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Graphic lag issues since last week

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same....lagging since day one..very sick of it..can only play certain acts alone because i almost lag out when playing with others - specially on seige (outside). funny though that every other game i play online is perfectly fine which are way more graphically intense with more actions going on.
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Same issue here for the past week or so. Just now it took a dive to hell, worse than ever before. I went into the Depths in act 2, turned on archon...and as as soon as I hit a mob the screen freezes for a good 5 seconds, then works again until the room is clear. Next room, the first mob i hit...again freezes for 5 seconds. Repeat in EVERY ROOM.
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been having this same problem thought my video card was overheating but thats not my issue so annoying
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just wondering, does anyone experience this problem after disabling Core Parking? Or has anyone tried that? Just curious because my stutter issues at rakkis crossing seems to have died down after i tried that.

Google "Disable Core Parking Windows 7" if you want to know more. Not sure if it works on vista, never did use anything more than a core2duo on vista. Also, this only applies to people that have Quad cores and more (ie. i5, i7 and core2Quad).

edit: died down, meaning the stutter is still there (FPS drop) but it isn't as significant.
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My Gtx680 has been getting extreme lag since release.

Blizzard is going to tell you to do this and do that, but the fact is that their streaming tech sucks big time and needs to be fixed. Short of buying a shiney new SSD, there is NOTHING you can do to fix it.
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I have the game running on a SSD, that's not the issue. The issue is with the game, not our hardware. Blizzard is trying to reduce it to a hardware issue and that's not what is causing it. The problem is on their end. I have a pretty nice computer that can run everything else without issues, but since 1.0.5 I have had daily problems with frame rate loss and the game crashing/not responding.
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had what seems like the same issue and this fixed it for me. moved the MPQs only to a flash drive from SDD cashed C: HDD. maybe just putting it on a seperate drive from the code or win7, that I don't know but I am playing again very smooth, no stutter or freezing.

if this stays fixed then they need to fix their code as this should not be an issue if they were handling the graphics loading correctly.

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