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So my DH is getting destroyed... Tips?

I'm recently been playing through Inferno and I looked around and it seems like it's kind of "normal" for DH to take more damage than other classes but I swear something just looks at me wrong and my DH explodes, especially if it's ranged. My attributes are:

Strength 586
Dexterity 1979
Intelligence 404
Vitality 289
Armor 6093
Damage 69168

I've only been playing for maybe 3-4 weeks so I'm not as savvy as some of you. Any pointers to keep her from dying would be awesome.
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you need around 17k more health for sure just from a glance
From a exp dh
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Should I sacrifice some of my DEX for VIT? I got some gear that gives me Life% per damage and some Life per kill. But When I die in like two hits I guess it doesn't really help lol.
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you can sacrifice some of your armor for more vit and all res... alot more. with less than 60K eHP, you'll literally get one shot by nearly everything in inferno.
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Oh yeah, I definitely noticed the insta-death thing lol.
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Sodee please go to D3up.com and register and import your character. There it will show you a breakdown of your ehp(effective health pool) and your dps. You will want to have a balance between health,armor,dex(dodge),and all resistance to stay alive. Good numbers to shoot for are: 50k health, 450all resist, 4000 armor, and 2400-2500dex while having around 100k unbuffed dps.

Hope this helps :D
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Yo rev lets do ubers sometime
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11/08/2012 01:15 PMPosted by Ochi
Yo rev lets do ubers sometime

Sure hit me up in game
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I was hoping that getting items with high armor would help with the damage, but I guess I went a little over board and neglected my other atts. x_x
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Try to aim for these Stat targets:
All resist- 300-400
Armor 4k-5k
Dex 1600+
Vitality 500+ (aim for 40k+ in-game health)
Critical HIT dmg 200%+
atk spd 25%+

Weapons: always get weapons with a socket so u can gem emeralds to get critical hit dmg

Sharpshooter: is a good passive but only gives u a momentary dmg increase til u critically hit. so IMO, its not worth it.

Nether tentacles: was so patch 1.01. Go for Ball lightning better AOE. Use shadow power/gloom if u need health back.

Drop Custom engineering replace with archery.

Until u get better gear its, its gona be a challenge to progress.

ps: i also hope that u are not trolling me sodee. But if u are.... ju gawt mei guoood bro! lol!

2 cents and out....
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You need to change your gear completely. 30k hp minimum, aim to 40k. I don't even know where to start about the rest of your gear....
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69000 with ss, this is way too low in inferno if u r running glass cannon dh. Glass cannon Which mean it only can take 1-2hits from monsters, but it normally kill all the mob before the mobs hit u. U have 2 directions, 1) give up dmg build all resist, 2) give up all def and build Pure dmg, because u r at the middle
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I've been in your situation, a low dps glass cannon lmao.

It was worse with me though I had 90k dps sharpshooter with like 7k life so 1 shot was for sure.

Im working on more vit and all resist right now and dps at the same time and i am able to take a few hits and it has been more fun to have a balanced build. To get to the same stats I have shouldnt take much since prices have dropped. For me upgrades cost about 1-3 mil per slot (slight upgrades) but before the patch each upgrade was 20+mil
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Like everyone else says, your HP needs to go up a lot. Safe region is about 35k I would say. Then get all resists up. Your poison cloud SS is going to kill you with Reflect so beware of that. (SS lasts 1s, 700% dmg for 5s... ) If you decide to use SS, I would still advise Lingering Fog.

Unless you find yourself burning through your Disc, you may not need Prep. Swop it for a defensive skill.

Sharpshooter may be useful until you get better gear. When you do, then swop it for something else. Swop NT for BL. I know my profile page shows NT but it has not been updated for quite awhile (DPS is about 146k unbuffed now :))... I was trying both recently to prove a point to a friend that BL is better but it got stuck on NT LOL....

So yeah, increase your HP, please get some All Resists... and change some of your skills :)

Hope that helps! Take care
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Find items not only with vit but also life% which can be found on the cheap look at my build. Don't waste money on life steal or life on hit, all you need is gloom for your lifesteal. Your dex is really high you can afford to lose some.
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build a barb
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Thanks for the tips guys, she's doing a lot better, better than a barb actually so long as I stay smart to her situation. Your suggestions helped a lot! Playing DH is so much fun!
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Not sure anyone suggested it, but I think it's very important to start using Shadow Power - Gloom. I know Blizzard doesn't like must-have skills, but it pretty much is a must have skill. On DiabloProgress.com it shows it is used by 93.6% of Demon Hunters.
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I'll try it out, can't hurt to try lol. I was getting pretty fond of my setup though.
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Glad you're doing better :)

Some things you may want to consider doing.

1. Probably swop out some offensive skills for defensive ones. (Eg. Boar for Raven, SP Gloom for either RoV or Caltrops etc.)
2. Not sure how useful Nighstalker is in your case, as you rely on SS for your Crit. If I'm not wrong, Nightstalker works as a percentage chance each time a Crit occurs. So, a chance of a chance happening is slim pickings. Correct me if I'm wrong, I've never used it.
3. I assume you are using NT as a counter to RD. I would suggest swopping to SP-Gloom and Ball Lightning. Much more life steal! But you would burn through your Disc tho.

Hope that helps. But going well tho! Fell free to add me in game :)
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