Diablo® III

Post if you are in love with ur hellfire ring

mine is so crappy...but its the first one so..

i really should stop looking in your guys profile i get a f. depression...

how the f... is everybody able to have such good stuff...every leg / set i find is worth max. 5 mil...
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i got one good one on my 3rd try, on my profile. :D

still hoarding keys to make my 4th one. :D
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5th try


One of the better hellfire rings I've seen so far :)

No more farming ubers for me, content with this ring lol
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What MP do you guys farm the uber's at?
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Tragedy lies in the story behind this ring: http://i.imgur.com/l4KF9.png

I don't even have an über character to faceroll über bosses, so I worked my hands to the bone to bring this fine(!?!) ring. It's so bad that I blush even to spit its face with my Barbarian.
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Loving mine on my DH.
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its a waste of time tryna get a good ring
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Mine was almost godly..


Still, it added a good chunk of vita, dex and damage.

Although I did just find this trifecta rare:


Too bad it rolled strength. Hopefully I can sell it for a good bit and actually get some new, good stuff for either of my toons.
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No because I can't roll one with CHD or CC.

I keep making China farmer hellfire rings.
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Can hell fire rings go trifecta?

With IAS, CC and CHD?
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my ring brah! 5 crit chance with i think its 34 crit dmg! and the potions always help. My first roll too!!
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wooooohooooooo 21 hellfires and i can still buy better rings than he rolls i get
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my first roll is on my barb

dont know if i will ever get any better

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I've made 4, and the one currently on my Witch Doctor is the only one really worth speaking of, and it's...not really, lol.

But, that's kinda the point of them I suppose, being the only endgame thing really, if we all got perfect ones the first time around, we'd be done with that pretty quick.
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i made 7 rings in total and the best i got is the 1 im using on my barb, bad luck i guess
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Try me on the EU servers

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Lol, crappy rolls.

3/6 crit chance / 10

46 arcane resistance / 10

32/50 crit dmg / 10

180/200 str / 10

you mad dog? your whole account is a crappy roll

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I finally rolled a usable one after about 40 attempts:

32-48 damage
6% IAS
4.5% Crit chance
14% crowd control reduction

edit: and 199 intelligence/the other preset mods
Edited by God#1623 on 11/2/2012 7:20 AM PDT
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