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Tell me about your Rend build

My gear is still a work in progress but I love Rend and Seismic slam. I have also enjoyed earthquake but it is risky because it might not be up by the time you reach the next pact. Tell me about your build and what is working and what is not.
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I dont know much about my build or how to called it. Many people has 2 major killer skill build such as HoTA + Rend or Slam + Rend but mine is just "Rend".

My build is working for me because I curled up my AR and armor as well as my DPS. When I am surrounded by 2 or 3 more elites, which I always gather them in such a way to shorten kill time, I spam my OP - ks and Revenge - BsC to boost my crit hit, then cast Rend - Lacerate to damage them over 5 sec. Usually, it deals around 300-400k per rend tick, 400-500k on each OP crit and 700-800k damage on revenge crit. The rest 5 sec during nothing by standing, I use my cleave to add the DPS for about 600-700k damage per crit.

Since I deal my surrounding pretty hard, I gained stability from those life steal (6%) and revenge. Other thing that makes my build works is due to my high HP that supports my revenge health gain. I guess, my build more like a counter defensive build since I dont any targeted skill xcept my cleave.

However, I never suggest my build to others since it failed a LOT for low to mid tier barb. I found one person that tries my skill set and it failed far more than I expected no matter how hard I tweak his skill set. But...it works for me and this is my comfortable skill so far.

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I was using cleave but have settled into bash with punish. I do not have your DPS so the extra from punish is nice and helps Seismic Slam pack more punch. I may go back to cleave but I am still tossed on the matter. I am surprised you use revenge. I have thought about it but have decided against it for now. I mainly live off LPS and rend heal. I am currently spending most of my time in MP3. I think I could do higher but I would like more health and more DPS. Anyone else want to chime in on what they do?
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I run Rend+BL, Ground Stomp+Trembling Stomp, WOTB+Berserker, Battle Rage+Marauder's Rage, Ignore Pain+Iron Hide, Frenzy+Maniac.

I tried running Bash with Punish, but with just Rend it does significantly less DPS, and it's very noticeable. If I get in trouble I'll stomp, if I get in trouble again I'll Ignore Pain, and then by the next time I'm in trouble I can just stomp again. I play in mp4 and everything is dead by that time, basically, including elites, just spam Rend in between and WOTB for elites. I just upgraded a few pieces of my gear, and my gear is still pretty bad.

I also just stay away form attack and movespeed because the cost for effectiveness on this build isn't worth it to me.
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I run rend but I only use it as a healer.

My main dps attack is HoTA that is basically at 100% crit rate due to fury always being near full.
When facing ubers or something I throw activate Battle Rage, WoTB and spam HoTA until they die a ridiculously quick death.

I wish I could have some movement speed, or some more hp but alas those things would cost way too much to upgrade.
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I've played with a few combinations, all including Rend-BL, with Frenzy, WOTB and Battle Rage.
Today all day I've substituted HotA for Seismic Slam, using Thunderstrike for crowds and Smash for bosses. I'm working at MP7. I start with BR, then rend, then Frenzy and HotA one after the other. Hit rend every five seconds, keep BR up, use WotB for elite mobs and bosses., run with Sprint if I'm in trouble. The last may be a mistake, and I think I'll put back Ignore Pain instead.
I'm not at all sure this is the best I could do, but the Skeleton King went down in < 10 seconds this evening.
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I use Rend with HotA with a dual-wield setup. My profile may not be updated correctly.

Sprint in
Bash 3 times
Hammer away
Rend again after 5s

On MP5, most white mobs are usually dead by the first Rend. On MP7 I'll need to add a few hammers. Elites will take longer of course, depending on the type and affix.

I have a pretty decent lifesteal Skorn, but the reason I switched to dual wield is because even though I'm dishing out less damage, I find it faster overall.

Sprint is in my build mainly for mobility. I'm trying to figure out an attack pattern to make better use of the tornadoes, but currently my tornadoes only hit a few monsters who happen to close in on me from the back. The alternative to Sprint that I sometimes use is Overpower - Crushing Advance.

For ubers I switch back to WW build. I still find it the best against ubers where you cannot afford to die at all.
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