like 3 layers of walls XD
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any of you guys died in hardcore? there alot of weird and crazy moments, but playing hardore is not really funny when you die. Unless playing Ironman like in Diablo II, since there is no pvp around yet.
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11/01/2012 03:29 AMPosted by Incoherent
Dying to disconnects in hardcore while being hit by invisible enemies with over 100 plus hours of playtime on some of them. That's always hilarious!

That sad to hear, most players doesnt play hardcore because they suck lol, either they lags or not paying any attention.
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Being killed by an exploding dead elite on a narrow bridge in Act 1. Your body flies off the edge and the ragdoll physics model just made me crack up as my body plummeted into the abyss.
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i say arcane+molten+vortex combined with molten+fire chains+ frozen.... Does the trick every time... funny thing is when you try to run while your defensive skills are in cd... haha... not gonna happen...
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Keep Depths 2:

Vortexed into a pack of Fallen Maniacs

Runner up:
Molten/Vortex/Horde champion pack. Archon beam attack kills all the minions simultaneously, champion times vortex perfectly to get me hit by 5 or so blasts at once, no time to escape.
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I was on my DH and I killed a champion pack which happened to drop a legendary. I was excited, so I rushed up to grab it and while im moving towards it, I forgot the pack i killed was molten and the enemy exploded before i even got to loot the legendary :/
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I was fighting in Stonefort when I had the good luck of stumbling onto a Champion pack of Fallen right after starting to throw down with an Elite Fallen Shaman. I failed to notice the affixes since it got ugly pretty fast, but a lot of things were dead (including my pets) and I was running away before I could recover and mop up the remaining monsters. I didn’t get very far, though, when I was suddenly vortexed back into combat to find a very angry avenger Fallen.

Avenged indeed...

Why do threads like these get a blue response? There are so many issues at hand...legendaries need a rework, a statement about the dupes is overdue, pvp, reflect dmg issues and so on - yet they remain unanswered.
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Morlu Incinerators, Illusion, x2.

I was doing an act IV inferno run in 1.0.3 when I happened upon a champ pack of Illusion Morlu Incinerators. The air strikes are of course a mob attack rather than affix, so every single illusion also bombards you.

There's a saying, be careful what you wish for, and that saying was brought home as I uttered the words "damn, it's a rare pack I need for the achievement". A few seconds later I had both a champ pack and a rare pack of Morlu incinerators, both with illusion affix.

To make things worse, I was right next to the entrance port to the zone (Silver Spire 2 iirc) which was the res waypoint. They spawn camped me until naked and after dozens of attempts trying all sorts of tricks to get into the port to tp and repair, I finally made it and returned to finish them off, with another few deaths on the way.

It was actually the best fun I have had in Diablo 3 and always gives me a nostalgic chuckle when I see Morlu Incinerators, especially if they are Illusion. Act 3 Key Warden had this effect too, but that was short lived, /sigh.
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getting hit by a nightmarish elite pack then my character forcefully ran into the fire bursting area on level 1 keep depths
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we need more threads like this instead of the normal qqing.

good job OP.
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