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Skill Proc Coefficients [Complete List]


11/19/2012 06:59 PMPosted by ZzEzZ
What is wrong with this? 0.140 correctly dictates the PC of a single hit of this skill.

I only used healing blade and chemical burn to show the difference of treatment between chemical burn and healing blade. I did not mean to say the value were wrong.

11/19/2012 06:59 PMPosted by ZzEzZ
The damage over 2 seconds of Chemical burn does not include a proc coefficient

I disagree with you, there is several instance of damage for chemical burn and at least 2 proc roll. I may be wrong as I am not a specialist of the demon hunter. For future reference, I am a wizard fan boy.

The fact is, the first instance, the impact, have a proc ratio of 1 and the sum of the proc ratio of the others instances is also 1 (whatever their number by the way).

I believe the skill mehanic is similar to deep cut for that matter : One roll for each impact (for chemical burn you only have 1 impact, but for deep cut you have 3 impact) and one roll for the dot componant. So I believe I am not that out of my shoes when I say than chemical burn make 2 proc roll.

Don't all the spectral blade runes hit 3 times so their proc rate is always 3x the actual proc coefficient?

Also, why do CM/ww wizards use storm armor if the proc coef is zero?

Yes to the first question, but if a monster can die on the first or second hit, meaning you won't get the full benefit of 3x hits or 3x PC.

That is correct but also imprecise. Every spectral blade hit 3 time the way you just explained it. BUT deep cut make a 4th proc roll for the dot component. This roll is a little weird for CM. While no tick of the dot does generate life on hit, you sometime trigger CM during the dot. So some people, including me, believe the tick of the dot trigger CM because they all share the 4th proc roll of the ability for triggering purpose. You may be able to find some info on EU side : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5208511084
It was near the second page if my memory works fine.

And for lighting armor, first every runes are pretty amazing for damage purpose as it basically add 100% of your dps if you have a mob on screens. Plus, shocking aspect have a great synergy with crit chance. What it exactly does :
Lighting armor hit mobs at 100% weapon damage at varying attack speed but globaly at 1 lighting per second
shocking aspect special, hit a mob preferably close to you for 35% of your weapon damage each time you crit. Making spell that crit like crazy but that have low damage (who said wicked wind? :D) to become viable in term of damage.

Love from EU. Have fun, see you in game. :)
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Bump !
bump for future reference
Regarding Chemical Burn, you were right. I tested the skill on monsters in Normal so they died on initial impact and only 100% of LoH was gained. Updated the SS!

Regarding Deep Cuts, the bleed does proc LoH, but a bleed cannot crit. Therefore, the skill cannot proc Critical Mass (I've tried getting a proc of CM on the bleed using Explosive Blast as a visual Cooldown, but it has not happened through my testing). Updated the SS!

This leads me to believe every skill with a bleed also has another trigger of its proc coefficient. I will restest all bleed skills after Thanksgiving and update the spreadsheet. Happy vacation everyone ^-^ & Thanks for the heads up from the EU ;D

Updated: 11/20/12
-- Demon Hunter, Impale -> Chemical Burn. Updated proc coefficient to reflect the bi-proc mechanic of the skill. (bleed)
-- Wizard, Spectral Blades -> Deep Cuts. Fixed proc coefficient due to unexpected 4th proc of the skill's bleed (changed to 0.140 from 0.187)

P.S. haha, thanks for the bumps peeps ;D
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Even though it is far more interesting than the breaking news that we have a LFG group forum, this will never be sticked up on top.
So might wanna post this to another site where it will be easily accessible, before it reaches the 26 or so pages limit and be closed ?

Anyway, cheers for the very nice insight! +1 from me :)
11/20/2012 12:59 PMPosted by ZzEzZ
but a bleed cannot crit

Thing is deep cut is not really a bleed you know. The only thing I would qualified of bleed is the actual on hit effect called bleed.

11/20/2012 12:59 PMPosted by ZzEzZ
Therefore, the skill cannot proc Critical Mass

Please consider testing again. Because except if the US client is different than the EU one. The dot of deep cut trigger CM in my side. Since 1.04 I might add. I am pretty confident on the data I measured for wizard.

You know proc scalars are odd. Lighting hydra has got a proc coeficient of 0 yes true but it can trigger paralysis for some reason. Rolling thunder got a proc scalar of 0 in 1.04 (they finally changed it to 0.4 on 1.05, hooray for bug correction :D) but you could trigger into the fray out of it. Odd? yes definitely, but still very true. I advice you to not believe me and test it by yourself.

When you use a Gibdinn on a WD you cannot usually get 2 fetish in a row with poison dart (every rune would do). Well this one could be easy to explain if they use pseudo random number generation. They have proven to use pseudo random value on Wacraft 3 so it is not that impossible :).

11/20/2012 12:59 PMPosted by ZzEzZ
-- Wizard, Spectral Blades -> Deep Cuts. Fixed proc coefficient due to unexpected 4th proc of the skill's bleed (changed to 0.140 from 0.187)

I am so glad you changed it... No offence, but, damn it was hurting my wizard fan boy eye :D.

Tha fuke is up with Monk's Thunderclap? 3.2 is ridiculously higher than all the other generators.

Don't get too crazy the actual proc scalar for thunderclap are 0.75/0.75/0.75 according to my testing. The 1.5/1.5/0.75 of the list is most likely a typo. :)

Hello from EU, have fun and see you in game. :)
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11/20/2012 12:36 PMPosted by Vergarizel
bump for future reference
No more love for this great thread ? I hate how all the good threads just go down the drain in the D3 forums... And they're so basic and featureless, much like the game itself actually !
This is the kind of thing that should be a menu ingame or at the very least an entire webpage on Blizz's site.

It's just shocking to me that we have to hunt through forums to find this type of info.

Especially when items list things like "40% Chance to knockback on hit" which basically is a complete lie since it's chance to proc not on hit.

Thanks for posting this.
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Nice job, OP
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Can this be stickyed? I notice that Blizzard sticky's some crap, like that horrible monk guide that must have involved heavy drug abuse, but this is actual useful information the world really needs, mostly so I don't have to memorize and repeat this crap when people ask.

Thanks, OP...
sticky requested
Can someone test the "when attacking" procs? Do they all have a 5 second internal cooldown?
Very nice work indeed. I did similar testing with my DH but nowhere nearly as complete as this. As far as Chemical Burn, Cinder Arrow, Shock Collar goes, I believe it checks once for the initial hit & again for the DoT. It won't make a difference for LoH since it is additive, but triggering effects/skills it will (since there can't be more than a 100% chance to do so). So in the case of Cinder Arrow, it has 2 chances to trigger an effect/skill at 65% each (1-(1-.65)*(1-.65)=87.75%), but will gain 130% LoH (.65 + .65).

For future testing you may want to consider starting the game at the very first Fallen Star quest. The first 6 zombies (before you get to Rumford) will not attack you once your life gets below 50%. I also used a very low damage weapon to keep them alive while testing. The drawback is that you can't go to town to change skills. However, what I did was to test one skill while waiting on the cooldown of changed skills.

Thanks so much for your time & effort you put into this. It will save me that extra time when I decide to get serious about playing something other than a DH.
Edited by Six8#1950 on 12/3/2012 3:28 PM PST
Just wanted to grab your name. I took in your feedback and tweaked the spreadsheet a bit. Also, your Wizard values helped for the Practical Proc pages I added for each character. I was happy to have something to test against.

Can someone test the "when attacking" procs? Do they all have a 5 second internal cooldown?
Can you throw me an example of what you mean? If I can test it, I will.

Just wanted to grab your name also. As for the quest & place of testing, I NNNNEEEEEEEEEEEDDDD to be able to return back to town quick ie. be right next to a WP, or hitting all these skills would take hours lol, so I stick with Old Ruins or Northern Highlands :)

& ofc to all the mad love from everyone else, right back atcha. I'm from the community, so why not share with the community. These numbers aren't going to make me #1 farmer (or PvP'er) hording them for myself ;D

Updated: 12/6/12

- Added (PP) (Practical Proc*) pages for each class. These give LoH & Skill/Effect procs per second instead of per hit/tick. (Tested at 1.00 "Attacks per second" Vs. a single, stationary target)
- Monk, Way of the Hundred Fists -> Fists of Fury. Fixed Proc coefficient (to 0.750 from 1.50)
- DH, Hungering Arrow -> Cinder Arrow. Fixed Proc coefficient (to 0.650 from 1.300)
-- DH, Grenades -> Cluster Grenades. Added "DoT Proc coefficient" (It's really just 2 hits after the initial, not a DoT). (0.125)
- DH, Strafe -> Emberstrafe. Fixed DoT Proc coefficient (to 0.50 from 1.50)

older update:
--Monk, Fists of Thunder -> Thunderclap. Fixed proc coefficient (to 0.750 from 1.50)

*Practical Proc pages were added since they give more realistic values of Life on Hit and the chance to proc skill or item effects while out farming, messing around, (or PvP'ing). These pages give the per second amount of Life on Hit you would gain hitting a single target, or the chance you would have to proc a special effect hitting that single target over one second. These numbers are based on the number of hits each skill does when the character has exactly 1.00 "Attacks Per Second."

Also, some skills are a little weird. Check the bottom of that character's page for notes on 'special' skills.

& last, I found it sort've interesting after playing with all these numbers that Strafe might actually be a decent skill for farming based on these huge LoH numbers o.o
Gonna have to try it.
Great job!

Why can't we learn this stuff on Blizzards website?
Great job.

I do make this kind of thread specifically for WD in the WD forums. I find 1 value of your proc rate not matching mine. The angry chicken rune on hex do have proc when you explode them, it's 33% or 0.33 for each enemy hit, i have tested it.
nice- sticky?
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