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Jedi Monk Academy - Sagittarius constellation

I use a Razer Naga gaming mouse, all my hot keys are at my thumb. it was a little hard getting used to it, but now i couldn't imagine not using it.

Count Fury:
The guide and vid is outstanding! As always you're full of useful info. You made my dead in the water Monk very formidable at its respected lvl :D

I can't wait for the whole guide and vid series. As long as your teaching, I'm learning.

I know i said this a million times, but thanks again.
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aww shucks xD
you're making me blush, haha. ><

thanks Warren, I'm glad you decided to play Monk again,
soon you shall be formidable in the Empire indeed, hehehe..
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Well, I finally found the time to watch your latest video and all I can say is....epic video! It was awesome. As I was watching that video, and the Monk v. Baba one last week, I couldnt help but think that the music and format of the video was strangely familiar. So I checked your other videos and voila! I saw your bug video which I watched the day you released it.

Anyway, sorry about the ramble, but back on subject. If I could offer once slight suggestion to the video it's this:

While watching it, I found myself trying to read the text AND watch the video at the same time. Sometimes I was unable to do this and had to either rewind or pause the video. Maybe just another second or two on the script timer would be beneficial? Also, some of the times the script was written in white, and parts of the background were white as well, which made it difficult to read, so I had to wait until it was before or after the white part of the background. Just some observations is all, nothing negative towards you.

Patiently awaiting the upcoming videos and information

P.S. - loved the beginning of the video with the descriptions of each class and such :)
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You said that you don't think Pacifism or Near Death Experience were very useful (Pacifism more-so than NDE), but I would have to disagree. Sure, in the current version of this game where all we have is PvE the skills seems a little pointless. I can understand that. Where it changes though is when and if PvP is released, these skills become amazing. This, in combination with serenity, will make you a trap free GOD. I can just picture mobility with the power of slowing and stun-locking and I cream my stoic resolve.
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yea, I've been thinking of that for a while, haven't had the chance to update that part.
Pacifism Will be promising when it comes to pvp, ohh yea, definitely.

damn, I can already hear barb, freeze wizards, and WD's screams of "nerf Pacifism please", hahahaha.
Thanks for the reminder mate, I will update that segment now.


I added into the video description, a note to watch the videos 3 times, one in fullscreen for gameplay, one more for the texts, and the third one in halfscreen for overview. :]
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11/19/2012 10:25 PMPosted by Vagitarian
You said that you don't think Pacifism or Near Death Experience were very useful (Pacifism more-so than NDE)

Im actually surprised to hear Near Death Experience didnt get any love on this guide.

Its a key part of my Ubber boss build ( I dont use it anywhere else), since it protects me from any damage spike that the ubbers could do ( for example kulle casting a meteor on you, while rocks are falling along with 2 tornadoes aproaching and siege breaker hitting your !@# on mp 9, or king leorics walking animation along with a lucky madga shot at the same time and all of this while u were lets say at around 50 % hp) and the best part of it is that you wont need any revive at all ( thus i relief any possible burden to my team), its in general a second chance to get things right and survive akward moments and im finding myself the one with the best survaivability on my parties due to this fact
(They know if they die they will be revived by the monk Colt :D, even my barb friends ! ò_ó).

Truth be told i have revived entire groups mainly because of the added survaivability of this skill, specially if you are grouped with weak players that die too often on a difficult ubber battle (U know, that kind of friends that are not doing so good on defense) if your team mates die you will have to whithstand a lot of more damage since the bosses will focus on you and this justifies the skill even more.

Because of my gear and skills I hardly die anyways so this gives me a definitive edge on this battles. As your defense and survivability progresses this passive will be triggered very rarely ( wich is why is not that useful on PvE) but on ubber fights a dead player can unbalance the whole team and doom everything pretty fast, so its a diferent mind set in wich avoding a death can save you and your team minutes of revival attempts, so even if it procs just once during a 10 minute fight it will be worth it.

Also is worth mentioning that on activation this skills knocks all enemies away and generally is all i need to get back into business and kill everything until i get the passive cooldown to reset ( which means im protected again).

Very useful to be underlooked imo, the way i see it is as a instant 35 % hp heal under a critical condition, wich is more than enough ( to me ) to get back into business.

Also, this fits right into the star wars world because if you are too tied with the force you might actually trascend life after death ( like Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan) and get back to kick some !@# ! or spread some knowledge or revive the unfortunate ones :( .
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I added into the video description, a note to watch the videos 3 times, one in fullscreen for gameplay, one more for the texts, and the third one in halfscreen for overview. :]

My apologies for the unneeded criticism, for I did not look at the video discription :/

And @Colt, I completely agree with your use of NDE, as I use it only during Ubers as well. Very underrated passive for that purpose
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NDE will save you from death spikes, especially against bosses.
However, when surrounded in a pinch and taking continuous heavy damage,
it will bring you back to life and then you will die again if you don't escape. :<

It has to be synergized with the right gear and skills-setup,
to minimize death in the first place, to be truly useful outside of Hardcore mode.

But near Life Experience is a good passive, and will be given light to in the future episodes! :D
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Near Death Experience have some interesting synergy with Mantra of Evasion runed Divine Protection btw. HC players shall love it.
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Of course, you shall see in Build#36 "Harbinger of Death". >:)
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woot, my monk falls under padawan and battle.net updated to finally confirm it lol, keep up the good work yo, interested to read it all
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However, when surrounded in a pinch and taking continuous heavy damage,
it will bring you back to life and then you will die again if you don't escape. :<

Yeah and that happens more often on PvE ( even though when it procs it pushes enemies away), but i guess this situation of being surrounded is less likely on ubber fights wich still rends a good purpose.
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I use a Razer Naga gaming mouse, all my hot keys are at my thumb. it was a little hard getting used to it, but now i couldn't imagine not using it.

Thanks for the advice, but there's no way I'm going to buy a mouse just for this game :)
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I like this...
I like this alot...

I started this game with my monk... came full circle after playing the others....
Been back with my monk for 2-3 weeks now...

Looking forward to the rest. Interesting. I appreciate the effort here if nothing else.
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Great Read.

Super Nerdy.
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^ "Nerd" -ism is the first step towards Enlightenment. ;)

UPDATE 11/20/12
2nd revision of Table of Contents!
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*A voice travels across the desert wind*

Dearest brother, you have written my meditations.

Thank you.
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Righteous! Brother.
May Ytar and Odin, grants fortune upon the Nibelungen. ;)
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I recently watched a video that demonstrated how a couple of monk skills reset the active weapon to the main hand. I believe one of the skills is Blazing Wrath. If that's still true--and I have no reason at present to think it isn't--then there is a point to keeping the best weapon in your MH because of the way Sweeping Wind snapshots the active weapon for dual-wielders.

I'll check this out later this evening. Carry on!

I had a great post written up with this info, but I lost it just now after taking a break to help put my girls to bed. That is the last time Daddy is gonna rush upstairs when he's literally 60 seconds from finishing a 15-minute post, just to have everyone dawdle before bedtime :)

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I took a club, a fine club, and my Fist of Az'Turrasq and went to town on the road to New Tristram on MP10. Here's what I learned from testing Wave of Light with the Explosive Light rune:
  • If you are dual-wielding, Wave of Light deals damage based on your main hand only; it ignores your off-hand weapon. If the off-hand weapon is active, using WoL will switch the main-hand weapon to the active weapon. (Strangely, if your off-hand weapon is active when you use Wave of Light, your next two attacks will be your main hand weapon; if your main weapon is active when you use it, your next attack will be your main hand weapon, after which you will begin alternating attacks again. There's really nothing you can do with this information, but I wanted to pass it along.)
  • Wave of Light makes your MH the active weapon when you activate the skill, and it leaves that weapon active for your next attack. Obviously, you don't want to spend 75 spirit popping WoL to ensure that you get the proper weapon activated before you pop Sweeping Wind. If you're using Empowered Wave (the 40-spirit WoL variant), however, you should consider it.
  • Wave of Light's damage is based on your weapon's true damage range, but the animation clearly scales with attack speed. I didn't use an FPS capture program, but I feel comfortable hypothesizing that the weapon's usual attack speed (with all IAS bonuses, etc.) is the attack speed for Wave of Light. In other words, a weapon with a 1.00 APS yields a 1-second WoL animation, and a weapon with a 2.00 APS yields a 0.5-second WoL animation.
  • Consequently, any dual-wielder who uses WoL needs to put his best DPS weapon in his main hand if he wants to maximize WoL. Note that this isn't necessarily the weapon with the better tooltip DPS because of the +X Attacks per Second affix, which applies to both weapons but doesn't show up in the tooltip for the weapon that doesn't have the affix. If you use an Echoing Fury, you'll need to work out the DPS ahead of time to determine which weapon should go in your main hand. Also, if you use weapons with different attack speeds, the Enchantress's Focused Mind skill (+0.03 to attack speed) provides a bigger boost to weapons with a lower APS because it represents a greater percentage increase. Something to keep in mind if the tooltip DPSs are close.
  • You need to hit a mob with the actual animation; anything between the seven spirits will not be hit. This means that Explosive Light is an AOE with an ever-weakening field: the odds of hitting a mob decrease as its distance from you increases.
  • Terrain seems to block the animation. This is tricky, though, because it passes through some terrain, but not others. For example, if you wander down the road to New Tristram, you'll find a little alcove to the "south" of the first Risen. If you go into the "eastern" part of that alcove and use WoL, the animation will be unable to pass the unbreakable wagon to the "north," but it will pass through the trees to the "northeast," hitting the two Risen feasting there. This is probably an elevation issue, as described below.
  • Elevation matters. The animation travels on a flat plane from your monk, and it doesn't change altitude. Consequently, firing up hills and up stairs is impossible, but climbing to the top of a hill and using the skill allows you to clip the heads of enemies who are further down the hill. (If you're too high up, you'll probably sail the animation right over the head of any mob at the bottom of the hill.) It's possible, therefore, that some bushes have a very low 3D profile, which allows you to fire "through" them in one direction (from higher elevation). This behavior mimics my experiences with arcane sentries on the staircases in Act 3.

Wave of Light is almost certainly not the only skill that resets your active weapon to your main hand, so picking particular slots for your weapons does matter if you're using particular skills.

Bonus info: The amulet I tested had a +27 Minimum Damage affix and a +13 Maximum Damage affix. When I used it on a 3–6 damage range, it made the range a straight 30–30. So it's not 30–31, 30–43, or anything else you might have read somewhere: when the adjusted minimum damage exceeds the adjusted maximum damage, the value of the latter is raised to the value of the former.
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aww, we have a family man among us! :D

Excellent work, Adept Vrkhyz, your knowledge will be of great contribution to the Empire.
I will connect a link to your post regarding hidden insights of Wave of Light. >:)
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