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Post if you are in love with ur hellfire ring

Mine isn't terrible, DMG, Attack Speed and Life on hit. Just wish it had Crit Chance!

Best one you can probably get would be.

Crit Chance
Crit DMG
Attack Speed.
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Just made my first ring. I'm not sure they can roll any worse.

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Got this my 13th ring. On Halloween night no less.
WIsh the attack speed had been higher or more STR, but pretty good overall.

Old one had:
280 STR
11% Life
30% Crit Damage
98 Vitality
40 some useless resist (Cold I think)
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check my follower ;P
i dont need hellfire btw....
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Mine is 180+ str
76 AR
30% crit
With gold find and life regen

It's still not bad and was an upgrade since my last rare Ring didn't have any AR..
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11/01/2012 10:35 PMPosted by Grimiku
Wish I had a Hellfire ring. :’(

I wish the hellfire ring would not depends so much on the "RNG".

Nothing is worse and more demotivating then to go trough all this process of gaining the keys an dorgans just to receiev an item which is not only WORSE then what you have but also has something like "pick up radious for health globes and gold increased" or something like that.

A "usefulL" ring needs at least vitality in my eyes. The main stat on the hellfire ring are nice ... but seriously. Some set items can be better then this ring they contain almost as much stats but they contain also a few other bonuses which are always on them.

Seirously. I wish they would rework this whole damn hellfire quest to be more difficult to but also contain a REALLY good reward.

Just like in D2 ...
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<-gfg hellfire ring
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I chose Vit, prolly a mistake, but usefull for exp farming.
Also can swap to my other chars
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Got it on my 5th roll
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Finally got a ring last night! I think the fireball should do more damage. It would be nice if it had all resist!!! The ring was an upgrade though.
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hellfire rings have not been kind to me, there's 5 spread across my WD and DH.
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I get the impression there are a lot of players who spend an absolutely astounding amount of time playing D3, and a lot of them are in this thread. I play a good 20-25 hours a week, mostly on the weekends. Having a job, school, two kids, and a wife (who also plays D3) kind of soaks up time. Just reminds me of when I was single and out of work years ago and I could wake up and play WoW until I would go to bed and do it again the next day. How unrewarding that was.
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Not quite godly, but I'm happy with it.
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I'm more then happy with mine... But I know i can do better.

+35% exp

If only the lightening resists rolled as Crit Chance.. :(

Who can argue with that? :)
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Im pretty happy with mine :)
my mercs are happy with theirs too ,hehe

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I'm in love with the fantasy of what I hope my hellfire ring will be (str/vit/ar/socket/ias or crit % or crit dmg) when I finally get one. Like most fantasy, the reality will likely be disappointing.
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I got 2 hellfire rings. The random stats were trash on both of them.

Great for levelling alts though.
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i am in love with mine, rolled great for my cold monk!
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hellfire farming is so stupid.

20 rings. one in my profile was best. STILL less dmg than my Litany... :(
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