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Leoric's Signet 1.0.5

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Hi all. Just wanted to start a thread for the people that are still farming the signet on 1.0.5.
I just got my drop yesterday night and I was so stoked that I wanted to share my story.

Note: I used my level 60 barb to farm.

I'll make two sections on this thread. One section on my thoughts when I was farming it and another on how I found it.

[My thoughts]
I first heard about the signet about a few weeks before 1.0.5 was released. I read the forums and heard people were lucky enough to find it within 2 hours of farming, so I decided to give my luck a try. Hours and hours passed and no ring. I tried different routes that were recommended by other members. I wanted it bad and was getting pretty upset that my luck was so bad. I farmed about 80 hours, ~1.5 month before it finally dropped for me. During my time of farming, I have found more than 3 pages (inventory chest) of legendary drops. How did I get so much? +400MF and MP10. I got a drop almost every run. Had 2 drop from one Elite before, and had three drop in one run (it's possible). Before you think these legendary drops are worthless, think again because they are worth some gold in the AH. I have made ~10mil from selling only half of these low leveled legendary items.
If you want the ring badly, for any reason you may have, don't get discouraged from the amount of time you are spending to farm for it. It WILL drop sooner or later. Even if it doesn't drop sooner, you will still get other legendary drops that you can sell for gold.

[Leoric's Signet Drop]
I had my MF over 400. Movement speed was at 24% (12% from boots and the other 12% from Lacuni Prowlers [legendary bracers]) The faster you move, the faster you can farm. I also had my gold pick-up radius at 14 yards. I figured if I was going to farm, might as well pick up some gold while doing it. 7 yards from boots and the other 7 from pants.

The main skill that I used was sprint (with tornadoes). I also used warcry to replenish some of my fury when I was low. I used cleave, charge, and seismic slam to clear out large groups of monsters. As for the runes and passive skills, I forgot what they were (too lazy to log in and jot-down every one. sorry) but I used runes and passive skills that helped my fury regeneration. More fury, more sprint. That's how I saw it.

Having the scoundrel use his triple shots made the runs a lot faster.

Vault of Assassin for 5 NV stacks (clear everything)
Sewers of Caldeum (clear everything. including rat's nest and bloated corpse)
Ruined Cistern (clear everything. including rat's nest and bloated corpse)
Path to the Oasis (clear EVERYTHING here. every monster, every cave, every den, anything that you can break or open.)

The drop:
I have read so many forums, and many have said they have found it in different parts of the Oasis and it did drop for me in the Oasis. To be more specific, it dropped in the Forgotten Ruins. A group of regular skeletons dropped the ring. The ring was actually the second legendary drop in that run. I would advise you guys to play through your entire route, regardless if a legendary have already dropped for you. If I had restarted my run after the first drop fell, I would have missed the ring.

The stats:
Strength - 33
Crit - 1%
Bonus XP - 30%
Pick up radius - 7 yards

So, to all the Signet farmers out there, don't give up if you want the ring badly. It will drop. Good luck!
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started your run. on second time round found a legendary ring..... problem is it was a manlad heal...... feet sick after i revealed what it was.
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i just got another one...... WTF Blizz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you!
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11/03/2012 07:47 PMPosted by AgnorWolf
started your run. on second time round found a legendary ring..... problem is it was a manlad heal...... feet sick after i revealed what it was.

I'm assuming that you found the Manald Heal in the Vault of Assassin. From what I read in the forums, the Manald Heal has a high drop chance in the Vault of Assassin, that's why I prepared myself to not get so excited if a ring dropped there. Sorry to hear that you found two of those. Maybe it's worth some gold in AH.

When the ring dropped in the Forgotten Ruins for me, I was pretty confident that it was the Signet because I have never heard that the Manald Heal dropping in the Oasis.

Another side note:
According to the forums, the ring is likely to drop in the Sewers of Caldeum, Ruined Cistern, and very likely anywhere in the Oasis. (That's why I chose the route that I did). I chose to start at the Vault of Assassin because you can get 5NV stacks very quick. The quest I started on is The Black Soulstone [The Soulstone Chamber].

Good luck!
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Ok, I've been farming this ring for 4 weeks, already have one, farming another. Also read alot of forums, during and before I started to farm this little gem and I can tell you...NEVER kill anything above the oasis. I got my ring from the Black Canyon Mines area with 4 NV stacks. I have also looted dozens of 'See No Evil' monk spirit stones from the oasis, the sewers of caldeum and in various dungeons in the oasis.
These are the legendaries from most to least;
Spirit Stone 12(See No Evil)
Pox Faulds 4 (sells for 400k+ if it has a socket)
Balance (Daibo) 2
Uskang (bow) 1
The Executioner (2H axe) 2
Leoric's signet 1
(33 dex, 29% XP bonus crit chance 1.0)
I don't know if because I am a monk the spirit stone drops more, but I can tell you that anywhere from the Black Canyon Mines to the oasis can drop this ring.
Make sure you kill and Break EVERYTHING.

UPDATE: I wasn't as lucky as some, I had to farm for another 60 hours to get this ring for my follower, but it dropped in the stinging winds (above the road to alcarnus) with 3 stacks of NV. I stopped farming oasis, as I got alot of Mandal's Heal rings.
Interesting note:
Mandal's heal was only thought to drop in areas after the oasis, but I have gotten 3 or 4 of them in the oasis. So I no longer farm the oasis, eliminating the chances for a ring drop to be that one. After I made this decision did the ring drop in the above mentioned area.
So this is my run (don't do it anymore, but here it is from start to finish)
1. Black Canyon mines
2. Kasim outpost and head south clear whole area and dungeon if it spawns.
3. Road to Alcarnus East
4. Road to Alcarnus North and dungeon if it spawns. The timed dungeon spawns as well you should be fast enough to clear it all AND get the treasure room.
5. Sewers of Caldeum
6. (optional) Ruined Cistern I personally DO NOT do this dungeon, as I have got 2 mandal's heal rings in there.
In conclusion, the signet can drop in oasis and above, but just be aware that you are sharing the loot table with more legendaries including a crappy ring that sells for 10k.
I have gotten 2 leoric's signet in my above run.
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Congrats on your ring, Gholes!
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Nice job guys.

I found one too :D it was in the ruined cistern off reg skeletons.
Sadly :( I misread my buyout and only sold it for 3 mil :((((

I have been trying to farm another one. So if anyone is interested in co-op im down.

My flow variations:
Chapter 6 saved at the forgotten ruins.
Get stacks in the oasis or black canyon.
Tele to ruins clear it out. Then sewers , cistern and clear oasis.

Black soulstone variation: Saved at the vault to do stacks. Then sewers, cistern and clear oasis.

I also use a monk, tempest rush and mantra of conviction.
I've gotten a lot of spirit stones and daibos but plenty of the other gear too.
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ill bo on in two days and ill do a co op with you
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this is straight up truth.

i read this thread about 20 mins ago and decided to start farming. id been farming a few times but not really serious.

started a game and went to the desolate sands. literally first kill (and i seriously mean literally) legendary ring drops....manald heal

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:D just found mine in forgotten ruins.
It was in a chest, 25% 29% intel

I'll still do runs with anyone else though
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do you have two now resQ? that was quick, congrats!

I have been trying to farm mine out for the last couple of weeks now to no avail =(

been clearing black canyon to alcarnus
then to the sewers, the cistern
and finally the oasis.

might change up my route and go to the vault to get my 5 stacks before i hit the signet drop areas.

Im online most days, and if i am im farming for this ring so add me if you want a partner to run with!
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Well now I have my third one thanks cal :D
But ya I just found another ring the day after I found one O____O
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I've been doing this for days with no luck :( I have 426% MF when I have 5 NV stacks and I still have only found 4 legendaries in total of doing this for days :(
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my best tip, dont let resQ play with you hahaha. after only 3 runs with probably not even 5 stacks, resQ gets a signet in the oasis!
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77 Human Mage
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i got mine on my 2nd run (about 2.5h total time) 29% xp, dance all over the place... and im still farming for more :S
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I'm going to start farming one :) first few mobs killed and a got a barber, I was surprised a legendary dropped that quickly lol but here's to hoping for more...
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i have been farming the ring for 4 days using my wiz and finally get one ytd night,
not the high end one so i continue to farm for the second one.. :(

this morning i decided to start farming using my monk and 10 legendaries dropped so far.. (less than 6 hours), 5 spirit stones and one manald heal with monk class property.. just feel that the drop is so much affected by my class..
this is the third manald heal i get and all of them drop from oasis and forgotten ruins as i only run in sewers of caldeum, ruined cistern and whole oasis.

i dislike manald heal zzzzz
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I've tried this run 3 times, but no luck (not that I'm that surprised). I only found two legendaries - the voodoo mask and the axe.

This seems to be a much better course. I've been used to a longer one for over a month, but no luck so far (probably 40 runs).

Max MF, high movement speed, and nothing. I think I'll return to this later (today to sometime this week) when I'm more interested again.
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WTS my dex leorics signet.. 26 percent. cool 40 million. add me in game Lasagna #1794
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