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If your Hero was a Monster, what affixes ...?

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My monk would want:

Vampiric, Frozen, Desecrator, Fast.
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monster: phase beast

Arcane enchanted, molten, vortex, frozen
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I have molten, reflects damage, shielding, and Arcane Sentry (hydra), and if it was an affix: extra damage.
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Mine for my melee wiz would be

Teleport, Illusionist, Frozen, Shielding
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fast, vampiric, extra health, reflect damage
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Horde, Arcane, Reflect Damage, Fast
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Plagued, Vampiric, Nightmarish, Reflect Damage
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11/04/2012 01:03 PMPosted by ThePwet
Immune to physical, immune to magic, stone skin, lightning enchanted \m/

Nobody gets my chosen affixes .. hehe
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Vampiric Fast Teleport Desecrator
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Horde, Reflect Damage, Arcane Enchanted, Extra Health on a melee character
Mortar, Knockback, Horde, Fast on a range character
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teleport/frozen/fast/shield/extra health/vampiric (LOH but you get the idea)
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Horde, fire chains, extra HP , molten
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I'd be a hulking phasebeast with Extra Health, Reflect Damage, Arcane Enchanted, Vortex
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RD just weeds out the bads
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Love my CM wizard..
Teleport - I teleport around all the time on my wiz
Illusionist - Fracture gives the enemy copies of me to hit
Frozen - Spamming that frost nova as fast as I can
Molten - I love my fire walkers, not to mention I'm constantly exploding (I don't have to die to explode though, explosive blast..)
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jailer, arcane enchanted minions, shielding, desecrator
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If my hero were a monster, I think she'd probably crave the following affixes:

Vortex, Teleporter, Illusionist, Reflects Damage

I would have skipped you had you not had illusionist, but now you'd be doomed :)

Well obviously my hero would have Frozen XD

+ Vortex, Reflect Damage and Electified
Edited by MasterJay#1651 on 11/4/2012 5:14 PM PST
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Horde, Reflect Damage, Illusionist, Extra Health
What happen if they're all using WotB at the same time.
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Reflects Damage, Teleporter, Fast, Vampiric, Extra Health
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