Diablo® III

Funniest way you have died?


i almost forgot best party ahaha!! friends and i kill goblinge, but while goblinge is running, we see the warden! immediately friend and i are nervous as we may let goblin get away with legendary/set items, i run to corner and funnel bears at warden, BAM 1MIL CRIT 800K CRIT 600K CRIT, VERY MANY CRITS ALONG WITH 213% DAMAGE FROM BEARS!!!! friends all look at me like god, and i quickly run over to help them finish off goblinge but we notice 3 elite packs all have with reflect damage and mortar so we had to leave lol i tihnk this is only goblin that got away with legendary items and set items, all other time i kill red goblinge :)
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while wearing slorak's madness :-)
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Went AFK thinking I cleared the area... apparantly not, I was killed by a lone fallen, who the proceeded to walk all over my body when I came back from the washroom :x

Having 3 arcane beams casted around me, I leaped away, then vortexed back at the spot where all 3 coincided...
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Just as a quick precursor, I only play hardcore. That being said, after getting frustrated shortly after its release back in the summer of 2012, I just returned last week from that hiatus to make it further than I ever have to this date (act 3, final boss). On my way to go kill that bastardo, the comp froze and I immediately knew I was dead. Sure enough...
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keep lvl 2, saw a bright little thingy behind the door .. thought it was a goblin.Hit the door = instant dead, turned out to be a pack of fallen maniacs lol. This is prior 1.05 patch. Made me remember someone made a joke post like that here somewhere on the forum and it happened to me exactly like it lol.
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I laugh anytime yours or your friends body flies across the screen ........ FEILD GOAL!!!!!!

Also when you get scared and run into a arcain beam with low health.
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From a Molten explosion after a triumphant victory :x

♥ Annabee
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On hardcore mode, I made my 3rd DH and got to level 9.

I was in the Defiled Crypt and started the Jar of Souls event. Meanwhile, the T.V. was on and I literally turned around to watch something and I was looking away for a good 5 minutes. Complete brain fart, I forgot about the event.

When I did look at my screen, it was when my brother said, you do know your character is dead right?
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Jailed, desecrated, then frozen with a bunch of fire chains dancing around me like they're taunting me while blocking me in a tight corner. No way my barb could survive that.
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Fighting the Keywarden in A2 and was killed near him after launching off ball lightning which was stuck in his missile dampening field and killed him a few seconds after I had died. I had to revive and locate where he was killed to get the key he dropped.
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The pre nerf A3 keywarden on MP8

He actually managed to knock me back 4 times in a row , to one of his illusion image to the other then the other, and the other and booom, ice bombs. lol
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chasing after a loot goblin and run into a rare mob that has jailer so i get to watch the goblin get away and me die.
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Fighting two packs of elites with party with dmg reflect and missle dampen. Gloomed twice died. Waited for Rez timer poped up and insta died the lightning balls I shot before dieing evidently had not reached the targets yet. Funny but sucked.
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In Act 2 down in the sewers. Gavin the thief, once slapped me with a Leriocs shin bone.
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10/31/2012 07:01 PMPosted by Alvinheimer
After just killing a molten pack, "OOH LOOT!" *explode* ;_; made me feel pretty dumb.

Haha, happened to me couple times also. It's so shiny !!
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When you you kill an elite pack and your eyes get big and you go, "OMG LEGENDAAAIIIIIRY!" irl. Then death sets in due to the bomb that was left behind. :(
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1) Sitting there trying to max DPS watching a arcane sentry get closer and closer trying to time Spirit walk, hitting the key and watching my self die only to see that my lag was at 1076ms.

2) Counting to myself the cool down on my spirit walk, watching it go active trying to cast it and then running into a molten arcane desecrated area to cast zombie bears only to realize I was out of manna for the spirit walk.
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Fast, KB, Vortex, Illusionist - Dervish.

Played Beach Volleyball with me being the ball.
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