Diablo® III

PETA's Most Wanted (0 dogs roster)

I just joined the 0 dog club and am still upgrading...

I usually play late at night (PST).
Feel free to invite me on your games.

I already have 30+ sucky hellfire rings
but I haven't given up yet.
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11/08/2012 12:59 PMPosted by Azaroth
1to 1.5 m each dog an they have 85k dps it is possible ?

If you have 85k dps and are critting for 1.5m each dog, you have too little IAS.
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d0g here. Upgrading currently, but have this setup and a tankier one for ubers.

edit-Should have read list, looks like my accnt was there already, lol. Thanks!
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question, any of you guys tried solo uber runs with ZD Sacrifice build at MP7 and above? just wanted to see what specs you need for that. Been able to go up to MP6 solo just not so sure yet if i can go above that with my current stats. tnx in advance!
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yup add me , i have a zero dog set too
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hey, ill be joining the group soon enough, i found a 'cheap' mara's with -8s for 55m, i only need a -17s mojo now, wich is around 5m.

anyone could give me an advice on how much resists/life is a good spot to be?

i guess its good to have a decent atackspeed and pickup radius right? life steal is good on this spec?

i pretend to switch the amulet to a soj once i get enough money, but that will take some time. haha, thank you (:
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Ok just wanted to share again. :) Here's my test run with my 0sec ZD build. Succeeded in solo MP6 Ubers for now and face tanked MP7 Azmo with 69k dps unbuffed. lol. Will try to run uber MP7 solo tonight and see if it's possible with my stats. :)

http://youtu.be/v5DNmiJmkJs - solo MP6 chaos
http://youtu.be/wouqNqXHzI0 - solo MP6 discord
http://youtu.be/K8FxOQ0yzs4 - solo MP6 turmoil
http://youtu.be/kuOqWEElxu0 - MP7 azmo
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Yo, Ihas build
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Haha ok Im retarded just realized im like 4th on the list
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pls add me to the list. pixelfancy#1939

I solo mp7 ubers with my current stats/equip.
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got my last -zd piece today :D
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yay, im in :D

not great, but now the build works.

gotta bump my dps now (:
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Updated list. Please reply if I missed anyone or anyone new wants to be added.
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I put the list in Excel and sorted it alphabetically if that helps people see if someone specifically is in the list quicker

Bastion #1105
Fatbabydyer #1175
heyguyslol #1302
hirondelle #1911
Jesus #1832
juju #6769
KietCudi #1608
knarf #1250
KuMarKia #6407
Luffy #1946
PingPing #1220
pixelfancy #1939
PvP #1834
SgtSplacker #1659
SimplMasheen #1766
SweetLove #6784
Vash #1200
Voodoo #1825
xCheif #1352
YinoYunika #1531
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Can add me too DiabloD#1922
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Updated list.
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Yobi#1143 - I would love to roll with another zombiedog build around my damage.
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Pls add me too B25HLG#1772. 0 dog with 88k dps.. should hit 95+ in a few days if i can get my hands on more crits item
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