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So, Obama or Romney (part 2)


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As a foreign observer of the campaing, I'd have to say that I find hard to believe that people can actually give credit to someone who aspires to be a state leader AND at the same time has no knowledge whatsoever about macroeconomics. How can a serious individual claim that the average revenue of Americans is in the 150 000$ +++ per year???!!! Serriously????
How can people listen to Romney and consider him a legitimate challenger to anyone other than himself!!!!

ADd to that, his '47 %' comment ( and the huge # of other hateful things he has said and done), and you know who he really IS and who he really represents..its' not US ;)

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Well, to be true.. did Obama have any more than Romney did?
Whether you like his policy or not, Romney has lead in both business and government

Romney seems to think that war against all who oppose him is the right way to go -.-''
I didn't know Tyreal's Might is a suit.
wel whoever is president next there still going to be cleaning up after the Bushes messes
an accurate video on the election in the states - http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6844840/321-fight-obama-vs-romney
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You are aware that we don't go to war without congress? Just because Romney wants to go to war doesn't mean it will happen. Romney owns Obama in economics and that is where we need help.

11/05/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Ender
Did Congress consent to the war in Iraq? Nope, I think not.

^^ that i dont knew. either way,congress is just another group of puppets,that obeys to economical interests.
Sure, i will believe that once he explains to his people how he intends to lift the economy. At least in some way that make sense.

"wel whoever is president next there still going to be cleaning up after the Bushes messes"
+1. people tend to forget the recent history and blame it all at the new guy
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Im am a republican. To be honest, I am not shocked seeing lack of major support for Mittens in a online game forum.

What would be really interesting is to know the demographics of people post for each candidate.

With that said, my vote is private. Though I am sure you can pretty much decide which way I lean. I learned to keep a low profile after showing my support for my Governor, because I work at a union shop.

With that said, I just like to point out that people need to get informed and educate themselves on the candidates, and STOP using the parties talking points. I have seen little if any coherent points made why you support one or the other besides what has been said via the talking heads.
Jay Wilson would be a better president than Romney, guys.
11/05/2012 10:01 AMPosted by MrTurner
wel whoever is president next there still going to be cleaning up after the Bushes messes

Cough... gotta go back to Carter where the idea of subprime loans originated.

Anyways, who is going to clean up the mess of debt and regulation that this administration has imposed on the country? You really think that a mandate for insurance was a great idea instead of looking at the economy and trying to fix that... well... I now know where you stand. Which is sad because Obama had many things going for him, he chose to focus on something that was not a top priority at that time, with no input what so ever from the other side.

We are broke, and no matter if you tax the "rich" 100% it would not put a tiny dent in the debt we have as a country now. This is a FACT.
11/05/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Ender
Did Congress consent to the war in Iraq? Nope, I think not.
I'm curious about the gun control thing that was raging on the last page. It seems to me like every election people get all worked up about loosing their right to bear arms, and then nothing ever happens.

The only thing Obama did as far as gun control goes is renew the assault rifle ban right? Other than that its pretty simple. You can own a gun and whatnot, if you want to carry it everywhere you have to apply for a concealed carry permit, yada yada yada. Seems fair to me. And if you really want the assault rifle ban repealed... my question is why? What the heck do you need a military grade assault weapon for? Unless you are planning on going postal, there is no legitimate reason for having one. I support gun rights and own a gun myself, but we have to draw reasonable lines because i don't want people to be hauling around assault weapons (and whats the next step, RPGs?).

So... what is the problem?
President Obama said he would cut the deficit in half- It has doubled over the last for years. ( actually racked up more debt than any other president in history)

PResident Obama said he would get unemployment under 6%--- well its above 9% today.

President Obama said we would have a transparent government " im going to put everything on C-SPAN- UMMMM never saw one negotation on C-SPAN.

Do I need to go into the Libya scandel.
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