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If your Hero was a Monster, what affixes ...?

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Reflects Damage

on them damned flying bug spitters! =P
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Demonic tremor with fast. Period.
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id have only 1 affix. Invulnerable.

Pre-nerf Soul Ripper
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So basically the most nasty combo? Vortex/Arcane/Frozen/Reflect. I'm unstoppable!!!
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Narull the Reaper - Rare mob(I'm not a Champion, I'm a rare spawn)

Fire Chains, Extra Health, Teleporter, Plagued
Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6490399005 - Narull's Hardcore Challenge.
There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
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teleporter, fast, invulnerable minions, vampiric
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Fire Chains (with other party members), Illusionist, Molten, Waller.

So I can make copies of myself, wall in the enemies, and then walk in to molten/fire chain them to destruction.
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Fast and molten. All I need.
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fast , shield , reflect damage , arcane sentry
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Jailer, arcane enchanted, reflect damage, vortex
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Fast, Extra Health, Horde, Avenger.

The idea being this is that you're speedy and have tons of life and buddies to help you. As as your buddies die, since there will be a lot of them from horde, you gain more and more strength. :3

Alternatively replace Avenger with Vampiric, and you have a horde of self sustaining minions that leech rapidly with their increased attack speed. :o
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If my hero could be an elite mob, it'd be:

a Terror Demon with reflect damage... you lose

what? I get FOUR affixes? Hmm, how's about

Terror Demon w/ Reflects Damage, Vamperic, Teleporter, Knockback .. it's kinda like an "I win" button..... I challenge Blizzard developers to create a character capable of killing my pet on the test realm @ Inferno-MP10 :) Then I challenge them to serriously reconsider the ramifications of the Reflects Damage affix.

This character works like this:
You appear next to your target, hit them immediately, knock them back, taking control from them and slowing them, wash rinse repeat until dead (shouldn't take long). Oh yeah, and if they try to fight back, your Reflect Damage plus 75% heal debuff makes that pure lunacy. And why Vamperic? So the pesky heroes can't respawn and slowly whittle you down with lucky shots.... Oh, and heaven help you if I should appear as a pack elite...

ok, let's be a little less cheap --
Hammer Lord w/ Jailer, Vamperic, Vortex, Reflects Damage

It goes like this:
You get jailed, then one of two things happen
1) You have some kind of invulnerability, you pop it do a little damage, then get vortexed or jailed again before the cooldown recovers and die
-- OR --
2) You don't have any kind of Invulnerability, and you die immediately

Happy Hunting :)

okok, I may have gone a little off-topic on this one, since its TECHNICALLY about what your HERO would have, well I play a witch doctor, so I guess I'd have:

Nightmarish/Knockback, Horde, Vamperic, Mortar, Reflects Damage, Shielding

okok, that's 6 affixes, but in truth, my Witch Doctor has all that already (though the reflects damage is the muchly diluted thorns version, so maybe it doesn't count as a full affix, but then again, I have both Nightmarish AND Knockback, and considerable life regen, soo....) So I guess that I don't really covet ANY of those foolish elite mob's affixes - I've already GOT them - muwahahahahaha! :) PS: this character is alot of fun to play - thank you Blizzard. ;p
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molten, desecrator, plagued, arcane enchanted LOL
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shield molten waller missile dampening
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Vampiric, Reflects Damage, Shielding, Knockback.

Being a Demon Hunter, and all...
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If my hero was a monster...

I would choose to be one of the Flayed One's, those massive giants in act 3 tower of the damned/cursed.

Affixes? Hmm... I think Fast, Teleport, Vampiric, and Vortex would be quite enjoyable.

Having a massive demonic giant moving at super fast speeds with both teleport and vortex would make me unstoppable AND vampiric would sustain my life as one hit would probably deal 1 million damage or more.

So yea:

Monster: Flayed One
Affixes: Fast, Teleport, Vampiric, Vortex.

I think I win...
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Devs should ensure, gear exists to replicate the effect of all monster affixes.

For example, someone had mentioned about avenger.

What about health link?
that would be pretty awesome for group games 0.o
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so newish to D3 terms...nut affixes are effects right? why the messed up spelling? its late and i figured i would throw out randomness
happy gaming!
... where the hell is that cow ?
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Molten, Reflect, Fast, Extra HP
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