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So, Obama or Romney (part 2)


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11/05/2012 09:53 AMPosted by Amiscar
As bad as America is, Europeans need to worry about their own problems. I'm sick of America being the world police and going out of it's way for people who hate the country, time America fixes it's own problems, makes it's own jobs and takes care of itself. Everyone knows Europe is going to fall apart in 10 years anyways. Might as well fix the problems we have, let the oh so well meaning and great Europeans manage their own affairs.

1) with globalization, all countries affairs matter to each other;
2) your problems are our problems since you guys started this global crisis.
3) nobody asked to "cough cough" spread democracy and go for natural resources.

As a foreign observer of the campaing, I'd have to say that I find hard to believe that people can actually give credit to someone who aspires to be a state leader AND at the same time has no knowledge whatsoever about macroeconomics. How can a serious individual claim that the average revenue of Americans is in the 150 000$ +++ per year???!!! Serriously????
How can people listen to Romney and consider him a legitimate challenger to anyone other than himself!!!!


Semantics, it matters little what others do. America working on itself first would be the wisest choice, maybe you Europeans should have thought like this before starting two world wars and colonizing everything. Now you all think you are the saviors? Laughable, what I suggest is simply cutting ties and help to terrorist countires and those that hate the US. Adding more jobs and focusing on rebuilding, re-educating and fixing our own problems first.
I'm curious about the gun control thing that was raging on the last page. It seems to me like every election people get all worked up about loosing their right to bear arms, and then nothing ever happens.

The only thing Obama did as far as gun control goes is renew the assault rifle ban right? Other than that its pretty simple. You can own a gun and whatnot, if you want to carry it everywhere you have to apply for a concealed carry permit, yada yada yada. Seems fair to me. And if you really want the assault rifle ban repealed... my question is why? What the heck do you need a military grade assault weapon for? Unless you are planning on going postal, there is no legitimate reason for having one. I support gun rights and own a gun myself, but we have to draw reasonable lines because i don't want people to be hauling around assault weapons (and whats the next step, RPGs?).

So... what is the problem?

You fail to see the big picture. You open the door they take as much as they can.
Did you know the EPA tried to ban lead in bullets? They claim is was harmful to wildlife. The gun rights are being attacked from every direction now. It may not be a direct gun grab, but they try other ways to "restrict"
11/05/2012 10:12 AMPosted by Ender

Yes they did you retard.

"The United States Congress never voted for the Iraq war. Rather, Congress voted for a resolution in October 2002 which unlawfully transferred to the president the decision-making power of whether to launch a first-strike invasion of Iraq."

Actually the President can send troops to where ever but he can not DECLARE WAR

EXCUTIVE POWERS allow him make deicisons like first strike and things of that nature
President Obama said he would cut the deficit in half- It has doubled over the last for years. ( actually racked up more debt than any other president in history)

PResident Obama said he would get unemployment under 6%--- well its above 9% today.

President Obama said we would have a transparent government " im going to put everything on C-SPAN- UMMMM never saw one negotation on C-SPAN.

Do I need to go into the Libya scandel.
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