Diablo® III

Jedi Monk Academy - Sagittarius constellation

NOTE : the build codex is obsolete and will be updated soon.

This is the ultimate guide for the Monk class,
a gift to those who seek the path to mastery.
Enter here through the looking glass,
Read not these books, until you are ready.


[Guide Anthology now undergoing reconstruction]

Warning :
this is the greatest wall-of-text in the history of Diablo.
If you are not ready to read the whole guide,
Then you may read the TL;DR here, and then leave.

Preview Section
aka Too Long, Can't Read.

"I can see what you see not—
Vision hazy, then eyes rot.
When you turn, they will be gone,
Whispering their hidden song.

Then you see what cannot be—
Shadows move where light should be.
Out of darkness, out of mind,
Cast down into the Halls of the Blind."

- The Book of the Blind

The Thirteen Candles of the Lost Souls
(Jedi Way For Dummies)

If you are
A - a beginner, who just wants some quick tips on how to get along as a monk.
B - an average player, who thinks he'd know best by relying on gear and mainstream setups, just looking for a good read and some general info.
C - someone passing by, wondering what this guide is all about,
while exploring the monk class to decide on the character.
D - someone who's heard of the legend of the 77-post guide,
and wants to gauge the wisdom of LordRaahl,
but can't make it through the whole book,

Then this section is for you.
Follow these 13 points and you are set.


1) Monk is a class of balance, harmonizing defense and offense.
Specialized in survivability, burst damage, and party support.
Your goal is to obtain high enough damage for the MP that you desire,
while withstanding enemy attacks, and recover during combat.

2) Never sacrifice too much defense for dps, and likewise,
don't give up damage for the sake of tanking.
The average monk's balanced ratio of defenses and offenses
is 600 resistance, 5000 armor, 75-100k dps,
2.5 lifesteal and/or 750 life on hit, 1.75 attack speed, and 35k HP.

3) When you are below 70k dps, Life On Hit is your friend.
When you are above 70k dps, you shall use lifesteal.
Always have life regeneration, 300 will suffice, 1000 is ideal,
any more than that, is luxury and counterproductive.
Spirit regen is very important. Get at least 1.5 for standard combat.
For Tempest Rush setups, at least 3.0.
(from gear alone before spirit passives)

4) While farming, efficiency is your goal.
- Use the cookiemonster, do low MPs, kill fast, gain profit,
suffer disappointments and frustrations, repeat.
If you want build variety and true mastery, you do none of the above.

5) When in doubt, Use the tools available to you, those at D3up.com
and Diabloprogress, but don't get obsessed with them.
Gaming skill and personal experience > sheet paper calculations.
And weight your options before making upgrades and purchases.

6) When fighting ubers, know the MP level that suits your gear and skill,
and form a party of a tanker, a dpser, a nuker, and a balancer.
Strategy vs Ghom and Iskatul : sustain.
vs Leoric and Maghda : defense.
vs Kulle and The Beast : dps.

7) There is no End Game.
The human Greed dictates that you must gain more and more,
and never be satisfied, until your ego-gear is above others.
But there is Real Game, it is when you are fully emerged in the Now,
let consequences be damned, forget efficiency and profit,
accept yourself the way it is, and play for the sake of enjoying the game.
It's when your 3rd eye opens, and only the Present moment matters,
Only then, are you truly playing the real game, instead of ego game.


8) In pvp, you have 3 gearing options.
  • Get high defenses and mitigations, in order to stand and fight.
  • Get extreme damage, and kite and kill with high damage abilities.
  • Get a balance of both, and improvise depending on the opponent.
  • The Jedi Monks here, do all 3.

    9) Lifesteal is completely useless in pvp.
    Life on Hit is only good vs barbarians, and decent vs monks.
    High mitigations, high HP, and life regen, is the way to go.
    After that, it's rock-paper-scissors.
    Tanker > Glass Cannon > Hybrid > Tanker.

    10) There is a build to counter each class and every spec.
    If you're trying to win, adjust your abilities in order to deal with the opponent.
    If you pvp for fun and the challenge, then improvise with what you have.
    A good monk needs to know how to both kite well and tank effectively.
    The Jedi Monks are required to use all 3 gear sets,
    Dual Wield, Shield, and 2Handed.
    And be ready to switch modes when the situation requires.

    11) Concept of The big 4 of pvp(and pve) : Gear + Skill + Build + Luck.
    Gear = The items you wear, your EHP, DPS and supporting stats.
    are they harmonious and balanced?
    Skill = Your expertise as a monk, and experience in combat.
    Fight those you can't beat, and train often,
    you will gain understanding and get better through time.
    Build = The set of skills you use when entering the area.
    Changing build too soon just to counter the opponent,
    is frowned upon as cheating, a dishonorable way to play.
    and Luck = The RNG at work, "the gods" if you will,
    both in the game's matrix, and the fabric of life.

    12) Strategies vs Melee classes :
    If you can't tank them, Kite them, disarm and kill slowly.
    Strategies vs Ranged classes :
    deplete their resources, Catch them, and kill them fast.

    Strategies vs Creditcard tiers :
    if you can't beat the size of their wallets,
    find their insecurities, and beat their morale instead. ;D
    Strategies vs Poverty tiers :
    switch to a weaker weapon to accommodate
    the lesser geared players, and help them get better. >:)

    13) Fight for the thrill and challenge, not just to win for ego's sake.
    However geared you are, there will be someone else who is better.
    So train your skill and fight a lot, so that you can be undefeated.

    However skilled you are, there will be someone else more geared.
    So farm a lot, buff your gear, so that you can be undisputed.

    However geared and skilled you are, or if you think
    your build is perfect, RNG can still own you.
    So don't get cocky in pvp, play for the sportsmanship,
    fight for honor, live for justice,
    and die in battle, a beautiful death.

    This concludes the Book of the Blind, and the TL;DR entitled Scrolls of the Lost Souls.
    The rest of the guide, is meant for enlightened monks seeking mastery over this class.
    Foolish mortals! you are not worthy to embrace the ideology of the Holy Monk Empire! >:(

    You are done here, thank you, goodbye!
    You may exit through one of these doors to whence you came.



    March 27, 2013
    Now conduction Operation Reprisal, I will begin working on the guide again, it is time we get things done around here, after weekss of postponing and side projects.
    Soon I shall restore the former glory and raise ourselves an army of faith!

    March 20, 2013
    Operation Divine Zodiac is complete,
    The book Lord of the Monks was created to urge the adjustment of the passives,
    however it contained evil prophecies and magicks that dabbled with the flow of nature,
    therefore was destroyed by CountFury, and rests beneath the ocean of threads.

    March 10, 2013
    The Academy returns to the Light, in Sagittarius.
    it's been one hell of a dark journey, and I will never again dabble in those forces,
    Project passive suggestion is complete, and deleted.
    "The Lord of the Monks Trilogy" is a mystery.

    "True love is a discipline in which each divines the secret self of the other
    and refuses to believe in the mere daily self."

    - William Butler Yeats
    "Only when you have lost everything, are you truly free to do anything."
    - Tyler Durden

    (LordRaahl's youtube channel)

    Recent Projects
    The Lord of the Monks
    Female Monk's Real Voice
    LoG S1E9 - Meteor Storm

    - Patch 1.0.8 is underway.

    **Guide posted on 11/11/12 at 11:11:12 seconds**
    **Guide fallen on 1/1/13 at 11:12:13 seconds.** ;)
    **Guide reconstruction at 1/31/13 at 11:21:31**


    Warning :
    This is a long reading and monk masterclass, Leave now if you have no patience.
    or you will be lost the moment you see the table of contents.
    This is the 3rd sign, you should've clicked the exit link already.
    If you haven't left yet, here's the 4th door.

    In other words, don't complain about its length,
    and that I didn't warn you 3 times to not read my guide. >:)


    Ivgorod Headquarters
    Visit these locations in your journey instead, for a complementary study.
    (I.E. threads from monk experts that you may want to read before studying in my guide)

    Nameless' Armory (budget gear) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7005435708
    piffle's Workshop (gear advice) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7005435884
    Weegee's Dojo (rdps calculator) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006895894

    heretic Druin's Motorcycle Compedium (tempest rush farming)
    bandit Jeco's Mercenaries Camp (Free MP10 Hellfire Ring service)

    [General Copyrights Information]

    Jedi Monk Academy is written by CountFury, Recited through LordRaahl.
    Copyright © CountFury 2012, JA Print USA. All Rights Reserved.

    You are prohibited from copying or distributing the information
    included in this work without the author’s consent.
    Drawing any knowledge from this work must be quoted and credited to the author.
    You are forbidden to copy any materials below and calling it your own.
    Plagiarizers and Violation of Copyrights Terms will be pursued in the court of law.

    - All Easter eggs are meant for entertainment purposes.
    - All Star Wars terms belong to Disney Enterprises / Lucasarts Entertainment.
    - The first 77 posts of this thread, is given in tribute and relinquished to Blizzard Entertainment, as official guide pertaining to the Monk class.

    (Too Legit; Must Read.)

    There is No more TL;DR here, young one, This is the Complete Monk Masterguide.
    You cannot escape the wrath of the gods and the destiny of the Spirit,
    you shall read it all.. in the time to come...


    And Now, finally,
    before you begin, play this epic soundtrack in the background.


    The info below this post, is now under reconstruction,
    you may stop here, and check back later.
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    Im Namen von Ytar, die Walküre Andraste, und 1001 Heilige Götter.
    Lucifer Lilith Diabolus, der kreis der Finsternis.



    Once upon a time, In a Sanctuary far away. Cosmic Era.
    There is unrest in the Monk community, and they are divided and scattered. The over-geared monk's greed is unbound, and the young apprentices are lost and shattered, unknowing of the approach and philosophy of the Spiritual Warrior.

    The young monks are novice using random specs with skills having no synergy whatsoever, and the wealthy ones are focused on builds for efficiency and greed, and refusing to become enlightened;. Their weapons are rusted and gear unbalanced, their skill untrained, and their spirit unwilling. The world of the spiritual warrior has become grim indeed. Their lack of Faith and Unity, disappoints Ytar and the One thousand gods...

    Thus it calls for a massive guide of this caliber, with a vision to unite the chosen monks as One people. For also the arena is here, the arrogance of the other classes are endless, and the chaos of the brawl is despairing. The watchful eyes of the Blizzard Ghosts, have forgotten about the Monk class, leaving us in the shadow of our true nature. And so the chosen monks must stand together, to be free of the bondage of mainstream gear, to thrive on a dark path with little salvation.

    Amidst the chaos and despair, one man was chosen as messenger of the Gods, to bring the remnants of the righteous Monks of Ivgorod, the Divine Will of Ytar - the First and the Last.
    ======JEDI MONK ACADEMY======

    -from the mind of a Vampire Monk-

    For Johnny, Richard, and Valerie.
    May the gods guide your path,
    and may you find what you seek..


    =================TABLE OF CONTENTS=================

    *Preface - the Will of the gods

    *Foreword - The Chosen One
    *History - the Divine Codex
    *Credentials - Interview with the Vampire, part I

    *The Call of Enlightenment
    *Class Overview
    *Classes Comparison
    *General Guidelines
    *The Promise of Destiny

    PART I
    THE OLD TESTAMENT - Genesis of the Holy Land


    Prologue – The Great Awakening

    Chapter 1 - The Book of Aries

    *Jedi Monk Philosophy #1 [Mastery vs Armament]
    *SKILL Defined
    *The Good, the Bad, and the Undesired
    *Glance of the Spirit Arts (skills overview)
    *Life and Spirit (resource management)


    Chapter 2 - The Book of Taurus

    *Battle Monks Preparation
    - Standard Skills Recommendations
    - Standard Gears Requirements
    *The Hall of Heroes
    *Jedi Monk Philosophy #2 [The Art of War]
    *Stats of The Holy Order


    Chapter 3 - The Book of Gemini

    *The Dead Sea Scrolls, and The Tablet of Mantra
    *The Gospel of Mystic Ally, and the Immortal Scroll
    *Jedi Monk Philosophy #3 [The Light, The Darkness, and the Infidels]
    *Oracle of the White Light (anti-RMAH)
    *Litany of the Black Flame (pro-RMAH)
    *Curse of the Unchosen (anti-noobs)


    Chapter 4 - The Book of Cancir

    *The Nerf Hammer and The Devil’s Anvil
    *Battalion Formation (Passive Comprehension)
    *Jedi Monk Philosophy #4 [Awaken the Sleeping Giants]
    *The perfection of Seven
    *The 7 schools of the Spirit, part I
    *The Lore of the Thousand Gods
    *The New Age of the Monk


    Chapter 5 - the Book of Leo

    Phase 1 - The Force Unveiled
    THE DIVINE CODEX - The 77 Builds of the Holy Monk Empire

    *Build Guidelines
    *Movie Series Episode List

    ===Basic Builds===

    Season 1 - Rite of Passage

    Prologue Build
    Build #1 - Rite of the Chosen

    Part I - Cookie Cutter Reformation

    Build #2 - The Shield of Nephalem
    Build #3 - The Last Redemption

    Part II - The New-Standard Builds

    Ordain of the Apprentice

    Build #4 - Lamb to the Slaughter
    Build #5 - Angel of Death
    Build #6 - Way of the Silver Moon
    Build #7 - Sword of the Seeker
    Build #8 - The Blood of Andraste
    Build #9 - Way of the Meteor Storm

    Litany of the Jedi Monk

    Filler Episode - Tales from Old Tristram


    Chapter 6 - The Book of Virgo

    *Hall of the Destroyers (high damage monster)
    *Defense Against Demonic Arts (comprehensive elite affixes)

    ===Training Builds===

    Season 2 - Open the Gates

    Section I – Black Magic for Adepts
    (SADISTIC Training builds for Absolute SKILL improvement and muscle memory reaction)

    Build #10 The Chaos Pentagram (4 spirit generators)
    Build #11 Punishment Divine
    Build #12 - Cosmic Rebirth
    Build #13 - The 13th Warrior
    (2 mantras, 2 spirit generator, party support power dps)

    Section II - Dirge of the Forsaken

    Build #14 - Spheres of Madness
    Build #15 - Flame of Repentance
    Build #16 - Revenge of Lightning
    Build #17 - Kiss of Torment

    Section III - Ritual of the Adept

    Kite and Support, and awareness training
    Build #18 - Thorns of Desert Rose
    Build #19 - Far Beyond Driven
    Build #20 - Once Upon the Cross
    Build #21 - The Gods Ride Motorcycles
    (Academy Tempest Rush paragon level build)

    - The Cursed Horadrim

    *Jedi Monk Philosophy #5 [explore the horizons]


    Chapter 7 - The Book of Libra

    *The Balance of the Force
    *The Blades of Purity (self-found)
    *The Mortal Conflict (Monks vs Barbarians)
    *Jedi Monk Philosophy #6 [The Art of Zen]
    *The 7 Schools of Enlightenment, part 2


    Part II
    THE NEW CHRONICLES - Exodus of the Grand Master

    Phase 2 - The Force Awakens

    Season 3 - Enter the Light

    Chapter 8 - The Book of Scorpio
    ===Intermediate Builds===

    Build #22 - For Whom the Bell Tolls
    Build #23 - Ashes to Ashes
    Build #24 - Dust to Dust
    Build #25 - Scorpion King
    Build #26 - The Spear of Odin
    Build #27 - The Wrath of Ytar
    Build #28 - The Blade of Inquisition
    Build #29 - Through Blood By Thunder
    Build #30 - Circle of the Tyrants
    Build #31 - Way of the Black Sun

    *Foundation of the Last Reich
    *The Holy Monk Empire


    Chapter 9 - The Book of Sagittarius

    *The Wheel of Dharma
    *Jedi Monk Philosophy #7 [The Return of Karma]
    *The Righteous Conversion
    *The Mission of Faith

    Season 4 - Spirits of the Ancient World

    Part I - Legacy of the Blade Master

    ===Specialty Builds===
    Build #32 - Baptism By Hellfire (the true Maximus build)
    Build #33 - Sword of the Merciless (the true 2handed Warmonger build)
    Build #34 - Legion of the Crippled (the real Sledgefist/Azurewrath build)
    Build #35 - Might of the Thunder God (the REAL Won Khim Lau build)
    Build #36 - Skorn of Crimson Death (the REAL Skorn build)
    Build #37 - Dragon of Endless Time (the true Shenlong build)

    Part II - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
    * Once Upon Atrocity : Hardcore Guidelines

    ===Hardcore builds===
    Build #38 - Divine Crusader (the white horseman)
    Build #39 - Ghost of War (the red horseman)
    Build #40 - Lord of Pestilence (the pale horseman)
    Build #41 - Harbinger of Death (the black horseman)

    Build #42 - Rider of Damnation (the cursed horseman)

    - Captor of Sin


    Phase 3 - The Force Harnessed

    Chapter 10 - The Book of Capricorn

    *Gold Find / Magic Find / The Quest for Experience
    *The Trials of mastery
    *The Lord's Armory
    *Elements/Resistance/Personality Types
    *The Divine Zodiac


    Chapter 11 - The Book of Aquarius
    Advanced Builds

    * Ark of Covenant : Recaps, guidelines.
    Section 1 - Interview with the Vampire, part 2

    Season 5 - The Holy Monk Empire

    Advanced Builds

    Legacy of the Battle Tempest
    Build #43 - Fury of the Storm
    Build #44 - Circle of Sacred Fire
    Build #45 - Tempest of the Bloodline
    Build #46 - White Knight Concierto

    Build #47 - Carnage in the Temple of Doom
    Build #48 - Warden of Sanctuary
    Build #49 - Funeral of Retribution
    Build #50 - Master of Disharmony
    Build #51 - Way of the Shadow Clone
    Build #52 - Symphony of the Wind

    Chapter 12 - The Book of Pisces
    Enlightened Builds

    Guideline on choosing legendary weapons

    *13 weapons of the gods

    *End Gear

    The Jedi Monk Council

    Season 6 - Keepers of the Underworld

    Part 1 - Beasts of Armageddon
    Build #53 - Way of the Dire Wolf
    Build #54 - Way of the Lion Heart
    Build #55 - Way of the Serpent Strike
    Build #56 - Way of the Phantom Phoenix
    Build #57 - Way of the Holy Pegasus

    Part 2 - The Three Fates
    Build #58 - Dance of the Valkyrie
    Build #59 - The Curse of Revenant
    Build #60 - Chaos Without Prophecy


    - South of Heaven

    Part III
    THE LAST ORDER - Leviticus of the Darkside

    Phase 4 - The Force Unleashed

    Chapter 13 - Revelation of Serpentarius

    Occult Builds

    The Crown of darkness
    The 7 candles of The Sith

    Season 7 - Secrets of the Black Arts

    Season 7 - Secrets of the Black Arts

    Build #61 - Way of the Black Dragon
    Build #62 - Right Hand of God, Left Hand of the Devil
    Build #63 - Serenade of Destruction
    Build #64 - Spellbound Apocalypse
    Build #65 - The Force Unleashed
    God of the Forbidden Light
    Scourge of the Black Flame


    Chapter 14 - The Book of Andraste

    Season 8 - Dark Lord of the Monk

    ===Signature Builds===

    Build #66 - The Lord's Sedition
    Build #67 - Grandmaster of the Wind
    Build #68 - Prince of Light, Prince of Darkness
    Build #69 - Way of the Asura
    Build #70 - Pandemonium Holocaust

    Section 2 – Stardust Memories
    (Stance Flow and Secret Slayer Techniques review)

    Chaos A.D.
    The Shadow Realms


    Chapter 15 - The Book of Ytar

    Season 9 - Ascend to Nirvahalla

    Section 1 - Interview with the Vampire, part 3

    ===Exalted Builds===

    Build #71 - Slayer of the Unlight
    Build #72 - Sworn to the Dark
    Build #73 - Trinity Perfection
    Build #74 - Lovers' Triangle
    Build #75 - Orion's Trifixion
    Build #76 - Gospel of the Holy War
    Build #77 - 7 Angels, 7 Trumpets. ;)

    Build #Zero - Way of the Einherjer (pvp suite)


    Chapter 16 - The Book of Nirvahalla

    Season 10 - Wrath of the Slayer

    *Rite of the Gladiator (pvp preparation)
    *Lord of the Colosseum
    - vs Barbarian
    - vs Demon Hunter
    - vs Witch Doctor
    - vs Wizard
    - vs Monk

    The Infernal Codex

    Epilogue : The Last Holy War

    *Special Thanks
    *Change Log


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    “Luminous beings are we, not in this crude matter.”





    I, CountFury the Divine, am your Jedi Grandmaster.
    and I will be your teacher in this exalted Temple of the Light.

    In the ancient of days, during the construction of this temple, I was exiled from this world and unable to post, thus I will speak through my shadow, LordRaahl, in order to enlighten you in the beauty of The Force and the Way of the Jedi Monk.

    Here we will sharpen your lightsabers, and strengthen the power that flows in you.
    You will be trained by the 7 schools of the Spirit, given secret techniques of battle mastery; to fight the hordes of infernal darkness in Sanctuary, and prepare for the Arena of Mortal Combat!

    You shall be shown all the monk basics, up to intermediate and advance ways of the Force, and we will clear the misconceptions that are clouding your minds. Whether you are a new recruit or veteran monk, benefit from this guide, you will. And your power shall grow every passing day. For the FORCE is strong in this one, and the Force calls out to you with a relentless whisper.



    7 Materials Required for Reading:
    - an open mind
    - a sense of humor
    - a relaxed mentality
    - an epic soundtrack
    - a cup of coffee
    - a bag of popcorn
    - a pencil and notebook

    This guide is not meant to be read fast in one sitting,
    Take your time, for it is a bible and glossary with everything about monks,
    come back to visit and re-read, for everytime you read it, you shall learn new things.

    This book is for people of all social status, from total beginner to well geared veteran,
    who are earnest about achieving completely mastery over the Monk class, as well as monks who want to be an adept at every monk aspect in existence.

    My guide does not work for close-minded troopers who think the one-trick pony is the be-all-end-all. So if you happen to be one, please do yourself the favor and gtfo now.



    You must go through this book steadily and absorb everything one piece at a time.
    I understand that it’s a very long guide, so I will not over analyze any point;
    I shall make each section as simple as possible and still cover all the details,
    There is still a lot of information to cover for your full enlightenment.
    In some parts I will speak in codes, for the sake of releasing secrets
    but still keeping them low-key. It's for your own good, and your brethren's well being.

    The first Rule of the Jedi Monk Academy is, we do NOT talk about the Occult secrets that you will learn herein. For everything else that is standard, you may share them with outsiders. I shall use the Old English, as well as Jedi Mink Tricks, to blur the line between fantasy and reality, so that Your unconscious mind can absorb this material, and make sense of it To you. So as you read, prepare for massive waves of epiphany and sudden flashes of insight.

    Blessed is He, who is With the inner strength to learn Everything from this grimoire, for he shall ride the Whirlwinds of endless conquest as a new grandmaster of Ivgorod. Cursed are those, who sneer at the wisdom of the gods, for they shall find no place in the grace of Divinity, and perish a thousand deaths in the valleys of shadows and dust!
    -History of the Divine Forge-

    Included are 77 variations of builds,
    I shall call them, Martial Arts Patterns. (MAP)

    The 77 different builds were spoken to me by the 1001 gods of Nirvahalla, one by one
    when I took a pilgrimage to the Desert of Redemption during my training of the Force.
    As I fought against hordes of demonic minions, I took an arrow to the knee,
    and the god Ytar descended from the clouds and spoke, in all his glory,

    “Behold, The One Sent From Golden Halls!
    Make Straight a Path for the Divine Kingdom of the Holy Monk Empire!”

    "Power has been given to thee,
    And great shepherd you shall be.
    A sword has descended from my Hand,
    that you may swiftly carry out my command.

    Flow a river forth to Nirvahalla,
    Infused with Spirit it shall be.
    Unite my righteous people,
    Under the Last Reich of Sanctuary.”

    Immediately, I was blessed by the spirits of the thousand gods,
    baptised by fire and ice, and enlightened with newfound wisdom!
    The gods are intensely furious at the state of the Monk,
    and I was given a mission and must accomplish it at all cost.

    Thus for 3 months, I locked myself away in a hyperbolic time chamber...
    to train and meditate, to craft and perfect each build, into a complete guide for the Monk.
    All the specs are unique to themselves, each having a different purpose and synergy,
    Only a few builds will have some similarities and No builds are alike.

    They will serve the purpose of giving you more variety to play,
    and so that you can understand how balanced and truly epic the monk class is.
    So stay awhile and listen.



    Before we enter the section of the builds,
    you need to read and understand the basics on gear and skill,
    First, you must fully know what is, what was, and what will be,
    pertaining to the gear and skills of the Monk class.

    You have to clear the misconceptions now, or you will be lost when the builds begin.
    Because what you Think you know, is not what really Is.
    So Allow yourself the patience to absorb all this material slowly.
    Get through the info section, and I promise when we get into the specs,
    it will be an enlightenment.

    Monk is a sophisticated and misunderstood character,
    and the truth in this guide, will set you free.
    Thus Spake the Great Awakening,
    Take heed, and learn the way of mastery!

    Profile NOTE: This is my Shadow, LordRaahl; you may judge this profile all you want.
    I am simply Odysseus cloaked in a disguise of rags and poverty. ;)
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    Reply Quote
    “Suspend your judgment, and every being has something to teach you.”
    Qui-Gon Jinn

    Interview with the Vampire, part I
    Author's History and Credentials

    This is the ultimate complete monk guide, with everything there is to know about monk. This project was first began in 1.0.1, I had been analyzing and theory crafting the Monk since Beta, and It took me a lot of work, pain, and efforts to finish this work. Everything has been fine-tuned and updated for 1.0.7, and every build was revised 7 times over, for absolute perfection. Whether you are a heavy hitter, a classic tanker, or something else, It will give every monk a new approach, and show you the multiple ways to play your class.

    I have sacrificed hours of sleep and rest to relentlessly put this together,
    my hope is that it will be your guiding light, for those who are in the darkness.
    May this book bring you to the Force, and let it guide your way.


    [About Me]
    (you may skip this section if you don’t care about the author’s history and/or don’t want to hear me talk about myself. .')

    My name is CountFury.
    My grandfather was a renegade Monk from a Mystic European sect.
    Spirituality runs in my veins, and the Force is strong in this one. I've been trained in martial arts and spirituality since I was young, you will find that my knowledge and experience will transfer to this book, as I pave for you the way to enlightenment. Saddened at the state of affairs of the community, and how most people are playing their monk. So I was a man on a mission, to change the Diablo world of monks forever. Thus I was assigned by the gods themselves to bring you this Grimoire of the Force.

    Current statistics

    225k dps, 40k HP, 550 res. 5.5k armor,
    2500 hours, 4300 achievement points.
    7 lvl 60s Softcore - 2 barbs, 2 monks, 1 DH, 1 Wiz, 1 HC barb.

    1 living lvl 60 Hardcore barb, 1 dead lvl 52 HC barb.
    1 dead lvl 60 HC monk, 1 dead lvl 55 HC monk.
    and 3 other random dead HCs.

    cleared inferno first time in 1.0.2, then in 1.0.3 with 4 classes.
    Never used RMAH, never bot, never bought gold.
    I farmed my way up with rags from scratch,
    I am still poor, but I shall get to my goals in the time to come.


    - I am 25 years old, residing in southern California, a psychology / literature major, going to become a teacher and writer. I play guitar and is a heavy metal fan, I also listen to classical, and underground hip-hop. You will find epic and intense music in my videos. >:)

    - I have the same zodiac sign and close birth day with George Lucas, thus Star Wars is also in my blood. I'm a fortune teller and astrologer IRL, thus the chapters will be divided into 13 zodiac signs, each with its own theme and personality.

    Monk is my favorite class, and I am its mad scientist. Although there is still much work to be done on the class balance, I found that the monk class is masterpiece that is very well designed. It reflects so many things in our spiritual journey, as well as martial arts history.

    Through this book, I will give you a concrete legacy of wisdom and understanding,
    that will last for ages in the time to come, and help every monk of all gears, skill levels and dedication, to thrive and become an adept at their class.

    I did not create this project for the fame and fortune, I am simple a man with a mission, and a message for you from a place of wisdom. My condolences to the way you thought monk was. Let the old times rust in peace, for I found the way to the Holy Land, so let us journey there together!

    With that being said, now as you recall walking across the bazaar in Caldeum, one of the refugees said, "Look, it's a monk of Ivgorod, I heard they have thousands of ways to kill a man!"
    Indeed we do, and the Grandmaster, will show you how.

    Let us begin!
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    Prequel - Theory of Enlightenment

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
    Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 - 1860)


    -Class Overview-
    (the REAL monk overview)

    - YOU are a spiritual warrior hailing from the Jedi Temples in Ivgorod, trained in holy martial arts and spirit energy. (The Force). You worship the One Thousand and One gods, and pledged a vow of righteousness and honor. Your goal is purify the realms of Sanctuary, achieve enlightenment and meet a beautiful death.

    - You are a melee frontline fighter, as well as a party support class. You must know how to effectively tank, and how to kite when the situation calls for. Your skills are designed to deal damage to enemies and/or debuffing them and empowering yourself and your allies.
    - You are an adept of melee and range splash AOE, the majority of your skills and runes have an AOE radius. Even your basic attacks are capable of hitting several enemies at the same time.

    - You are a distant mix between the Paladin and the Assassin from the old world, and your skills reflect some of their abilities. The Paladin offered defense, while the Assassin exalted in damage.
    (Thus you may build your monk for either Tank, or DPS.
    Both are just the beginner’s tip of the iceberg.
    There are actually 7 ways to build your monk, which I will show you in the later chapters.

    Balance, is the first step to reaching the 3rd of the 7 levels.


    Words from the Wise:

    - if you are a high dpser who uses cookie cutters,
    you may think you're advanced just because of your gear, but you are not.
    You are rich in wealth, but not in skill and knowledge.

    - First lesson is to drop the arrogance,
    thinking your gear makes you a pro, is the same as thinking
    “my clothes will get me the girl, I don’t need to have any game.”

    There are 3 modes to the Monk:
    Dual Wield, Shield, and 2handed.

    Jedi Monk Weaponry Standard :

    Fist and Iron
    – fist / dagger / 1handed sword + shield, Or 1handed axe with attack speed.

    And the gods said, "thou shalt not speak the phrase "sword and board" for that is a barbaric term."
    We, the monks of Ivgorod, herald the wielding of a shield, as "Fist and Iron" or better yet, Ironfist.

    Duel Will - 1 fist (recommended for spirit regen and/or LPSS) + 1 axe/dagger/sword.
    Dual Wielding grants you a 15% attack speed bonus. Maces and Spears have lower attack speed but generally higher attack power, especially the non-elemental weapons, which are also known as "black weapons".

    There are a few powerful legendary weapon dual combinations, which I shall talk about in the later sections. Most commonly known are the Won Khim Lau and Echoing Fury combination.

    "Lightsaber" - 2handed sword WITH attack speed, LIFE ON HIT / LIFE STEAL, Critical Hit damage, and/or Socket.

    Daibo is frowned upon by the Jedi, >;( Daibos are good but with the exception of Flying Dragon, most of them are not. it is fine if you need the Life Per Spirit Spent or Spirit Regen.

    Aside from BiS rares, these are the recommended 2handed weapons. They all have very high dps potentials, if you can find a good version.

    Two recommended Daibos : Flying Dragon (DarthMaul's lightsaber), and Inna’s Reach.
    Three Recommended Zanbatos : The Godfather ;D, Warmonger, and Maximus.
    One Recommended Axe : Skorn.
    Two Recommended Maces : Sledge of Athskeleng and Schaefer’s Hammer. (for low budget Tempest Rush)
    and One Recommended Polearm : Vigilance.


    A Jedi Monk Master must prepare all 3 modes to reach enlightenment at Nirvahalla,
    the halls of the god Ytar. He will always have 3 or 4 weapons to dual wield.

    (1 main dps with mad crit, high dexterity, and a socket,
    1 main support Life on hit / Life Steal sustain (plus crit/socket),
    1 fish with Spirit Regen or LPSS for Force Training mode,
    and 1 weak fast weapon for lower MPs and/or trolling, preferably a dagger with 10% attack speed)

    One shield (preferably includes decent block amount (at least 15% block),
    good stats and resistances, and CRITICAL HIT CHANCE).
    (Monk skill bonus is nice but optional)

    and 2 two-handed weapon.

    - one standard dps with attack speed, high Life On Hit/Life Steal and Vitality for battle mode; and one OP dps with high dex, full crit with more crit in socket, for kamikaze insanity mode. (see Skorn)

    Your Lightsaber must include attack speed, non-negotiable. Either that, or the slowest 2handed weapons of all time. (see Skorn or Sledge of Athskeleng.) and 0 attack speed, for Infinite Tempest Snail mode.

    *note : Skorn is meant for the Barbarian, and is lame with every other classes.* Monks have been using Skorn since 1.0.4 for the Tempest Rush trend, but originally Skorn is not meant to be a monk weapon.
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    Class Comparisons
    A list of analyzed comparisons of classes,
    so you can see which class has better advantage at which area.
    (not bias, this is the statistics for how it is at this point)

    Tank Barb ~ Tank Monk > Ice Mage > Tank DH > Tank Witch Doctor > DPS monk ~ DPS barb >> Wizard ~ WD > DH

    Barb and Monk are equal in terms of survivability.
    Barb has Rend Bloodlust, percentage heals, and a lot of LS,
    Monk has Serenity and constant Sweeping Wind healing with Lifesteal.
    We also benefit from high resistance and defensive mantra buffs.

    Wizard has magic armors and freeze, WD has pets and very high LoH%.
    DH’s still the most squishy of classes, if they don’t cast Gloom or Smokescreen, they are prone to getting 1-shot.


    Damage (dps)
    HOTA barb > Bells Monk > Traps DH > Cyclone Monk > WW barb > Bear WD ~ Archon > normal DH > everybody else.

    (DH have really high sheet dps, but they can’t unload big skills too long,
    they have to shoot arrows to regain hatred.)
    (yes, a monk with fully geared cyclones buffed, does more damage than a WW barb.)

    (Hammer of the Ancient Barb still rules because they can spam constant Smash hammers for massive damage.)
    (Wave of Light monk is up there in DPS, it deals higher AOE damage than HOTA, the only downside is the knockback which prevents it from being spammed multiple times on top of enemies (unless they're in corners)


    Build Variety
    Monk ~ Wizard > Witch Doctor ~ DH > Barb

    (Monk is blessed with multiple spirit generators, mantras, and spirit spenders for many combinations, Wizard has a variety of Signature spells to synergize with their magic armors and passives.)
    (in exchange for sheer power, Barbarian is restrictive in build variety.
    There are still many combinations, but they are difficult to harmonize.
    I.E. Barb's builds are very chaotic.)


    Status Effects proc chance / Life on Hit modifier
    Witch Doctor ~ DH > Monk >> Barb ~ Wizard

    (WD has Acid Rain and Rain of Toads, DH’s Cinder Arrow and Shock Collar proc effects constantly. These skills have very very high proc coefficient, untouched by past/present/future changes. Monk is in the middle when it comes to CC and proc rate, And the other 2 classes just don’t proc gear CC very well, neither from skills nor gear.)

    Life Steal advantage
    Barb > DH > Monk > Wizard > WD

    (barb gets LS from belt and passive, DH has shadow power, Monk has no lifesteal skills but can dual wield with possible Lifesteal, Wizard only has Blood Magic for 1.5%, WD has nothing in this aspect.)


    Resource (Spirit/Mana) Management
    Wizard > Barb > Monk > Witch Doctor > DH

    High AP on crit Wizards can spam forever, then the WW barb's Into the Fray,
    then Monk’s spirit generation runes comes next, with high attack speed and crit chance.
    DH has a base Hatred regen, but their spells are costly, and each arrow shot only restores 3 hatred. As well as the scarcity in Discipline abundance.

    Speed farming
    WW Barb > Tempest Rush Monk > DH > Archon Wizard ~ Witch Doctor > everybody else.

    (yes, WW Barb still king of farmers. Next is the Tempest Rush Monk)


    Attack Speed
    Barb ~ Monk > DH > Wizard > Witch Doctor
    (Fists of Thunder has a natural constant 45% IAS modifier, blazing fists give 15% attack speed, and Transgression gives 8% more.)
    (WD is boned when it comes to Attack Speed, having too much can actually screw them over.)

    Movement / Mobility
    Tempest Rush Monk > WW Barb > DH > Monk > Barb > Wizard > Witch Doctor

    (The TR Monk rules Mobility with ease, Nothing beats infinite helicopter flying the whole map without stopping.)


    Kite mastery
    DH > Wizard > Witch Doctor > Monk ~ Barb

    DH is lord of the kite, next is Wizard and WD, Monk has many kite skills, from midrange to far range, Barb has weapon throw, the only skill they need for kiting.

    Party Support
    Monk >> Wizard > Barb > Witch Doctor > DH
    (Everybody loves mantra and perma freeze, then they care about Warcry after, no one gives a crap about Pets (although it’s good aggro control), and DH has no real ally support except Guardian Turret.)


    Buffs and Dispel
    Monk ~ Witch Doctor > Barb > DH > Wizard

    For every single Monk skill, there are several enemy debuff runes or self-buffs.
    And the great thing is,
    they spirit generator buff can be chained, and come without cost.
    For Example : Concussion, Keen Eye, Lightning FLash, Blazing Fists, Blind, Breath, Sanctuary, etc.

    Overpowered buffs
    Wrath of the Dinosaur > Archon > Mantrath of the Monkzerker
    ("Mantrath of the Monkzerker" lol, is a hidden mechanic, and casting requires several factors which I will show you in a later section)


    Balanced skill customization
    Monk > Barb > DH > Witch Doctor > Wizard

    (Monk is gifted with Zen customization, next is barb with their abundant defense and offense skills. DH can be balanced now with their new skills since 1.0.5, Witch Doctor is fine, and lastly it is very difficult to balance a wizard. As their lore states, the powers of the Wizard is disruptive and unstable.)

    Raw Epicness
    Barb ~ Monk > Wizard ~ DH > Witch Doctor

    Nothing is as epic as Spin to Win or Slamming monsters with the hammer, or dashing all over the place filling the screen with Cyclones, then finish with a Seven Sided Strike. After that is the magical devices of the Wizard, and the fireworks of the DH. And finally the WD's skills are just trolltastic looking. Witch Doctor however, is very good at pvp, their crowd control powers will incapacitate you, beware. >:)
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    General Guideline - Basic Rules

    - You are not meant to be a complete grounded tanker like the sword and board tank barbs, you should not set-up-shop on crowds for too long (on higher MP), you must move/tactical retreat when the situation requires. You CAN however, build your monk to be a Full tank, it is a road less traveled, but very prestigious in co-op party full of glass cannons especially on high Monster-Powers.

    - You do not have as high RAW dps capacity as the Barbarian or Demon Hunter. Barbarian have a natural passive 15% crit chance and 50% crit damage. plus bonus crit from their skills. However, you have a lot of skill buffs that raise your dps by a large amount, And all your attack skills can crit, Wave of Light and Seven Sided Strike is a very strong offensive skill. they alone can overpower any skill other classes may have when used the right way.

    - You do not have natural percentage heal skills or life leech from skill and must get it from gear, yet you benefit greatly from Life on Hit / Lifesteal / Life Per Spirit Spent, and/or Life Regeneration. And rightly so, you have the highest life on hit application amount just from your primary attacks. (150% LoH coefficient with Thunderclap and Fists of Fury. And full burst healing from Essence Burn.)

    - You have better crowd control abilities, enemy debuffs and supporting abilities than the other classes. Use them to weaken enemies and strengthen your allies. It is rumored that Witchdoctors are the masters of crowd control, but actually monks are the gods of crowd control when built the right way.

    - You also possess skills capable of kiting and attacking enemies from a distance, Hand of Ytar, Spinning Flame, Tempest Rush, Wave of Light, Deadly Reach, and Windforce Flurry, are all example of kiting skills. Learn to utilize them to your tactical advantage.

    A great warrior knows when to attack and when to retreat. It takes more skills to kite than to tank, and if you can do both, you are in much better shape than those who can’t.

    - Your true role is a balanced mobility striker class, not a meant-to-be tanker or full dpser. The greatest joy comes from playing the way of the True monk -> fast and untouchable.

    - The Holy Realm of the Monk is the promised land for those who have reached Enlightenment, it exists in a place within your soul, A place where one transcended the needs and wants of the common players. no longer greedy after wealth and fortune like the common masses.
    The Valley of Shadows and Dust, is the state of mind that you enter when you are in training mode, or while hustling to find the right gear for your expectations.

    And last but not least, Ytar is the Chief God, the First and the Last,
    and CountFury, is his chosen prophet. >;)
    ConfuSith says : “He who learns but does not think, is lost.
    He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.”

    Young ones, You are now a student of the Exalted Jedi Monk Academy! though I fear many of you will be a Jedi drop-out, but those to go through these trials to the end, will be a true Monk master, and reap its rewards in the time to come.

    I make you One promise : after you read my entire book, watch all the videos; and apply the knowledge and go through the training; you Will be a pro monk, and you won’t need outrageous gear. You will be self-actualized as a strong warrior of the Holy Monk Empire, and warlord in the pvp Arena.

    This thread has community even in itself, you can speak with other frequent posters in this guide, they too will answer your questions and help you become better. Yet this guide is not for just everybody, and you will find many who will ignore or disdain it. I am but looking for a chosen few who are seeking the path to complete mastery, With integrity. And yes, there will be a lot of haters as well, They are the betrayers of the Light, and enemies of the Republic!

    Throughout the guide, I shall act from a Jedi standpoint, to enlighten you in the true way of the Force. I will also descend into the Darkside once in a while to address a few controversial points. From here on, we begin the real lessons, you are on your own in this journey, but don’t hesitate to drop in and post your experience and feedbacks, my spirit will linger here to help you.

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    PART I
    THE OLD TESTAMENT - Genesis of the Holy Land

    Prologue - The Greak Awakening

    Chapter I
    The Book of Aries
    “The zodiac sign Aries is the first sign in the wheel of fate, it signifies the beginning to all things, bears the element of Fire, and represents passion and self understanding.”

    Jedi Monk philosophy #1 – Gear vs Skill
    (Copyright© CountFury 2012)

    To be successful in inferno, you need 40% gears + 30% skill + 20% build + 10% luck.

    THUS – Skill and Build, are 50% of the equation.
    Gear and Luck, are 50% of the equation.

    Skill + Build = Gear + Luck

    So let it be known that Gear and Skill are equal, and not one is more important than the other.

    (Jedi Monk Truth :
    if you are a noob, then you need 70% over-gear + 1% skill + 19% cookie cutter build and 10% luck, no offense.
    you also think this game takes no skills and only gear.)

    Sorry for judging righteously, but it's the Truth.



    (now unless you have a gazillion dps, and can kill everything before they touch you, then you can do dps alone, otherwise, this below will apply to gearing)

    Breaking down GEAR into 4 departments,
    translates [in term of importance] to

    resistance / armor | hp + main stat | LoH / LS sustain | DPS + everything else.

    for the first 3, can't live without one or the other.

    high resists, low HP will get you pwned.
    high HP, low resists, will get you stomped.
    High Lifesteal and resists, low damage, will get you smashed.
    high Life on hit or regen, low resists and HP, will get you slammed.

    high DPS, low others, will be a survival contest,
    i.e. "who dies first?"
    you have to kill them before they kill you.

    Now with the lack of full-shielding mobs or invulnerable minions,
    you can get away somewhat with glass cannon gearing, but it is a boring way to play,
    I will show you why effective tanking and strategic kiting
    are a more epic and legit approach to the monk.

    It is important to have high dps though, so that you may benefit from lifesteal,
    But it is not wise to have outrageous unbuffed dps at the cost of other stats, and or real money.

    Endgame goal is 125k dps, but you are fine when you’re as close to 100k as possible.

    Resistance + Vit/Dex + LoH / LS + DPS
    are the ingredients of what is called GEARS, the 40% of the equation.

    As a spiritual warrior, you must seek the balance in all things, and not have one part more overpowered than others, or else you will be lopsided and have to rely on the basics to get through.


    is still 30% of the big picture.

    Within Skill itself is

    10% muscle memory, 10% understanding enemy AI, 10% understanding elite specs,
    10% knowing build synergy, 10% terrain awareness, 10% resource management,
    10% situational reaction, 10% gear selection knowledge,
    10% mathematics calculations, and 10% matrix transcendence (zen).



    -Muscle memory-
    Know where each skill is on the hot bar without the need of attention to it,
    and unconsciously be able to time their cool downs.
    things like when you're using conviction overawe, feel the 3 seconds and keep the rhythm up.
    this is the easiest part.


    -Understanding enemy AI-
    Know what each type of monsters are going to do when you fight them.
    Some monsters such as succubus, lashers, and subjugators are very smart.
    Optimally, you should tank the tankers, dps the dpsers, and kite the kiters.

    Preferably, you need to be tough enough to chokepoint the demonic tremor (tank the tanker)
    Kill the Oppressors before they breathe on you, and Kite the Succubi with molten.
    Chasing Molten Succubus = death.

    Some monsters are Tank DPSers that you will need to kite. Such as Mallet Lords.
    Some are kiting dpsers that you will need to tank, for example Subjugators.
    The kiting tanks like Corrupted Angels, you might need to dps kill them fast.

    It's kind of like a reversed rock-paper-scissors.


    -Understanding elite specs-
    Knowing what to do when encountering a combination of elite specs.
    For examples,
    Jailer + Desecrator = most often, they won't cast them both at the same time,
    if desec is cast first, move fast before you get jailed.
    and it's good to move around before attacking them, to get them to drop desecrator on random grounds before you approach.

    Molten + Fast + natural fast monsters = death to melee, stay away from the pool.

    Arcane + Vortex = save that serenity for when you get pulled right into the mess, or just dashing strike out immediately. And find a wall or barricade immediately so they can’t pull you.

    Molten + Plague = Deadly Reach is your friend against these, and you should get them to stop and attack, then move a few yards just outside of pool's range.
    and never get surrounded in the corner by these. ;)

    The more you fight elites, the more you will understand how to respond to them.


    -Knowing build sinergy-
    you need to know how use the skills whose runes sinergize well with one another.
    for example, if you're using faith in the light / blazing wrath and sweeping wind,
    you should cast them first right before activating SW, that way your SW will benefit from the dps buffs and deal more damage.

    if you're using Scorpion Sting, you should never use Way of the Hundred Fists,
    as the 3rd hit knocks mobs out of S-Sting's range. (With the exception of Windforce Flurry, which doesn't knockback on third strike.)

    if your build generates a lot of spirit and spends a lot, it's wise to use Transcendence to take advantage of the healing.

    if you're using 2 spirit generators, make sure they each serve a different purpose and or support each other, instead of only dps.
    I.E. Quickening + Rising Tide is redundant (yo dawg).
    Thunderclap + Blazing Fists is excellent.
    Fists of Fury + Keen Eye is legit.


    -Terrain awareness-
    Using the environment to your advantage, blockages, barriers, walls, stairs, barrels, etc.
    Luring arcanes onto stairs so that they don't hit you while you attack mobs right on the stairs. (see season 1 episode 3 Gladiator's Stand)
    Using barrels to escape a fatal blow with dashing strike
    using narrow hallways to squeeze mobs and pick one off at a time.


    -Resource management-
    Gauging your hp and spirit, don't use big spirit spender specs if you're low on spirit regen, crit chance and attack speed.
    and don't spam all spirits at the start of a battle and end up dead, although sometimes you could, if you can calibrate the power of the enemies.
    Always conserve your spirits and never spend more than you can gain. Unless you are running a Force build (spirit) which I will show you below.


    -Situational reaction-
    Reacting to every situation and knowing what to do when in a pinch.
    a quick example is casting serenity when you're low in HP then gain back a portion through the invulnerability and LoH, then kite some for cool down.
    Luring fire chain elites so that they're all in 1 side of the map instead of surrounding you.
    Timing their cooldown of the enemy vortex and stay near a barricade or out of their range.
    Moving away immediate, or just before the tick of desecrator starts applying.


    -Gear selection knowledge-
    This is a big one.
    The ability to selectively choose the right gear pieces with all the right stats.
    If a piece a gear has an overpowered one stat and losing out on the other, make sure you make up the difference in another piece of gear.
    If you are using OWE (why shouldn’t you? It’s the best) (if nerf happens in the future, we worry about it later.)
    Then you can even stack only 1 resistance on some pieces (instead of both), and fill the rest with good stats on it.

    More information on gears later.
    Focus on the important stats first, Then the minor add-ons like Health Globe Radius, Melee Damage Reduction, etc.


    -Mathematics calculations-
    Knowing how much resistance, dps, and LoH are needed for each act or area.
    Don’t mistake this basic understanding for obsession over the EHP.
    Only scrubs use EHP all the time because they can't calculate off the top of their heads.

    Speaking of which, nowadays you only need around 400-500k EHP,
    Lifesteal and or LoH takes care of the rest.


    -Matrix transcendence-
    and lastly, Zen awareness to everything, and playing with a relaxed confidence.
    Watch my videos to get more of an understanding on this.


    ultimately, the way I see it,
    the best place to be is walk the fine line between challenge, easy, and frustration,
    it's where you enter THE ZONE and get the most enjoyment out of the game.

    if you're not getting hurt, you'll get bored.
    if you're dying too much, you get frustrated.

    FUN = almost dying + almost easy.

    no, that's what I thought! >:)

    - If you’re barely tickling enemies, you will get mad and frustrated, (unless you’re a total sadist like me and actually enjoy it every now and then) so get good dps.

    - If you’re one shotting things left and right, eventually you will get sick of it. (that is why extreme high dps is a psychological double-edged sword. Many have quit after gearing themselves to the max, because there’s nothing else to strive for.

    Humans always want to- want something, so give yourself the gift of desire, by not maxing your gear out. It's about the journey, not the destination.)

    And find the MP lvl that fit your gear and skill, don’t get cocky and go in what you can’t handle, Forget the epeen, know yourself.

    As for me, currently I am at 110k dps,
    I do MP7 for a standard solo run.
    I do MP8-9 once in a while if I want a big challenge.
    And MP10 only when I’m feeling extra sadistic.
    Usually I hang out in MP3-5, most of the people on the friendslist are in there anyways.
    and for Warden keys, I do either MP6 or 7.

    Think of Monster Powers as the realms you can go, depending on what you want and need at the moment. Fast farming, Keys, or a real challenge.


    Seek first the balance, and the rest will be yours.
    Congratulations, you are now One step closer to Enlightenment!
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    The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
    The classic Mexican standoff
    {Philosophy of Shield vs Dual Wield vs Twohanded}

    -A 3 man standoff, only 1 can live, 2 must die.-

    If you think playing with a shield is the best way, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

    If you think dual wielding is the best, you are also incorrect.
    And if you think 2handed is superior, well, I'm sorry, lol.

    “Well wtf Count?! Three wrongs don’t make one right! :’( ”

    Ok, let me explain.
    We all know the classic western movie with Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cliff, and Eli Wallach.
    (if you don’t, go watch it, it’s good)

    In Diablo 3, the guy with the shield thinks he’s the good guy, and thinks the dual wielder is the bad guy, because they give up defenses for more dps and speed. And he believes that the 2hander is the Ugly Guy, he doesn’t understand why a monk would use a 2handed weapon.

    To the Dual Wielder, the shield user gets bashed as the Ugly, “using a shield is noobsauce lame”
    And the Dual Wielder is jealous of the 2hander for the big single hits they can deal, calling them the Bad Guy.

    The 2hander hates the dual wielder, branding them the Ugly Guy, for having about the same dps and more speed. And he thinks the shielder are just Bad..

    This cold war has been going on since Beta,

    Now the Count comes along and solves the situation once and for all...

    THE JEDI MONK, will use ALL 3! For different moods and occasions!!

    ConfuSith says.
    "foolish monk use heavy weapon, scaredy monk wears a shield, reckless monk dual wields."

    Pros and Cons of each mode

    Fish and Board

    - block chance
    - more defense
    - more resistance
    - more crit chance
    - socket with character stat
    - class skill roll on shield

    - slower
    - less crit damage

    *hidden benefit : - when using a multi spirit generator builds, and emphasizing on the 3rd strike, (IE alternating FoT and DR Keen Eye.)
    Using a shield is great because it allows you to better time your execution and land the 3rd strike instead of random spam click.

    - when using a support or kite spec, shield is great because you can block ranged damage if you ever get hit, and and you can move around better to support your allies to do your bidding.


    Duel Wield

    - more stats
    - more dps
    - more attack speed
    - more life on hit
    - more life steal
    - more crit damage
    - more dodge (The Guardian’s Path)

    - less resistance
    - less armor
    - less crit chance than shield
    - no block



    - highest raw DPS
    - high single hit damage chunks
    - a lot of crit damage (see Skorn)
    - very high life on hit possible
    - up to 6% lifesteal
    - very high stats rolls
    - generates more spirit per hit to counter the speed loss. (The Guardian’s Path)

    - veeeerrryy slooow
    - less crit chance than shield
    - less defense
    - slow spirit gain, and slow life-on-hit gain.

    As you can see, the ones with more pros also have more cons.
    In the End, it’s good to use all three, and I consider them equal.
    I’ve gone through all 3 phases, and use them all at different times,
    in my videos, you will see a variety of different modes;

    25% of the videos will be using a shield, and 25% with a 2handed sword.
    And I’m a dual wielder at heart, so 50% will be using two weapons.

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    Reply Quote
    “True mastery of a skill was only the beginning step to understanding it.”
    - Yoda


    Your active abilities are divided in 6 categories.
    Primary, Secondary, Defensive, Techniques, Focus, and Mantras.

    I will rename them to epic proportions, so that you can understand the TRUE essence
    of martial arts and spirituality.

    - Primary spirit generators, I will call them SPIRIT STANCE, a more fitting name.
    - Secondary, will now be known as FORCE - YANG.
    - Defensives, will be called MEDITATIONS.
    - Techniques shall be known as TACTICS.
    - Focus, will be renamed to FORCE - YIN.
    - and Mantras, shall be called AURA INCANTATION.


    The reason why I call Focus and Secondaries, The Force Yin and Yang is because,

    your secondary - spirit spenders, express the Masculine Spirit Energy, the Push energy.
    While the focus chain expresses the Feminine energies of Pull, and the Elusiveness.

    And rightly so, the 3 skills in Secondary all have knockback, the masculine push energy.

    In the focus category, cyclone strike pulls enemies in,
    7 Sided Strike gives an elusive invulnerability,
    and mystic ally relieves monsters aggression on you (aggro), and gives you leverage to escape.

    You NEED to understand that aspect of the mechanics for mastery over all skills.



    (Spirit Generator sounds too.. mechanical)

    Fists of Thunder - Your most basic and fastest primary attack, has bounce hitstun* on the 3rd strike and a small Area-Of-Effect radius.

    Deadly Reach - Your range primary, used for striking enemies at a short distance from them.
    *Can be used together with a knockback skill to continuously keep monsters at bay.

    Crippling Wave - Attacks enemies in a half circle radius on 2nd hit, and full circle on the 3rd hit, the 3rd hit comes with movement and attack speed reduction to monsters.

    Way of the Hundred Fists - The strongest and least-fast of your primaries, has hitstun on 2nd hit, and a short range knockback on third hit, with large AOE.
    Great for controlling monsters distance and managing their aggro.

    *hitstun is a term I will use for the effect of disorienting the monster and interrupting their attacks, not to be confused to the regular stun status-effect.



    Lashing Tail Kick - Your most basic spirit spender, costs 30 spirits for 235% damage. 3 runes with knockback AOE, 1 stun rune, and 1 range/debuff attack.

    Tempest Rush - Your mobility traveling skill and escape utility, dealing 85% damage and hits rapidly. Also comes with a 60% movement speed reduction on mobs for 2 seconds.
    Known in Jedi Monk Academy as your lightsaber. We will cover how to best use this ability in future section.

    Wave of Light - Your hard-hitting and most heavy spirit spender, costs 75 spirits for 390% in a 16 yard radius in-front, and 45% reverb damage in a line traveling 48 yards.
    The way it works is the 390% damage is divided into 3 hits. And then a long range reverb dealing 45% dmg.
    This skill is disdained by a lot of people because of how expensive it is, but it is a very good skill for turning the tide in situations.



    Blinding Flash - the basic crowd control ability, blinds and interupts enemies in a 20-yard radius for 3 seconds.
    Enemies will resume attacking after 2 seconds, elites 1 second, but they will have their accuracy reduced by 30% for the rest of the duration.

    Breath of Heaven - the basic heal skill, most often used for its rune effects rather than just the heal itself. Most popular rune is Blazing Wrath for its 15% dps buff.
    Here in the Jedi Monk Academy, you will learn to use the epicness of Penitent Flame and Circle of Scorn.

    Serenity - THE tide turner skill, period. Gives a 3-second invulnerability, or 4 seconds with Ascension rune.
    The staple skill for the 99% of monks.

    Inner Sanctuary - Triple purpose utility skill. Veeeery unpopular, but this skill is a gem.
    It provides a barrier that monsters can't enter + causing fear on cast + various rune effect.
    Normal monks utilize Safe Haven for its healing regen, here in the Empire, we shall use Circle of Protection like a boss!
    and the Sith wield the rune, Forbidden Palace.
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    (technique is not bad, but I like TACTICS better)

    Dashing Strike - My favorite skill, hands down. Dashing Strike IS serenity part2, cheap to cast and has no cool down.
    I will at times not use Serenity, but I will hardly ever take dashing strike off my bar.
    Only 20% of monks use and know the godliness of Dashing Strike.

    Exploding Palm - Another under-rated skill, it was great before, and now even better in 1.0.4 and beyond.
    745% weapon damage over 9 seconds, meaning 83% dmg per second, the target does 30% of its HP as damage to surrounding when killed under the effect of exploding palm.
    Exploding Palm’s tick cannot crit, HOWEVER, the initial hit CAN crit, causing the Crit damage for the whole duration, This skill should be renamed Dragon Palm.

    Sweeping Wind - THE FORCE, nuff said.
    Damage to surrounding in a 6 yard radius on first stack, 8 yard radius on 2nd stack, and 10 yards radius on 3rd stack at.
    All runes deal 45% dmg on 3rd stack, with the exception of Blade Storm which deals 60% dmg on 3rd stack.
    More on Sweeping Wind later.



    Vortex Strike - pulls all enemies within a 24-yard radius right to you. Deals 100% weapon dmg to all of them, in 1.0.4 it also has been given an on-hit coefficient,
    and will now proc a bit of life on hit and sometimes status effects. This is a very useful skill, will pull range mobs into your melee area.

    Seven Sidious Strike - THE heaviest hitting monk skill, 1777% single target dmg spreading over 7 hits. Comes with a 30 seconds cool down. Sustained Attack reduces it by 7 seconds.
    The first rune, Sudden Assault, deals 2309% dmg and has a teleport range of one full screen. Yes indeed.
    Fulminating Onslaught is the most popular rune for 7SS, as it does dmg in an AOE radius around the targets.

    Mystic Ally - a very very underrated skill, Mystic Ally is an important part of the kiting builds I will talk about,
    Ally makes a great sacrifice for you to escape, and can be re-summoned at only 25 spirits.
    They do a random amount of your weapon damage, roughly around 40%, but it will sometimes hit 30% and 50%.
    Ally can also crit and their crit chance and crit dmg is YOUR crit chance and crit damage %.



    Evasion - Your first mantra, provides a 15% dodge chance, and an additional 15% for the first 3 seconds after cast.
    a very useful mantra, the most popular rune is Hard Target, giving a 20% boost to armor.
    The Jedi Monk however, shall arm themselves with the power of BACKLASH.

    Retribution - The black sheep of the Mantra family..
    its "only decent" rune is Transgression.
    HOWEVER, later on, you will see that Mantra of Retribution is misunderstood,
    it is actually a VERY good party buff, and most of its runes ARE useful. More on this in later sections.

    Healing - The healing aura, most notable for its Time of Need rune for the 20% resistance..
    the life regen is quite minor to make a big difference, but it does give you a slight buffer in between combats.
    In later sections, you will be enlightened in the glory of Heavenly Body. >:)

    Conviction - and last but not least, our overpowered aura. With its dominant bandwagon : Overawe.
    But from the Holy Land, you will witness the masterpiece that is the rune Submission.

    The Count’s Favorite Runes by Skills

    FoT – Static Charge
    DR – Scattered Blows
    CW – Tsunami
    WoF – Fists of CountFury

    Lashing Tail Kick – Spinning Flame Kick / Hand of Ytar
    Tempest Rush – Tailwind / Bluster
    Wave of Light – Explosive Light

    Blinding Flash – Faith in the Light
    Breath of Heaven – Infused With Light
    Serenity – Instant Karma
    Inner Sanctuary – Circle of Protection

    Dashing Strike – Way of the Falling Star / Soaring Skull
    Exploding Palm – Impending Doom / Essence Burn
    Sweeping Wind – Fire Storm / Cyclone

    Cyclone Strike – Implosion
    Seven Sided Strike – Sudden Assault
    Mystic Ally – Fire Ally

    Evasion – Backlash
    Retribution – Collateral Damage
    Healing – Circular Breathing
    Conviction – Submission

    One With Everything
    Seize the Initiative
    Sixth Sense
    Exalted Soul
    Combination Strike
    Guiding Light
    Beacon of Ytar

    Life and Spirit
    (Resource Management)

    Life – ‘Lose it all and you’re dead.’

    Your HP, ahem, the red pool on the left side at the bottom..
    Calculates how much damage you can absorb until you die,
    When you are low on health, the screen will glow red..

    But you already know that, lol.

    It is important to gauge your health bar, and retreat tactically when you are below 30% hp,
    Poke enemies until your skills are off cool down, then resume Rambo mode.
    It is very important to have life on hit a long with a decent amount of health pool,
    The Jedi Monk is required to have at least 777 hit on life and at least 33k hp.
    Just get 975 vitality and you should be fine, young one.


    Spirit – Spirit is a precious resource used to cast powerful defensive and offensive abilities.

    This is your mana pool, and you must pay attention to it,
    It is used for casting all your skills, yes, ALL.
    Aside from spirit generators, Monk has no abilities that don’t require spirit.
    Try to maintain around 50% of your spirit pool during combat; don’t spam your skills if you can’t calibrate the strength of the enemies.
    and never go below 20% spirit when your health is below 30%.

    If you have critical hit chance, you can use Quickening, Strike From Beyond, Rising Tide, or Spirited Salvo to regain spirits at a faster rate.
    Breath of Heaven – Infused with Light also gives you 8 spirits for each strike for 5 sconds.
    Exploding Palm – Strong Spirit gives 5 spirits for every enemy caught in the blast.
    Air Ally gives you 100 spirits once in a while, when you’re lucky.
    The Guardian’s Path gives 35% more spirits from using a 2 handed weapon,

    meaning 6 extra spirits for a set of Fists of Thunder or Deadly Reach, 7 more spirits for a set of Crippling Wave, and 8 further spirits for a set of Way of a Hundred Fists.

    Life and Spirit, they go together like horse and carrot…

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    Chapter II
    The Book of Taurus

    “The 2nd sign of the Zodiac, Taurus, represents the strength of the Earth, beauty and nature, and deals with wealth and material possessions.”

    Entry Level Standard Skills Recommendations (legit version)

    recommended primary runes

    Fist of Thunder - Blackhole Cannon (teleportation + 35% extra dmg each strike + small 6-6-6 yard AOE on every strike)
    Deadly Reach - Keen Eye (range + 50% armor)
    Crippling Wave - Migraine Headache (AOE + 20% enemy dmg reduction, same range on 1st and 2nd hit as cleave, third strike hits full circle)
    Way of the Hundred Fists - Fists of CountFury (medium teleport + 100% DoT dmg + high proc rate and LoH)

    recommended secondary runes
    Lashing Tail Kick - Sweeping Battlecruise (235% dmg + massive knockback + 60% slow for 2 seconds)
    Tempest Rush - Tailwins (fast movement speed + knockback + escape) (warning - may cause desync)
    Wave of Light - Empowered Wave (40 spirit cost, big AOE dmg + knockback)

    recommended defensive runes
    blinding flash - faith in the Jedi (3-second blind + 30% DPS increase for 3 seconds)
    breath of heaven - blazing crash (7k heal + permanent 15% DPS increase)
    serenity - peaceful repost (3 second invulnerability + 7k heal)
    inner sanctuary - safe haven (barrier + 1550 hp regen for 5 seconds (7k heal) )

    recommended techniques runes
    dashing strike - grinding speed (instant approach/escape + root + 20% dodge for 3 seconds)
    exploding palm - the sauce is weak (83% dmg per second for 9 seconds + 12% dmg + explosion for 30% target's HP)
    sweeping wind - blade storm/cyclone (60% dmg per second or 45% dmg per sec + 20% per cyclone per hit)

    recommended focus runes
    cyclone strike - wall of wins (pull mobs + 20% dodge for 3 seconds)
    seven sidious strike - fulminating onslaught (1.5 seconds invulnerability + 1777% AOE dmg to all enemies close to the targer)
    mystic ally - hair ally (40% dmg per swing, at 1.4 attack speed, + 2% chance to generate 100 spirit + 10% dmg AOE tick)

    recommended mantra runes
    Evasion - hard target (15% dodge + 20% armor, spammable for 15% extra dodge)
    Retribution - transgression (dmg reflection + 8% attack speed)
    Healing - need of time (310 hp regen + 20% resistance)
    Conviction - overawe (24% dmg intake bonus, spammable for 48% dps boost)


    recommended passives

    ONE WITH EVERYTHING (all resistance types become equal to highest resistance type)
    Seize the Initiative (armor gain equals to 50% of dexterity)

    Resolve (reduce attacked enemies dmg by 20% for 2.5 seconds, (does not apply to desecrator, arcane, plague, and molten..) )
    * Concussion Rune bypasses all pool barriers and reduces damage on everything.

    Transcendence (62 life gain per spirit spent) (why on Earth isn’t this 70 or 77 instead to keep up with the Holy theme?)

    The Guardian's Path (15% dodge when dual wielding, or 6-8 extra spirit per 3 strikes of spirit generator)

    Exalted Soul (for large spirit spender builds, gives 100 spirits bonus, and 1 spirit per second)

    Chant of Resonance (7 minute duration for mantra + 2 spirit regen, legit for Tempest Rush builds)

    *On Serenity
    Serenity provides you a 3-second invulnerability, and is the skill you should use for tanking and / or Rambo mode. You can use serenity for defense, offense, or retreating.

    You can consider it your “Oh-snap” button, use it sparingly and only when you need it.
    Later I will show you how to use it more offensively with runes such as Reap What Is Sown, or Instant Karma.

    Peaceful Repose vs Ascension
    A majority of monks run with Ascension, as they believe the extra 1 second will give them more leverage.
    But that’s not true at all.
    The Jedi Monk Academy favors Peaceful Repose for young Padawans, for the following reasons:

    1) PR gives you a 7k heal, while Ascension does not. With Ascension, you will need a lot of Life on hit or Lifesteal, and decent amount of Attack Speed, not to mention several monsters around, to be able to gain 7k life in 1 second.
    2) You shouldn’t need more than 3 seconds of invulnerability, anyone that needs that much invul, is a dweeb. Yes, you’re all dweebs. >:D
    If 1 extra second makes the difference between life and death, (more than once a day)
    Then you are doing it wrong.

    3) PR can be used as a potion while idling or in between battles, while Ascension cannot.
    4) PR gives you instant recovery in terms of tiding in the battle; it pulls you right up from the low-health zone and gets you right back into combat.
    5) PR is also more beneficial for kiting builds that require the heal, when you’re attack monsters from a distance and cannot regain back enough LoH in 1 extra second.
    6) PR is dual purposes, just as all the other Serenity runes. Whereas Ascension is purely for the purpose of invulnerability.
    7) The Jedi Elders considers Ascension, being single purpose rune, as the worst Serenity rune there is. Yes. All Serenity runes are better than Ascension. >:O

    With 7 reasons,
    Peaceful Repose > All Serenity Runes >>>> Ascension.


    Just as the grandmasters of old ascended to Nirvahalla, by the call of Ytar to receive divine wisdom; when you use Ascension together with the passive BEACON OF YTAR, then it becomes..

    Ascension >>>> ALL.

    For the Jedi Master,
    There is 1 favored Serenity rune.

    And that is,
    Instant Karma.
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    "First Jedi Principle of combat: survive.”
    - Obiwan Kenobi.

    as of 1.0.5

    for No Monster Power. (MP0)
    "MINIMAL" values.
    (This is for those who are looking to beat Inferno for the first time as monk and/or HC players newly gotten to Inferno, looking for the absolute line of base stats to never go below.

    - resistance: (unbuffed) act 1 - 240, act 2 - 300, act 3 - 330, act 4 - 360
    - HP: act 1 - 20k, act 2 - 25k, act 3 - 28k, act 4 - 30k

    - armor : act 1 – 2.7k, act 2 – 3.2K, act 3 – 3.5k, act 4 – 3.7k
    - dexterity: at very least 1000 (30% dodge)
    - DPS: act 1 – 7k, act 2 - 13k, act 3 - 17k, act 4 - 20k

    Yes, these are the stats to beat the cakewalk that is MP0.

    - spirit regen: 0.
    - life per spirit spent: 0 (optional).

    - hp regen: 0 (optional)
    - life steal: no u.

    It’s called MP0 because a lot of stats can be at 0.

    - attack speed: 1.30
    - movement speed: 0%

    - critical hit chance: 10%
    - critical hit damage: (none, optional)

    - pick up radius: 0
    - Health globe healing bonus: 0
    - life on hit: act 1 - 300, act 2 - 500, act 3 – 600, act 4 - 700.
    (however, if you’re above 30k dps already, you can skip LoH altogether for MP 0)

    remember, even though MP0 Inferno is easy as cake, these are the minimal values that you should not go below.

    For stats requirements in regards to Monster Powers, see the sections below intitled Stats of the Holy Order.


    --Order of importance in gears--

    Gear-Carried Noob version :

    -DPS > DPS > DPS >> DPS > Dp$ >>DPSS > DS >><SDP >>>> DPS
    > Using the EHP for MatH > Dexterity > Dexterity > Dexterity > Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Damage Crit > Chance Crit > Damaging to Crit Chance > Crit to Chance Damage > Chance to Damage Crit > Chance to DPS crit > Chance to Crit dps > DPS to chance crit > Chance to EHP crit on DPS chance >

    > Dexterity > Dexterity > Dexterity > Green Sockets > Green Sockets >
    Green Sockets > Green Socketsx100 > Resist All > Armor > Magic Find > Magic Find > Magic Find > Find Magic > Find More Magic Find >
    > Quit and Sell Gears and Reroll > fail and reroll again > repeat >
    > buy more on RMAH > repeat >
    > Criticize other player’s gears > tell people "my gear is worth more than your whole account > repeat > sell character > DPS > Green Sockets > Everything Else.

    Legit Balanced Monk version :

    All Resistance ~ Armor > Dexterity ~ DPS > Vitality ~ Life On Hit >
    Critical Hit Chance > Attack Speed > Critical Hit Damage >
    Life Steal > Movement Speed > Life Per Second >> Life Bonus Percent >
    Spirit Regeneration >> Status Effects (stun/freeze/blind etc.) > Pickup radius > health globe bonus > Melee/Missile Reduction >> Life per spirit spent >> Elite Damage Reduction ~ Elite Damage Bonus > Life Per Kill >>>>>>> Thorns >> Crowd Control Reduction > everything else > Bonus Experience >> Magic Find > Gold Find.


    “A fool makes simple things complicated, a wise man takes complicated things and make it simple for everybody.”

    and rightly so, I will not use over-complicated calculations, this is a literature, not a math class, lol. I will break things down in simple terms and analogies for you to easily understand. --->

    * the TRUE pecking order of the dps trinity, is Crit Chance > Attack Speed > Crit Damage.
    *Yes, All Resists and Armor are 2 sides of the same coin, they each add their own mitigation into the damage reduction equation.
    Armor is like your outer coat, and Resistance is your inner cloth.

    *Dexterity amplifies natural raw dps (before crit damage% multiplication), also increases dodge chance, which is important. It is your main stat, get 1800-2200.
    *Vitality is non-negotiable, get AT LEAST 30k HP asap.

    *LoH is very important for sustained survivability, get at least 500.
    *After reaching at least 45k dps, add Life Steal to the mix. (but you cannot use single life steal alone by itself until you reach 70k dps, and Lifesteal is useless at below 30k dps.)

    *Get some Life Regeneration, at least 300, you are crippled if you have 0 Life per second.
    *At least 8% movement speed on shoes, don’t be a snail.
    *Life Bonus % on some gear pieces, or just a helm with socket for an Amethyst when you’re done with Exp gem.
    (note - socketed helms are also overrated and overpriced, if you find a nice helm without socket but has high Vitality, it's good also.)

    * Life Per Spirit Spent is great, but you need to stack At Least 40 points for it to make a difference.
    (also LPSS + LoH + LS is over-healing and not necessary.)
    * LPSS is meant to be a supporting heal to add to Life on Hit (or) Lifesteal, not to stand alone, or go with Both if you already have LoH + LS.
    And if you don't generate spirit fast, then it is useless and counter-productive.

    *Jedi Monks are required to get 1.5 Spirit Regen, on headstone or a fist, non-negotiable. You are spirit impotent without SR.
    *Life after Kill is sexy. They're easy to get and cheap (everybody thinks they're useless) so have a little bit. The Sith call it, "Life After Death".

    *Glass-cannon is horribad, "a dead monk does no damage".
    Before grinding more dps stats, always make sure your defenses are taken care of.
    Never sacrifice high defensive stats for little dps gains. The epeen number on your profile don't mean !@#$ to the Empire if your defenses are whack. (hence why Jedi monks cap ourselves at just around 100k dps, and our defenses are SOLID.)

    *Optional : get some Status Effects, they are great for crowd control.
    Only 3 are recommended for monk, Stun, Blind, and Freeze.
    Stay the %^-* away from Fear, unless you can deal with the double-edged weapon Echoing Fury. You are losing dps on that monster when it runs far away!

    When it comes to Molten, Echoing Fury + Thunderclap gives a new meaning to
    "Fear is the only thing to Fear itself.”

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    Jedi Monk philosophy #2 – The Art of War
    (Copyright© CountFury 2012)

    - The Trinity of Existence -

    All Resistance (Father): your damage reduction to all attacks, from physical to elemental projectiles and ground pools. You will need at least 450 resistances to thrive in Middle MP.
    Resistance is easier to stack for monk than armor, and you will survive more by stacking resistance and have standard armor, than having high armor and low resists.

    Vitality (Son): the amount of HP you have, 1 point of Vitality equals 35 points of HP.
    35k HP is the basic goal. You will need 45k HP for mastery.
    The Stat “Life Bonus %” also adds a lot to your HP.
    Get a socketed helm and use a high Amethyst, if the helm doesn’t have Vitality.
    (socketed helms are overrated and overpriced btw, but that’s good, it means helm with high vit and no socket are cheaper, same result as a socketed helm.)

    Life on Hit (Holy Spirit): the amount of health you gain back per hit from attacking enemies,
    Varies from skill to skill and runes.
    For example, All Fists of Thunder runes give 100% LoH on first 2 hits, and 75% on 3rd hit.
    Thunderclap rune gives 150% LoH on first 2 hits, and 75% on 3rd hit.

    If you are getting pwned, then you have to ask yourself, do you have the FATHER?
    If you do, then you will need the Son, and the Holy Spirit, lol.
    All three are equal in the trinity, and I’m not being religious, it’s just a common analogy.

    - The Triangle of Power -

    Dexterity (Proton): Your main stat, translates to dps, dodge %, and armor (STI). Although more is better, it’s not necessary like you think. I will go as low as 1000 dex, (which is 30% dodge).
    And highest amount of Dex I’ve had, is over 9000.

    Armor (Neutron): how much overall damage is mitigated before calculated into your HP,
    Armor reduces damage from everything and the reduction happens before your shield block. Armor works best when at the ratio of 10:1 to resistance.
    6k armor should be your goal.
    I had OVER 9000 at one point…

    DPS (Electron): The damage you are capable of dealing per-second. Your attack speed, critical hit chance and crit damage are calculated into this equation.
    You will have the most fun in the game when you are in the 70k-140k range. Less will make it feel like work, and too much dps, will get you bored eventually.
    In 1.0.1, I was a newb with just OVER 9000 dps…

    * note : DPS is NOT “weapon damage”. DPS is 100% weapon damage calculated together with other factors, crits, attack speed, and +damage, etc, then divided with attack speed into 1 second, “Damage Per Second”.

    To be complete as a Monk,
    You will First need a harmony between the Trinity of Existence, and the Triangle of Power.
    Then, your power will be... OVER 9000!! ;D


    - The Duet of Mobility -

    Attack Speed (Left Wing): how fast you’re hitting every second. Just get 1.60 attack speed and you’re ok. Though you will need at least 1.85 attack speed for my spirit spender builds.
    Movement Speed (Right Wing): 8%-12% movement speed on your shoes, non-negotiable.

    Balance both wings by achieving 12% movement speed, and 1.85 attack speed.

    It’s not necessary to max your movement speed at 24%, but it’s great if you can do that.

    - The Twins of Fatality -

    Critical Hit Chance (The Ground) : the ratio of landing a critical hit on your attacks. It’s recommended that you get At Least 20% crit chance.
    Crit chance is available on rare rings, amulet, glove, bracer, and helm. Some legendaries also include crit chance on other pieces.
    *I compare it to the ground because it’s the ground rule and basis for damage, and high spirit generation runes.

    Critical Hit Damage (The Sky) : this is optional actually, but must get if you want to land big hits, Crit damage is available on rare rings, amulet, glove, weapons, and weapon socketed with a green gem. Legendaries also provide crit damage on other pieces, for example, Witching Hour.
    *I equate it to the sky because the sky is vast, and you can actually become very OP when stacking high critical hit damage, reaching towards the sky.

    - The Four Winds of Rebirth -
    Spirit Regeneration (Fire): How much spirit you gain per second.
    You can have 0, this is optional. But for the spirit spender builds, you will need at least 1.5 and good attack speed.
    Warm and fiery, like Fire.

    Life Per Spirit Spent (Wind): HP gained from spending spirits, synergizes very well with spirit regen, attack speed, and the passive Transcendence.
    LPSS is available on fist, daibo, and spirit stone.
    Both Calm and Relentless like the Wind.

    Life Bonus Percent (Earth): The crucial stat if you want higher HP, you can get it on several pieces, most notably a socketed helm with an amethyst.
    Strong and fertile, like the Earth itself.

    Life Per Second (Water): your HP regen per second, this is optional, and you should be fine with 250 regen, but more is always better. High LPS can also act like a tanking aspect if you stack it.
    Constant and replenishing, like water.

    SR and LPSS, are like Fire and Air, both will fuel your offense and defense.

    Life %, and LR, are like Earth and Water, giving you a strong foundation, and a healthy regeneration.


    - The Five Guardians of Combat -

    Dodge Chance: the chance of an attack not hitting you. Dodge is better than block because you take 0 damage. Things you can dodge are: All types of physical melee attacks, and all projectile range attacks.

    Plague, Molten, Arcane Needles, and Desecrators however CANNOT be dodged, as well as the fire in Butcher’s shop, ground fires in act 1 and 3, poison pools from death of Accursed in act 2 and cave spitters, Blazing Guardian’s pwnage fire, Morlu Incinerator’s meteor pool, Ghom’s holocaust gas chamber, Cydaea’s ground venom, Azmodan’s blood stream, and Diablo’s Fire field and bone prison.

    Everything Else can be dodged. :’) Include Frozen affix ice bomb, Mortar, Fire Chain.

    Block Chance/Amount: The rate of blocking an attack and the amount of damage it will block, although the block amount may LOOK small, but it’s actually very good, because all damage are mitigated BEFORE you block it. For example, if an enemy hits naturally for 25k, after mitigation, it’s reduced to 8k, if you shield has a 4k block, you will only take 4k damage from it.
    It may seem small, but multiple blocks will add up to a lot of damage less taken.
    For example, if you block 5 of those attacks, you will take 20k damage instead of 40k.

    Melee/Missile Reduction: amount of bonus reduction you get from either/or when having one of these. It’s not an important stat, just a small add-on for more tankage.

    Elite Damage Reduction/Amplifier: This is a great stat to have as an add-on.
    It reduces All damage from Elites, and the Damage Bonus increases the damage you deal to them.
    The ring Stone of Jordan, is a great piece of gear to have,
    But you will have to sacrifice stats such as ias or crit chance to use its benefits.
    It also has zero stats, it's an add-on WHEN your gear is already solid,
    even then, it's not quite necessary.

    Crowd Control Reduction: reduces the duration of freeze, stun and/or percentage of slow and other effects. Not necessary, but can be very OP when stacked. It shorten the freeze duration cast on you as well as other CC from enemies. When you have high CCR, you can just ignore freeze entirely because it will be less than 3 seconds that you are frozen.
    Combined with dodge chance, you are very much immune to being vulnerable to frozen bombs.



    * resistance, armor and dodge runes have NO diminishing returns.

    Diminishing Returns means - "for every extra point of stat, the bonus gained is less than the previous point"

    adding 200 resists to 0 resists, is the SAME as adding 200 resists to 500 resists.
    The damage reduction percentage shown on your character sheet is inaccurate!

    Do NOT listen to conventional conspiracy that AR and Armor have diminishing returns!


    What actually gets diminishing returns, is the Dexterity-to-Dodge ratio, which at higher dex, the amount of dodge you receive from each point of dex, is heavily lowered.

    and that is the ONLY thing.

    Now with Stacking Dodge skills, you cannot expect 100% dodge bacause the equation is Multiplicative, NOT addictive.
    Also, Diablo 3 puts a cap at about 90% buffed dodge, it is impossible to reach 100% dodge because you would be invincible.

    stacking dodge is great, because once you reach 70% dodge, you are borderline invincible anyways, and Backlash will wipe the map for you.
    Imagine having 70% crit "chance", how much crits would you do in 5 seconds?
    Well, having 70% dodge "chance", is just like that. ;)

    But once again, do not over-gear,
    5k armor is the sweet spot, 40% dodge is fine, and 500 resistance should be the basic goal.
    The armor to resistance works best when it is at the 10:1 ratio.

    Check out this thread for some Math on the Myth of Diminishing Returns,
    credits to those mechanics testers for the information.

    On Armor and Resistance.

    On Dodge.



    What gets Diminishing Returns in this game?
    - The Dex-to-Dodge ratio.

    What does not get Diminishing Returns in this game?
    - Everything else.
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    Numbers of the Holy Order

    Optimal stats [approximation, of minimal qualification]

    (at-least stats)

    Apprentice Monk Youngling (rookie minimalist)
    Monster Power capability: MP0 - MP1

    resistance : 350 unbuffed
    hp : 27k
    armor : 4k
    dps : 70k unbuffed
    dexterity : 1500
    life on hit : 400
    spirit regeneration : 0
    life per spirit spent : 0
    health regeneration : 0
    attack speed : 1.40 with shield, 1.6 dual wield, 1.10 2handed.
    movement speed : 0%
    critical hit chance : 10%
    critical hit damage : 100%
    status effects : no
    pick up radius : 0 yards
    health globe healing bonus: 0
    Build Mastery : cookie cutter / random
    Mantra : Yes
    Serenity : Yes


    Jedi Monk Academy Tiers

    (at-least stats)

    Monk Padawan (Aspiring Warrior)

    resistance : 420 unbuffed
    hp : 30k
    armor : 4.2k
    dps : 100k unbuffed
    dexterity : 1800
    life on hit : 666
    life steal : 0 - 2.1%
    spirit regeneration : 0
    life per spirit spent : 0 - 25
    health regeneration : 0 - 250
    attack speed : 1.60 with shield, 1.80 dual wield, 1.20 2handed.
    movement speed : 8% - 12%
    critical hit chance : 20%
    critical hit damage : at least 150%
    status effect : 0 – 1 type
    pick up radius : 4-7 yards
    health globe healing bonus: 2500
    Build Mastery : Basic
    Mantra : Yes
    Serenity : Yes

    Monster Power capability : 2-4


    Jedi Monk Master (Balanced Slayer)

    resistance : 500 unbuffed
    hp : 35k
    armor : 5k
    dps : 150k unbuffed
    dexterity : 2100
    life on hit : 777
    life steal : 2.3%
    spirit regeneration : 1 (at least)
    life per spirit spent : 0 - 30 (from gears)
    health regeneration : 250
    attack speed : 1.70 with shield, 1.95 dual wield, 1.35 2handed.
    movement speed : 12%
    critical hit chance : 27%
    critical hit damage : at least 200%
    status effect : 1 type
    pick up radius : 4-7 yards
    health globe healing bonus: 3500
    Build Mastery : Advanced
    Mantra : No
    Serenity : Yes

    Monster Power capability : 5-7



    Jedi Monk Grandmaster (Mystic Veteran)

    resistance : 550 unbuffed
    hp : 40k
    armor : 5.5k
    dps : 200k unbuffed
    dexterity : 2400
    life on hit : 888
    life steal : 2.7%
    spirit regeneration : 1.5 (at least)
    life per spirit spent : 0 - 40 (from gears)
    health regeneration : 500
    attack speed : 1.80 with shield, 2.1 dual wield, 1.45 2handed.
    movement speed : 12% - 18%
    critical hit chance : 34%
    critical hit damage : at least 250%
    status effect : 2 types
    pick up radius : 4-7 yards
    health globe healing bonus: 5000
    Build Mastery : Occult
    Mantra : No
    Serenity : No

    Monster Power capability : 8-10


    Sith Lord of the Monk (Intense Overlord)

    resistance : 600 unbuffed
    hp : 45k
    armor : 6k
    dps : 250k unbuffed
    dexterity : 2700
    life on hit : 999
    life steal : 2.9%
    spirit regeneration : 2.0 (at least)
    life per spirit spent : 0 - 50
    health regeneration : 750
    attack speed : 1.95 with shield, 2.4 dual wield, 1.60 2handed.
    movement speed : 24%
    critical hit chance : 40% (without shield)
    critical hit damage : at least 300%
    status effect : 3 types
    pick up radius : 4-7 yards
    health globe healing bonus: over 9000
    Build Mastery : ALL
    Mantra : No
    Serenity : No

    Monster Power Capability : 8-10


    Endgear vs Zengear

    Endgear is the term that I use to call End-game gear, where the player maxes out all stats, and desires nothing else, thus gets bored of the game and quit.
    Hence "Endgear"

    Here in the Jedi Monk Academy,
    End-gear is for noobs,
    what we focus on, is ZENGEAR.

    Know the difference, mortal.

    As you look at those stats above, it may seem un-massive in some places, but if you actually think about it, having ALL those attributes at that balance, is very difficult, and can be downright ridiculous to get, and OP when done right.
    (I myself am not quite totally balanced yet, but shall get there in time.)

    Now some people might have 200k dps, but do they have status effects? high attack speed, spirit regen, LPSS, pick up radius, health globe, elite bonus, life after death, melee/range reduction, etc. ? as well as a perfect 10:1 armor/resistance ratio?

    (And that's the problem with players these days, they only judge at a glance by dps numbers.
    They don't pay attention to the person's other stats and what's really going on in there..)

    The Jedi Monk is about Balanced build, and caps ourselves at around 90k - 120k dps, and includes EVERY stat! Even Life per Kill (Life after death)
    Having more makes the game too easy when you have the other stats mentioned above.

    thus I hereby suggest those stats in the above section as the Jedi Monk Standard.
    we do NOT focus specifically on just a few basic aspects like tanking or dps.
    we are about becoming ONE with Everything. ;)
    giving us complete power over all skills and runes and passives that belong to the monk, and being able to thrive with ANYTHING.
    (meaning you throw any random skill on the Jedi monk's hotkey and he will still use it well.)
    While the random Monk uses cookie cutter, the Jedi monk cuts cookies with all skills as he pleases!!

    (speaking of OWE, I will cover the philosophy of that passive in more details later)


    To begin studying my builds, you will need to achieve the Padawan stats,
    Which is not difficult at all to get to those “at-least” levels. I would assume that you have resistance and everything else taken care of. All you need is to reach 30k hp, 1 spirit regen,
    700 life on hit, and at least 20% crit chance and 1.50 attack speed.

    From Intermediate Builds on, you will need the Jedi Monk Master rank, so achieve those stats before you attempt the builds in season 3.
    In season 6 and especially 7, you will need to reach Grandmaster status in order to successfully work those builds. Getting there is hard, but not impossible.

    Reaching paragon 100 and Sith lord Status by meeting not just a few, not half, but ALL those requirements, as well as mastering all 77 builds, grants you the black cloak and the red Lightsaber, along with Force Lightning and Mind Control, etc. >;)

    And all those who stand before you in pvp,
    shall remember your name, laughing as they die a beautiful death.


    And finally,
    God of Gold (Unrealistic Stats)
    Or Gog/Magog, the biblical RMAH creatures.

    resistance : 711 unbuffed
    hp : at least 50k
    armor : 7110
    dps : at least 150k unbuffed
    dexterity : at least 3000
    life on hit : 1420
    lifesteal : 3.0% -7.0%
    spirit regeneration : 0 - 3
    life per spirit spent : 0 – 60

    health regeneration : 999
    attack speed : 2.2 with shield, 2.69 dual wield, 1.7 2handed.
    movement speed : 25% (yes, 25)
    critical hit chance : 50% (without shield)
    critical hit damage : at least 420%
    status effect : 0 (yes, 0. meaning no Echoing Fury's fear, no Skorn's bleed either)
    pick up radius : 8 yards (meaning get it on 2 items)
    health globe healing bonus: 12000
    Build Mastery : Nothing, they STILL roll cookie cutters.
    Mantra : only Conviction Overawe.
    Serenity : Just Ascension.

    Monster Power Capability : 7-11

    (what? that's where I go to buy my beers and cigarettes! ;D )


    here concludes the gears and stats section.

    *takes a sip of vodka*
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    Chapter III
    The Book of Gemini

    (Gemini is an air sign, the element of communication,
    It is the sign of the Twins, the Light and the Darkside.
    this is a very long chapter, it contains the lore of the Holy Monk Empire)

    Part 1
    (Copyright© CountFury 2012)

    [Primary Lexicon]

    -Spirit Generators’ attack speed modifiers and range-

    (this is the TRUE and thrice tested
    attack speed modifiers and range of each generator, using frame rate recordings,
    And a live music studio to match the sound effects as they hit. And tested with 3 monks side by side, both in town and on enemies.)
    ALL the other previous tests out there are WRONG and/or outdated.

    And for range, I tested using frame rates and slow motion videos for speed,
    tested range with spirit lanterns in zoltan kulle's Archives,
    using technical rulers, pixel measurements, and yard by yard division.

    also special thanks to... random barrels, barricades, frozen mobs, etc.)

    auto-attack (empty left click) : attack speed multiplier 1.00, range : 4 yards in front.

    Fists of Thunder
    1st Strike: 1.5 (small delay before hit) range : 6 yards in front, no AOE yard around for first hit.

    2nd Strike: 1.5 (fast, small delay after hit) range : 6 yards in front, no AOE yard around for 2nd hit.

    3rd Strike: 1.3 (delay before hit) range : 6 yards in front, and 6 yard circle AOE blast around the fist' pixel hit location. For a total of 12 yards in front.

    (Average: 1.43 attack speed modifier)

    *Only Thunderclap rune has an extra sideway 6-yard AOE for the first 2 strikes. 3rd strike of Thunderclap is same as others.

    yes, a yard is very small in pixels, take a look at your thumb's nail, that is about 4 yards.

    Deadly Reach
    1st Strike: 1.45 range : 12 yards in front, no AOE yard around.
    2nd Strike: 1.45 range : 12 yards in front, no AOE yard around.
    3rd Strike: 0.95 (delay before and after hit) range : 24 yards in front, no AOE yard around.

    (Average: 1.28)
    (average is ~1.35 if use with a different 3rd strike)

    Crippling Wave
    1st Strike: 1.3 range : 9 yards in front, 1/4 circle AOE.
    2nd Strike: 1.25 range : 9 yards in front, half circle AOE.
    3rd Strike: 1.15 : 9 yards in front, full circle AOE.

    (Average: 1.23)

    *Tsunami’s 3rd strike has a range of 17 yards.

    Way of the Hundred Strokes
    1st strike: 1.25 (delay before hit) range : 5 yards in front, 3 AOE yard sideway of the fist’s location.
    2nd strike: 1.2 (7 hits at 7.0 attack speed each, 0.2 seconds buffer) range : 7 yards in front, 5 AOE yard sideway of the fist’s location.
    3rd strike: 1.15 (instant hit but long delay after) 7 yard in front, 7 yard AOE circle around the fist’s location. Total frontal reach of 14 yards

    (Average: 1.20)

    From the order of attack speed.
    Fists of Thunder > Deadly Reach > Crippling Wave > Way of the Hundred Fists

    From the order of damage amounts each swing.
    Way of the Hundred Fists > Crippling Wave > Deadly Reach > Fists of Thunder

    From the order of overall dps dealt, on large groups.
    Static Charge > Fists of Fury > Mangle > Bounding Light > Thunderclap > Tsunami > Windforce Flurry > Blazing Fists > Piercing Trident > Breaking Wave > Hand of Lightning > Scattered Blows > Foresight > the rest.

    From the order of overall damage to 1 single target.
    Thunderclap > Fists of Fury > Blazing Fists > Static Charge > Mangle > Hand of Lightning > Foresight > Scattered Blows > Breaking Wave > the rest.

    From the Order of Range
    WindForce Flurry > Piercing Trident > all deadly reach runes > tsunami's third hit >
    > all crippling wave runes > Thunderclap ~ Fists of Fury > Bounding Light > All WoTHF runes > the rest.

    Thunderclap > Fists of Fury in range because,
    Thunderclap's Teleport Range : 20 yards, + 12 yard reach = 36 yard coverage.
    Fists of Fury's Teleport Range : 10 yards, + 8 to 14 yard reach = 24 yard coverage.

    Windforce Flurry’s 3rd hit has the longest range of 36 yards.
    3rd hit of all deadly reach runes have a reach of 24 yards,
    with the exception of scattered blows, which is 15 yards AOE around you on 3rd hit.
    lastly, 3rd hit of Tsunami has a range of 17 yards AOE full circle.

    From the Order of amount of spirit generated

    Without Crit Chance,
    Spirited Salvo > ALL

    with average attack speed and average Crit Chance,
    Spirited Salvo = Quickening

    With high Crit Chance,
    Quickening > Strike From Beyond > Spirited Salvo > Rising Tide.

    With great crit chance, and high attack speed,
    Quickening > ALL

    Thus making Spirited Salvo the better option for less crit people,
    And Quickening the best choice for those with more crit.

    From the order of Stat buffs effects usefulness
    Keen Eye > Foresight > Concussion > Blazing Fists > Lightning Flash > Breaking Wave.

    From the order of popularity

    Thunderclap > Keen Eye > Foresight > Blazing Fists > Concussion > Quickening > Fists of Fury > Breaking Wave > Lightning Flash.

    From the order of The Count's Favorites.

    Static Charge > Mango > Fists of CountFury > Scattered Blows > Quickening > Piercing Trident > Lightning Flash > Blazing Fists > Hand of Lightning > Tsunami > Spirited Salvo > Bounding Light > Thunderclap > Windforce Flurry > Breaking Wave > everything else.

    * Thunderclap as the staple attack does NOT apply to the Jedi Monk,
    While Yvgorod only knows 1-2 spirit generator, we of the Jedi Monk Order, use ALL.

    * The information contained in the The Dead Seas Scrolls of Spirit Generators are 100% accurate, I have tested them to the miniscule degree, it is the One, the All, the Absolute!


    The Tablet of Mantras
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    The Gospel of Mystic Ally


    or short for "THIS, IS, SPARTA!"

    The book of Gemini covers controversial subjects, and one of them is the attack speed modifiers of spirit generators. (scroll up and read The Dead Sea Scrolls if you haven't yet.)

    I shall descent into the Darkside for a moment to cover this topic, please excuse the.. language spoken with much.. Passion. ;)


    Now, It is understood that our spirit generators,
    are at this moment, Good, but Not to their full potentials yet!

    And you might have noticed, that many people have misunderstood them
    and spreading un-truths about their mechanics and usage.
    So here the Sith shall cover each one in depth, their effects, and their aspirations.
    While retaining the eternal mystery of the Stances of the Force.

    In other words, Buff suggestions.


    In my journey throughout Sanctuary,
    I've seen quite a few threads and walkthroughs that talk about the Spirit Generators,
    and though they were interesting reads... (in other words, their writers don't know wtf they're talking about), they did not do the Stances any justice.

    So any posts you have ever read outside of the Academy regarding - Spirit Generators,
    You can let them fade from your memory.
    For they have committed the Sin of misguiding the innocents.


    Now I don't want to diss-honor any writers who wrote about spirit generators in the past,
    for I know it's hardwork being a writer,
    BUT SINCE they've !@#$ed up so much with its sacred knowledge,
    I WILL bash them ANYWAY!! >:(


    Now unless they plan to spend 7 hours on each Stance rune for 7 days, documenting its experience with each one, their 15 minutes tests are nothing compared to the sheer dedication of the One chosen Academy.

    Forgive them, Ytar, for they have sinned...

    And Here we shall fix their mistakes, redeem their blasphemies,
    and talk about what the spirit generators REALLY are.

    (in the simplest terms possible, the Jedi Way.)


    Damage : 110%
    Yard Range : 6-6-6
    Attack Speed : 1.50 -> 1.50 -> 1.30
    Average : 1.43
    --First two hits are single target, Third hit is an AOE sphere in front--

    Damage : 110%
    Yard Range : 12-12-24
    Attack Speed : 1.45 -> 1.45 -> 0.95
    Average : 1.28
    --All 3 hits are a straight line--

    Damage : 110%
    Yard Range : 9-9-9
    Attack Speed : 1.30 -> 1.25 -> 1.15
    Average : 1.23
    --1st hit small AOE in front, 2nd hit a cleave, 3rd hit full circle--

    Damage : 140%
    Yard Range : 5-7-14
    Attack Speed : 1.25 -> 1.20 -> 1.15
    Average : 1.20
    --1st hit an inverted triangle, 2nd hit a square, 3rd hit is a cone.


    It's so simple a peasant can understand it!

    The programmers round the 2nd decimal of each to either 5, or 0.

    Just like your weapons types' attack speed are
    1.50 (dagger), 1.40 (sword), 1.30 (axe), 1.20 (spear), 1.10 (2h sword), 1.0 (2h axe), and 0.90 (2h others)

    There's a few threads saying that the attack speed modifiers have... .398371248713125244 after them.
    But ask yourself, why the !@#$ would any programmer put that many numbers for such a simple mechanic??
    more work for them, more bugs for the system!
    How hard is that to understand? lol.

    Therefore, Anyone in the past testing these spirit generators, and getting the Third decimal.. -_- or 2nd decimal for each strike, not 0 or 5,
    is using amateur testing equipments and are FALSE!

    -- All tests were done inside a music studio, working with a band, and 3 monks side by side in game. (for any doubts, see the battle of SG on page 16)

    Note : ALL runes of the Same Attack, share those individual modifiers, and Not a single one of any spirit generator runes has higher nor lower speed than ANY others.
    Even though the rune Scattered Blows of Deadly Reach might SEEM like it is faster, it Isn't.


    *Lights a cigarette*

    Now to the good part!

    Change Suggestion : As a skill, Nothing. It is good as is.
    Only suggestions to each rune change.
    (some people say they want teleport on all runes, but that would be redundant, and I'll you why.)

    Rune 1 : Thunderclap
    Jedi nickname "Blackhole Cannon"
    - first two hits add 1 extra hit each, dealing 35% damage each.
    - hits 6 yard AOE on first two hits around the target, 3rd hit is same as others.
    - teleports you 20 yards to the target on first hit.
    - applies another 75% LoH for first two hits.

    Note : A yard is tiny in range, 6 yards is small too, take a look at your thumb's fingernail, that's about 4 yards.

    --- Thundercrap, most commonly used rune, easy to attack, easy to get pwned when using Echoing Fury against Molten enemies.
    WHAT? you didn't know TC was the Cause of Death?! ;)
    --- It is almost impossible to strategic kite with Thunderclap, it is impossible to maintain distance control over enemies.
    ------- If all runes of FoT was given teleport, it would RENDER ALL OF FoT USELESS, for anybody who knows how to kite like a boss when the situation calls for, or desire to STAND AND DELIVER instead of bouncing to the enemy like a deer running into headlights.

    --- Change suggestion : The Sith would like to ask for a nerf of the extra hits of TC down to 25% from 35%... because 2+5 = 7, the perfect number in Numerology, and also it would make TC less popular.
    but since that nerf would piss a lot of people off ;D so we won't ask for the nerf.

    REAL change suggestion : Pressing Shift AND holding mouse down, allows standing, and does not teleport. ;)


    Rune 2 : Lightning Flash
    - grants 16% dodge for 2 seconds.
    REAL change suggestion : grant 20% dodge, to match with the other skills' dodge runes.
    Grant 7% attack speed.
    Indeed, Dodge and attack speed should come in hand, just as the ancient monks of the real life Martial Arts realm had increased attack speed when they dodge enemy attacks.


    Rune 3 : Static Charge
    Jedi nickname "Solar Cannon"
    - enemies you hit are charged with a static vibe for 5 seconds, during which the monster will take 37% per hit when you attack another target.
    Grandmaster note :
    --- The cookie cutter technique of the classic cyclone build is Thunderclap + Cyclone.
    We call it, "Cyclone Suicide".

    --- The anti-cutter technique of the advanced cyclone build belonging to the Jedi Monk Order.
    is Static Charge + Quicksiver + Cyclone.
    We call it, "Orion's Trifixion".

    Wait, so which one is better?
    - it depends, if you want the teleport power of the Blackhole, absorb monsters in.
    or the expanding power of the Sunlight, which doubles your cyclone generation... ;(

    Clearly to the Jedi Order, Static Charge, is king.

    But it's bad, we don't want more cyclones! therefore we use Thunderclap.
    But it's bad, we don't want battlefield control, and we want to get pwned by Molten, therefore we use Thunderclap...

    All !@#$in grandmasters in the Order, switch to Static Charge right now as you read the above lines, if you are still using Thunderclap that is.

    What? not used to it?
    well, so are you a Grandmaster, or a grain master??

    Change Suggestion : Buff Static Charge's static duration, to 7 seconds. ;)


    Rune 4 : Quickening
    - grant 15 spirits per crit per enemy.
    - the trademark Stance for The Slayer. (spirit spender monks, as described in the Book of Cancir)

    Change Suggestion : grants 7% movement speed, together with the 15% spirit.
    For as Lightning Flash should grant attack speed, thus "Quicken"ing, shall grant movement speed.


    Rune 5 : Bounding Light
    - 3rd hit is replaced by a chain lightning that hits 4 targets; starting from, and includes the one you're attacking, for 73% damage.
    - Another favored rune in the Academy for its sheer good looks,
    Also martial technique for Build#9 "Fists of the North Wind"
    aka, "the Dragon of Shenlong" ;)

    Change Suggestion : give first and second strikes a chain lightning also.
    first strike hits 1 more target, 2nd strike hits 2 more targets, 3rd strike, hits 4 targets.
    total chain lightning hits per cycle : 7
    buff damage each lightning to : 77%

    These changes, would make ALL FIVE RUNES
    of Fists of Thunder, be Equal, in the eye of the Beholder.
    And their usage, would then be a matter of Preference.

    Change Suggestion : increase base damage to 120%

    Wow, who would've thought of that??
    the 4 spirit generators' damage should be 110 - 120 - 130 - 140!!

    Piercing Trident
    Change Suggestion : increase base damage to 135%, and has a 15% chance, to immobilize enemies, thus increase the power to keep enemies at bay, and enables the Kite path!! (next book)

    Keen Eye
    Change Suggestion : increase duration to 5 seconds.

    Scattered Blows
    Change Suggestion : first strike should hit 2 targets sideway, 2nd strike should hit 4 targets in a cross shape, and third strike should hit 7 targets.
    Total enemies hit per cycle : 13
    thus fulfills the spiritual zodiac.
    and buff 3rd hit's damage to 177%

    Strike from Beyond
    Change Suggestion : increase spirit generation per crit, to 12

    Change Suggestion : too OP, nerf damage boost to 15% from 18%. ;)

    suggest all buffs and no nerfs? No way Jose.


    Crippling Wave
    Change Suggestion : increase base damage to 130%
    apply the 30% movement speed reduction (enemy slow) to the cleave attack.
    Thus allows you to hit once, then cleave, to slow them, to bind and/or escape.

    Change Suggestion : increase base damage to 160%
    1+6 = 7, to keep up with the Holy theme, again. :>
    and because the raw damage cleave attack rune, should be OP.
    Change damage type to Fire. It's red.

    Change Suggestion : increase enemy weakening to 25% damage reduction,
    thus restore into a rune- what you took away from us with Resolve.
    Change damage type to poison, and apply a 10% damage tick for 3 seconds. It's green.

    Rising Tide
    Change Suggestion : increase spirit generation, to 7. ;)
    currently it doesn't gain enough spirit fast enough.
    Change damage type to Holy. It's gold.

    Change Suggestion : increase the enemy attk speed reduction to 30%, from 20%, keep the 60% movement speed reduction, increase range to 18 yards.
    Change damage type to Water. ;) It's blue, and called Tsunami, why the %^-* is it not Water already?

    Breaking Wave
    Change Suggestion : buff to cause enemies to take 15% damage for 3 seconds, up from 10%.
    It's purple. Change damage type to Arcane.


    Way of the Hundred Fists

    Hand of Lightning
    Change Suggestion : increased 2nd hit's hitcount to 13, from 7.
    give it a 10% chance to STUN, per hit.
    Last time I checked, ppl get stunned when being zapped by Lightning.. ;<

    Blazing Fists
    Change Suggestion : increase attack and movement speed buff, to 7% each crit, for 7 second each. Making it 777 for 7 >:D!
    Change Damage Type to FIRE.
    "Blazing" Fists doing non elemental damage??
    this is MADNESS!!

    Fists of CountFury
    Change Suggestion : Nothing.
    This rune is perfection. 'nuff said.

    Spirited Salvo
    Change Suggestion : buff spirit gain chance to 20%
    Change damage to Arcane.
    (the wizards use Arcane Powah, Arcane is the element of rejuvenation (next book) thus Spirited Salvo should be arcane, and give more power!)

    WindForce Flurry
    Change Suggestion : extend first hit's range to 7, from the pitiful 5 yards,
    give 2nd hit a beam that travels half the length of the 3rd beam, (meaning 18 yards) for 160% damage,
    fix the bug that doesn't proc SW even on this 3rd hit.
    Change damage type to Ice and slows enemies.

    Buff damage of 3rd hit to..

    300 %



    Thus Spake the Immortal Scroll of Spirit Stance.

    The secret knowledge contained within this Scroll, is accurate, righteous, legit, infernal, and eternal.
    These change suggestions are blessed and desired by the gods, let none blaspheme its SACRED contents!

    For it is the ONE, the ALL,
    the ABSOLUTE.
    Edited by LordRaahl#1733 on 12/3/2012 2:56 PM PST
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    Jedi Monk Philosophy #3 [The Light, The Darkness, and the Infidels]

    Life is a constant struggle between good and evil. For which the forces of light and darkness,
    seek to take control of one’s fate.
    And forever is the struggle between the poor and rich, over the argument of the RMAH.
    Those who refuses the lures of wealth and materialism, and those who indulge in riches
    And the acquisition of treasures.

    The Holy Monk Empire takes no side in such useless arguments, and we declare
    That there are 2 paths one can take in the conquest of Sanctuary.
    The Right hand path of righteousness, and the Left Hand path of infamy.
    Both, are fine by the laws of the Republic; and the Seeker, must decide his destiny,
    Whether it is the dark path, or the path smiled upon by the gods.

    Oracle of the White Light
    - inspired by Merlin the White,
    inscripted by LordRaahl the Righteous.

    Let it be known, that The Holy Monk Empire, accepts either path you take with compassion.
    You can gear yourself to the max with gold or RMAH, it does not exclude you for wanting to be apart of the Republic, You are given amnesty as long as you adhere by the teachings of the gods, honor the ideology of the empire.
    and remain humble about your tainted ways of acquiring power.

    If your gear and skill are both powerful, we are honored to have you as a warrior.
    However, in the true Jedi Holy Order, using real currency for sanctuary gains, is heavily frowned upon by the elders. If you seek to walk the true path of righteousness, you must do so without the lust and greed for high stats and fleeting treasures.

    We endorse the use of decently good gear while training our skill to match the rest, without the need to over-gear to accomplish your quest.
    Buying your way to victory, cheapens the experience of the game, and is only fools’ mate.

    In the game of chess, it is possible to check-mate in just 3 turns, playing with the opponent’s lack of skill and awareness, tricking the player thinking he’s a chess master, while he is not.
    Same case applies to this game, having “godly” gear, does not make you a master of the monk class. It makes you a fool’s master of the cookie cutter class, and still a noob in our eyes.

    Therefore, cut down on your greed and need for instant gratification, and train yourself the right way through hardwork and perseverance, which will ultimately earn you more respect and a sense of accomplishment in the end.

    And When you reach the realm of enlightenment as a Grandmaster,
    knowing that you achieved mastery by walking the righteousness path,
    will grant you sense of true satisfaction, that you have kept your soul pure all through the journey.

    Blessed is He who denies greed and power, for the sake of strength and honor,
    for he shall bask in the white flame of Ytar, almighty god of the Light.
    and shepherd the weak through the valleys of shadows and dust!!


    Litany of the Black Flame
    - inspired by Gandalf the Black,
    inscripted by DarthFurius the Infamous.

    I am Darth Furious, Lord of the Wretched!
    To the East and to the West I beckon. To the North and to the South I show a sign proclaiming: Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong!

    Let it be known that are are 2 paths you can go by,
    and the darkside of the Force, favors the path that yields greater aggression!

    This is the way to obtain great powers, and still retain a Sith's honor.
    1) You either hate the RMAH completely, and spend Nothing on it.
    Or 2) you adore it perfectly, and spend no less than Over 9000!!

    People who hate those with great gear, or the RMAH, are setting themselves up to remain poor. This is an age of trade and commerce, and if you can find what you need, through the means of real money, then so be it!
    Don't hate RMAH out of envy, hate it out of the desire to retain the old ways of gaming integrity.

    If you can max out all your gear with an endless budget, then there is nothing wrong with being over-geared.
    But you also must follow the teachings of the Empire and the Academy and train your Skill daily to match your gear,
    Also, you must admit that you use RMAH when being confronted with it.
    For we give honor to the honest warlords, but do not respect nor tolerate liars and cheaters!
    So if you use real currency to obtain your status, then speak your truth and don't hide it!

    EMBRACE your idealogy and crush the jealous peasants under your foot!

    And you can only do that, by
    1) spend over 9000 on the RMAH, nothing less than that. And publicly admit that you have done so, gaining you respect and the power of intimidation.
    Spending less than 9000 makes you a poser noob and a wannabe!
    Everyone loves the art of extremity, noone respects halfass attempts!


    2) hate the RMAH completely, and terrorize anyone who uses it, while immerse yourself into the game and farm intensely until you can achieve the power of the first path!!
    Taking this road, grants you absolute respect from mortals and superiority over those that take the first path. For you are as powerful as them, but still retained your inner purity,
    which is an indestructable force in its own way.

    I myself, take the 2nd path. Clocking over 2000 hours, and have gear almost RMAH status. >:)
    The Sithlord DarthFurius loaths the RMAH with a passion! And will terrorize those who dabbled in this art yet dare to lie about it in public!!

    Such is the passion of the Darkside. Accept, Integrate, and awaken the beast within!!

    Blessed is He, who in the shadows sacrifice his soul for the sake of power and destruction,
    for he shall bath in the black flame of Andraste, lustrious goddess of darkness,
    and terrorize the infidels through the eternal reign of blood, fire and death!!

    Zero, or over 9000!!
    Nothing in between.


    Those of the Unlight
    as told by the ancient elders.

    Ever since the dawn of Sanctuary,
    the world of the monks is at a constant struggle between 3 factions.
    The Righteous, The Elitist, and the Twisted.

    This this the romance of the 3 kingdoms, and it's an eternal struggle for power and influence, remains so to this day.

    The Righteous, are the enlightened ones, they represent the light, and all that is honorable.
    They do their works to support the system, and the future of Ivgorod for the generations of monks. The righteous walk the path of peace and tranquility and thrive to do the bidding of the gods to benefit mankind.

    The Elitist, are the ruthless warmongers of the monk, they represent the pride of darkness, and their goal is personal conquest and domination. They do their works to benefit their close circles, and a few chosen brethren who dwell in the Shadow of Enlightenment.
    The elitists walk the war path of power and aggression, they thrive on order by chaos.
    For there is no creation without destruction, no light without its shadows!

    Take heed, chosen monks of the Holy Empire!
    For we, are both the light and the darkness, the good and the bad!
    we are the prideful, the chosen righteous, the enlightened elitists! ;D
    and if you are not, then you have Yet to feel the power of the darkside of the Force!

    and beware, for we have a common enemy!
    And they are the Twisted who scavenger in the wake of Sanctuary.

    The twisted, are what the gods call "Those of the Unlight",
    they are the posers, the noobs in pro clothing, the hyenas in sheep clothing,
    they have very little skills and strategies, they are the ones that are stuck in spreadsheet calculations, they rely on their gear and use math simulators as their basis for this game.

    They are the twisted because they have mixed up truths for lies, and lies for truths, their words which you'll see through out this community, are pure poison and full of hypocrisy.

    They have no regard for the ways of the ancients and the wisdom of the elders.
    Beware of the Twisted, for they will only lead you to your doom.


    We, of the Jedi Monk Order, combine both the Light and the Darkness, both divine serenity, and fatal aggression!
    For the light and the darkness both have their wisdom and honor.

    While the Twisted does not.
    they are our Ugly mortal enemy. Look around in the forums,
    you will find them, in both the US and EU regions,

    math is their guardian angel, RMAH is their tool, greed is their motto, Efficiency is their banner, instant gratification is their addiction,
    fame is their desire, hypocrisy is their trait, and charity is their mask!
    And the Twisted also endlessly speak ill of Blizzard and the great works of the System.
    While argue and bicker in these forums and blaspheming the Sanctity of Sanctuary.

    And beware, for even as the chosens, fragments of the Unlight, may still linger and exist within your soul.
    Detach from your mortal sins, and release the taint of the Unlight at all cost!

    It is the Will of the gods, that you recognize the Enemies of Truth,
    and declare spiritual warfare on their twisted souls!
    Only then can we purify this sanctuary, and pioneer a straight path for the future monks.
    Only when we continuously know the enemies, can we establish and ascertain the domination of this monk Empire!

    Arise warrior monks of Ivgorod, and chosen ones of the Holy Order!
    Identify the enemies of the Republic and slay them all in the name of Ytar and the thousand gods!!

    Cursed are those, who dwell in the pit of twisted snakes, scheming personal gains through lies and hypocrisy, who blaspheme Sanctuary and her wondrous creations!
    For they are forever despised by the gods, and shall reap the full benefit of the last judgement of Ytar!
    and cast down into the bottomless pit of the Unlight, forsaken by both the light, and the darkness...

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    Diary of the Sith

    (this page will contain fragments of thoughts,
    that at the end, will come together into an art of its own)

    [new entries coming soon]

    - Today I have obtained new powers, rid my self of a few attachment to skills,
    Soon I shall awaken the full power of the darkside and rule with an iron fist, mwuhahahaha!

    - Blasphemy! the Apocalypse did not come!
    but I finished recorded episode 6, and shown the mortals the secret path of the Slayer. >;)

    - Today I made final calls to my past lovers,
    and drank a bottle of whiskey, awaiting the arrival of the Apocalypse...

    - Today I returned to the realm of One soul (hardcore mode),
    and sacrificed my berserker to Belial, then reborn as a new Jedi Monk for that world.
    The warlord Jco came to my aid, and provided supplies for the taming of a new land.

    - The secret of Faith in the Light is being discussed by the unenlightened... >:(
    I fought against it, and defeated the villagers who chased with torches and pitch forks..
    Vrkhyz turned out to be a defender of metal, so I converted him to the darkside of the Force... >:)

    - Tonight I shall release the Angel of Death, the fifth build of the Empire,
    it shall be quite controversial yes.

    - I helped my lovely apprentice gear up, she is now as epic as ever.
    The Force is strong in this one..

    - Today I found a maxed dexterity Immortal King's Eternal Reign. ;D
    A fitting name for the righteous cause. ;) and so I shall wear it with pride.

    - The Last Redemption has begun, and I've converted more minions to the coven.

    - My horoscope predicts, that this diary will be an endless epic.

    - Today I found myself a new apprentice, hmm, a female one..
    How lovely, but such a tease... </3

    - Yes, I have begun my Jedi Mink Tricks on the community, they shall soon move from gear consciousness to skill consciousness!

    - Today was a dark day in this cosmo, this planet could not comprehend the power of the Force yet. And the tribal people attacked me from all sides, they chased me with torches and pitchforks.
    But alas...
    the Sith, always wins. ;)


    Verse 1 - The Reverse Flow.

    So upon reaching 175k dps.

    then after that, I got tired of high dps, and started buying random weak swords for good looks and brought myself down to 77k dps now.

    I buy gear sometimes for the Name too.
    Like I got this sword called "Blackened Star" which is totally weak,
    but totally OP in terms of Name, haha.

    My weapon collection actually consists of some rares I used from the humble beginning of noobhood back in May '12, plus a variety of cool looking weaps and chest armors I like to use on occasions, just for looks.

    And by buying stuff nobody wants, I am a Rebel Without a Cause,
    giving Love to that which is unloved.
    While people chase the illusion of "End-Game"
    I have always lived, the "Zen-Game".

    in which there is no End Game, The Now moment IS End-game.
    the game Ends any moment, just as it Begins.
    The beginning game and the end game, are One.
    For the force of life, flows clockwise as well as counterclockwise.
    And you are satisfied with what you are, in that very moment.

    No more greed, no more needs. You are free.
    Edited by LordRaahl#1733 on 2/1/2013 8:51 PM PST
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