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Post if you are in love with ur hellfire ring

i gots a nice one ;p
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I finally got a good one this weekend, couldn't believe it.

191 STR
5.5 cc
49% cd
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Got the one on my profile on my first roll, cannot complain. The other rolls have all been pretty useless, one decent one on my scoundrel now though.
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I got somewhat lucky on my roll, first and only ring made so far.


CD and perfect STR roll.

Now I don't know if I should roll the next as Int for my alt or if I should try for another for my main. I doubt I'll out-roll the one I have, I feel like I got lucky to even get CD on it.

Any opinions on what I should do next?
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I managed to kill an eight page thread. Wow.
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Come on, post here. You know you want to.
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Mine is utter crap.

Follower's is also utter crap.
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I've rolled around 5-8'ish now, the second one I've found, I use on my monk, all the other ones are garbage. I have roughly 6 machines ready to go at any time, though :P
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I've made 6 so far, all of them total crap. The one I'm wearing is my best one. :'(
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Ive made 4 so far, My dh is wearing the most decent one. Not the best but cant complain I guess...
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Made 20 or so.

Ended up with a 4 I really like on a mix of int/dex/str ones. A few mf/gf ones for followers too...awesome!
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Mine sucks, anyway its the first and only one i have so i gotta live with it XD
Almost 300 dex is not bad anyway XD
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Can Anyone beat my HR ? 2nd ring

184 dex
43 intel
81 vit
28 ChD
5.5 CC
12,100 health globe and potion bonus.

beaten yours. view mine :)

How dare you piss me off...i went back to uber and rolled this
270 dex
71 intel
54 physical res
42% Critical Hit Damage
5% Critial Hit Chance
Profile didnt update yet.
Edited by Namfia#1707 on 11/5/2012 11:55 PM PST
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I am pretty happy with my ring in my first and only roll, and thats why i have quitted farming keys after the first few days

170 dex
36 phy resist
79 all resist
124 life regen
5.5 cc
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my profile probably has not been updated yet.

30 min damage
179 str
4.5 crit chance
33 crit damage
health globe bonus 2xxx
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heres my HFR

+27-41 damage
187 Stregth
72 Intell
CHD 38

or i can also use the 2nd one
200+ Strength
CHC 3.5
AR 30+
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Was making one for my alt DH and it turned out pretty godly:

+29-61 damage
+188 dex
+8% ASI
+4% crit
+18% MF
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If you need hellfire ring carries, farm up at least 3x machines and add me.

We run them very easily for free and on mp8. You can sit there dead for each fight.
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On my barb, NtwoDEEP, in my profile, decent ring.
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