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Funniest way you have died?

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i would have to say err. 73 and server drops.
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blinding flash (+30%dmg) + mantra of conviction( +48% dmg) +Wave of light (Explosive Light) = one hit k.o one pack of REFLECT DMG elite ..................
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11/01/2012 10:16 AMPosted by BennyHill
After just killing a molten pack, "OOH LOOT!" *explode* ;_; made me feel pretty dumb.

Haha, happened to me couple times also. It's so shiny !!

That happened to me several times when i first start playing too lol, and the best part is right after the enchantress said "Is that all? I thought there was more" and Booom ... dead. lol i was like wth?
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Vortexed into a explosion was pretty gg.
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picking up loot and baaaum! molten explosion
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teleport/extra health elite fallen maniacs.
oh yea gotta love free shipping!
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playing with friends, when i leap over a rushing bull, which lands on my party and kills them all.. hahaha so funny
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Chasing treasure goblins into fire grates :P
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my HC died from a log trap xD
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vortex knockback vortex knockback then with my monk ability that i use to pull enemies.. once they were done banging me around like a tennis ball i pulled like 3 elites into myself and they all blew up at the same time (molten affix was not noticed)
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Watching a DH die in any way is always funny. The mid air cartwheels, followed by the "bleck" sound they make upon death is as funny now as the first time i saw it.
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Those spinning guys in act 2 redirected my bola shot to my friend, was instant death lol
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i was about to die to some elites with waller so i ran to a health well...as soon as i got there the elites completely walled around the health well so i couldnt get to it then they killed me
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Oh plz Google !@#$

Best death ever - a3 crater run, ran into a pack of trash. Did not see the elites mixed in with them and went to face tank with my DH. All of a sudden I get nightmare kited across the room (with a crap-ton of spear-men pecking me down) right onto a demon mine. The demon mine launched me back where I came from, right into a bloated malicore who gave me the dual club slam for the kill. Perfect combo!

C-C-C-C-C-Combo breaker!
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using my monk's tempest rush to run around the dungeons gathering a lot of mobs then take them back to my pub team and laugh as they die with me
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Well, yesterday i died in a MP8 group game... and when porting to one of my allies it put me right on his tomestone... which happened to be in a plagued/molten/desecrator patch with 10+ arcane sentries surrounding it from 2 groups of elites... One was a set of 4 blues with fire chains, plagued, arcane enchanted, molten, the other was a yellow monster with horde affix, arcane, molten, frozen.

Died instantly.
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I was taking down a pack of elites...i managed to kill them just before I ran out of life...BUT...just as I killed them their corpse exploded and killed me...I ended up having to travel all the way back to pickup my drops lol

I also remember running into my first encounter with a keywarden. My barb didnt have that great of gear...think he was doing like 1-5k damage at the time....ran into the keywarden and instantly was killed....didnt even get to do a single thing...didn't even get close to him lol
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I'm a barb, I used to run tank spec, and I run with a wiz friend.

We were farming act 3 mp5. Keep Depths Level 2.

We had just killed most everything in a room, I was finishing up the last couple mobs when he goes to look for the next pack.

I hear him yelling HELP HELP over voice chat and see his character running towards me.

I immediately without thinking run towards him, past him saying "I got your back homie" and right into a bunch of suicide bombers.


From now on - it's the little boy who cried wolf syndrome =P
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11/01/2012 09:02 AMPosted by katnip
I just feel like such a fool when I die secondary to the flying insects in Act II

+1 to this. I'm currently doing a full run of MP2. Got through Act 1 with about six deaths, four of which were either my getting used to Dashing Strike's mechanics (two) or the Dashing Strike bug (two more). I just got Kulle's head, and I've died twice so far. One was to a pair of molten packs I triggered at once--a rare pack of magewraiths and a champ pack of sandsnake mages. That's understandable. The other, though? I was tanking whites in the first or second map area and sat there as I got caught in an insect crossfire. Could have walked away at any time. Felt like such an idiot :)
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i make it a habit of aggro'ing the fallen fanatics and dragging them through a doorway as i run past my allies who get kerploded
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