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Funniest way you have died?

the funniest way i have died was hitting an enemy with reflect and went from full health to dead in one shot...pretty good if you can one shot yourself. needless to say i sold skorn lol
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rubber banding.
not funny the 10,000th time though..
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Killing 2 of the 3 elites simultaneously, side by side, in a molten / knockback pack in the keep depths, only to have the remaining guy knock me right back into the explosions. Spirit walk is on cooldown? ohcrap.jpg
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My computer crashed..
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It's not funny when i'm dying myself, but it is when my friends are!

Examples: When they have already died once and tping on me, and getting charged instant by the chargers. Or when they walk behind me and i'm setting up a trap for them, those log traps etc in act 1.
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I was fleeing from elites trying desperately to remain alive long enough for Serenity to cooldown when I opened a door and BOOOOOM! Felled by fallen.
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Patch 1.03, fighting Belial with 2 friends. We manage to hit the final blow at the same time he started to get enrage.

We we're all on the green trap when we finally kill him, but a millisecond after he died we all got hit by his explosion and we all died at the same time. I think 2 of us flip out, dead in the screen, while belial was dropping is loot and the screen wrote: You died!

That was really funny and epic
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The funniest thing that has happened to me in Diablo III did not involve my death. I was playing with the brand new barb I created in the Cathedral and I got hit by an enemy with knockback. My barb flew off the cathedral and landed on a lower balcony that characters are not supposed to be able to get to. I was then instantly teleported to the playable area of the Cathedral again.
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I laughed right after it happened - mostly to dissipate the tension - but when it happened I was totally freaked out...

Typical farm run not expecting to die, and yet knowing that things happen when some unfortunate combination of events popped my hero out of the battle. Literally - threw my toon directly at my face on the screen. Kind of like one of those gags 'track the dot on the screen when suddenly it switches to a screaming fiend' experiences!

The semi-meditative mental state I was in - focused on managing my pools and tracking the battle - instantly switched to WHAAAAAAT!!

I still remember it...still kind of freaked out...wanting it to happen again...hoping it never does.
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Beating Belial to almost zero health on hell, I think :"I'm gonna kill him on this streak, no need to get time to heal" and BOOM... I'm dead :/

I was once vortexed into 4 arcanes beams and desecrator pools and walled right after.... sad, not funny!
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Another funny one was trading kills with Diablo on inferno.
My DOT killed her first form as she killed me.

I then got to watch my tombstone go through the cutscene until the second form gave me control to restart the game, lol
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I remember the first 1.0.1 Act 3 inferno elite pack I ran into. A group of fallen. I got 1-shot maybe... 25 times straight from them. Fortunately, repair costs were a joke back then.

I just kept thinking... it can't possibly be this hard; I have like 1500 resist all, tons of armor, etc, etc... and they kept 1-shotting me. Changed my skills, changed everything. 25 times straight 1-shots.

1-shot change skills
1-shot use shield
1-shot change skills again
1-shot use high resist armor
1-shot use life on hit
... repeat 20 more times ...

Yeah, those were the days...
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Irritating but kinda funny:

I was fighting an elite pack that was nightmarish and frozen (2 others don't matter). I am built to be slightly tanky with lifesteal and 1k life regen. I cornered myself to prevent other hardhitting mobs from reaching me as I worked on the weaker elites. My plan was all well in good since I figured serenity would help slow down some of the effects.

After I used serenity to deal damage, as soon as it wore off frozen bombs go off. after I get unfrozen I get feared. Then I got frozen again. This process kept repeating until my 30k health eventually went away. This was before the crowd control patch and the nerf to nightmarish affixes.
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In a public game I saw some was "slain"

That's it , nothing else, just "slain"

I even saw his character pop and the resurrect cross appear.

He should have had an authenticator
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Using Wiz blizzard slow build to fend off fallen overseer champion pack. Of course they were fast and arcane enchant and vortex. My slowing was negligably effective no matter how many slows I dropped I would get hit once in a while. I spent probably about 5 minutes straight running around an environment circle getting hit every so often due to the fast speed or the vortex. After Finally finishing off the pact except one with little to no health and probably using 3 potions (I then had none left). I stood infront of the champion who I thought I could take on 1v1. I was wrong and I started to run again avoiding the spinning arcane enchant. Once I was far enough away I saw a potion lying on the ground. My immediate response was to ignore the champion and pick up the potion. Once I picked it up I immediately spammed "Q" to use it, I was vortexed into the arcane enchant and died immediately. The champion died from standing in venom hydras poison less than a second after I died. I was pissed that the potion wasn't used in time because I knew that I had enough time. I raged (as I often do) and left the my comp for a couple of minutes.

After I calmed I respawned and noticed that I still had no potions in my inventory. I opened the character pane and I realized that I had "Q" hotkeyed to a lower level potion that I had purposely changed to before to use them up.
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Being slain by Rakanoth when fighting him and Ghom on the Uber Runs. Both the wizard and I thought he had died due to his death animations and already being low on life. It was a trick. He killed us both before we realized he was not dead. He almost got the Throw Barbarian too, but he got away and killed Rakanoth.
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Impaled by my Demon Hunter ally. I wish that I took a picture.

Lilubo was slained DH using Impale.

something like that. obviously a bug. That same DH has died using Impale on himself.

I think this was pre-1.03.

it is a preview of PvP!
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I regularly die, and laugh every time, to an exploding baneling DIRECTLY behind a door I just knocked down. I heroicly slay my way through 100+ demons, knock down a door with one strike, and the next scene is my hero flying backwards wasted.
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This thread makes me smile to know that I'm not the only one who runs across the occasional bad spot in the game like being jailed into a desecration pool, frozen into several arcane guardians, or feared into a different elite group. All of these have happened numerous times to me.
I have to say though that the funniest time was when I first started playing (probably only funny in retrospect) killed one of my first elites and went OOOOOO!!!! a yellow item picked it up to look at it and was so excited that I forgot to move out of the desecrator pool. oops.
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