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Be careful that you dont get reputation for only being troll, because in the end there are points but atm people think its all trolls and thats when it gets dangerous.
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yea, that diplomatic siege is getting out of hand over there.
Those idiots are just gonna keep bumping it though, we've already won, lol.

So I shall withdraw from that frontier now and return to my studies.
Thanks for the battlestand though Nocturnal, that was glorious! lol

EDIT : new video coming up in 20 mins.
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Just too much overload on soul corruption, even among the monks ;D
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UPDATE : S1E4 is now up.
covers our trademark build Lamb to the Slaughter, that which quite a few ppl are using,
and includes its true darkside version.

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12/09/2012 05:35 AMPosted by Nocturnal
Be careful that you dont get reputation for only being troll, because in the end there are points but atm people think its all trolls and thats when it gets dangerous

This ^ , and this will be the last time I will bring it up (again)

I already told Rhaal the same thing, mentioning players ( directly in the forums or indirectly in a new video build) with a couple of adjetives such as scorn losers or noobs its not helping either.

You are just reigniting the fire everytime you pick a fight with those and it demerits all the hard work you are doing.

Now specifically with the Druin's TR critiques, knock it off already, its up for every player where they save ( or not ) for a farming gear.
First things first he claims it can be done with just 15 m ( not 200) if this is true, then its still affordable and very valid to aim for, also he is donating all of the stuff he used to develope the build (wich proves this is not about greed or materialism) and theres some other players there donating their things for other monks to be used. I sense a good intention behind this, and it should be respected (as I do) wheter or not its your way of the monk ( as its not mine either).

Find the joys of a peaceful response and serenity.
As even enemies can find respect to each other.

Its up to you how to decide to manage things, but its proven chaotic so far, perhaps you could use a different approach now. Just dont trow out our words of advice again.
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Sure, I'll take that into consideration. My passion is just untamed.

but I, pick a fight?
you might have forgotten how many times I get harassed by idiots on this forum.
from thread to thread, stalking me over a period of this whole month.

it's half the community vs. Raahl as we speak.
and in my philosophy, Victory, is the Basis of right.

Also, Druin only added that section about the low cost build After I made my protest about his outrageous promotion of rich gear.
(and as a matter of fact, it was Me that told him to write that guide in the first place.)

Not to mention there were ppl ingame pissed off about his guide,
asking me to video how it's really done.

You gotta learn the lefts and rights of this diplomatic siege and know what's good for the true ideology of the monk, instead of trying to keep a false veil of peace. Conflict is a natural state of man.

D2 couldn't have gotten its legendary status without ppl like us, getting rid of all the trash floating around at that time.

You telling me that taking a build that existed ever since Beta for tempest rush which costs Nothing, and butchering it into an RMAH fest is justified?

If one has any concern for the future of Monk at stake, he shouldn't put up with ideas of a false gearing propaganda for the sake of luxury and status. Certainly not me, whose very soul centers around honor and justice.

and an eye for an eye, is the samurai true meaning of justice.

Druin's guide, is about how to get his very gear. And he dared to write in there, "you don't need a credit card to do this"
It's a blasphemy and hypocrisy of the highest degree.
Not to mention he gives no credit to those who worked on that skorn build before him.

from whom has the money pouring out of his nose, making cheap donations is nothing compared to the credit card backup that they have.
The stuff that they give away, are all low cost random stuff from AH.

If anyone wants to do real donations, do it when they're BROKE, not when they're rich.
there was times that I gave away 3mil to a random guy in the game, when I only had 3mil.
Just for the sake of giving, for no reason.

you don't think he has ppl added in game to tell them to post those donation threads in the forums?
That guy just wants his name out there, it's all a conspiracy and you should know it!

See behind the masks, Colt. See the Truths, read between the lines!

lol, and he feels the need to write a cute lil signature in his post,
"Druin, the Happy Monk."

can somebody find me a thesaurus, so I can look up the Old English synonym for "happy". Haha.
But it's alright, here I'll just finish this enlightening post, with a signature that says

- LordRaahl, the righteous One.
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Allright then, eye for an eye it is.

You know I support most of the ideology that you pulled out here and I learn more of it the more I practice and test your skill builds.

Its just eye for an eye doesnt suit me well, and I feel uneasy when i see this kind of things on the forums, specially ones that are oriented to help us ( like the combined suggestions), watching it turn into a flame mirror/judo war, kind of drops a "thread" tear in my eyes. Its sad as a whole.
Edited by Colt#2370 on 12/9/2012 8:31 AM PST
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yea, but relax, for I know the boundaries too.
now this is a diplomatic battle, not an open flame-war, lol ;)

See, we are men of peace, we are also men of war.
We can't show kindness to idiots that take it for granted, and act out of their own greed and ignorance. Only kindness to those who are deserving, no mercy to trespassers!

You're a Gemini, tap into your "evil" twin, it's where the darkness is,
but where you'll also find great light.
For the light and the darkness are One.
and they both flow in us.

Now these people, they are what I called,
"Those of the Unlight"

they can't tap into neither Light nor Darkness,
their energies are weak, all they know is their little box, and their materialistic gains.
they are like biological robots, reacting to stimuli and events.

there are "those of the Unlight" in all wakes of life, not just this community.
Keep that in mind. >:)
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@Lord Raahl

Another great video with another great build. Its too bad those ppl running the cookie cutter are so closed minded, they are truly missing out on the diversity of this character.

Thanks again for showing me the way, for i was truly lost when you found me.
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thanks buddy! I'm glad you liked the movie,
but too much formality makes me feel weary. D;<
You're still one of the my first homies
in this game before the days of notoriety,
so forget the polite ceremonies,
and just act like I'm the old me. ;)
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Hey Raahl,

Just watched the "Lamb to the Slaughter" video. I've already been using the "Jedi version" of the build for the past month or so prior to reading about it in your guide (although I'm fiddling with which serenity rune to use), so I know how powerful it is. I love the build, and it's my current favourite. Some points to emphasize about the build (from my experience with it:

  • Having DR/Foresight as my second primary has saved me in many battles precisely because it has allowed me to kite while making my way to a health globe for a mid-battle heal (and stay on the attack while staying away from ground effects) -- DR/Foresight is a multi-faceted skill that I think is almost central to this build because it is both a kiting skill AND a damage buff all rolled into one
  • The DR/Foresight + combination strike damage buffs do not require any spirit to be spent (and you actually gain spirit while doing this), which is handy when you start a battle low on spirit
  • I personally use the Jedi version and I have to highlight that when facing RD, you have to be very selective in what skills your spam prior / after spamming SW, precisely because there are many times that FitL will make your offence so strong that it will overwhelm your own defences. I've found that my greatest success is to spam SW without FitL or MoC/Overwawe against RD packs but may spam FitL post SW spam so that I can take advantage of the blind effect AND the temporary damage buff to my FoT/TC
  • The damage buffs provided in this build is so powerful that I think going beyond 100K dps unbuffed without adequate defence will get you killed quickly against RD -- I think with my monk, it brings my DPS from 100K dps unbuffed to 220K dps buffed prior to spamming SW so my suggestion is to pay very close attention to your defence if you want to continue using this build as you consider increasing your DPS

  • Thanks again for putting that video together. Even as someone who has been using this build from the past couple of months (before you gave it a name), I still learned some things about this build and the variants. I will endeavour to try using the "Sithlord' version of this build as I venture into higher MP levels. I like what you suggest about using serenity to protect me from the massive explosions of the EP of some of the elite packs - not really a way that I've considered using serenity.
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    Hello, hope everyone is doing well. Thanks to Raahl and Nocturnal, I was able to find a solution to my last question so here I am with another one. For me, it always has been about trying different build set with monk and figuring out what new combinations are viable at higher difficulties. A few months ago, I was using a very low dps, mere 22k (I feel like saying a thing or two about dps as the first question I get asked is about my unbuffed dps, I always thought that balance would come first but maybe I am mistaken:) ) but very high LoH around 2.5k. I could play against ubers at mp8 with 3.5k armor and 800 res all, tank for my teammates and not die.

    A few months later, I ran into some profound luck and was able to find butcher's sickle and added the stun ability to dashing strike for a strange stun build with inner storm,quickening, santa's bell or essence burn. Although I have moved up in terms of silly dps, I only have 3k armor, 680 res all and only 1k LoH with 2.5%life steal. As far as farming goes, I can do a quick run on mp1 but am struggling to clear ubers on mp6 and above.

    Has anyone here tried this silly build of mine, I know I am in the company of very clever monks so I am sure I will learn a lot from you reply. All I am after is balance, loss in dps is not an issue for me so any help from your side will be greatly appreciated.

    Here is my humble monk: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Jat-2434/hero/12345844
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    12/10/2012 08:47 AMPosted by Jat
    I can do a quick run on mp1 but am struggling to clear ubers on mp6 and above.

    Im not surprised to hear this, since most of the skills you got are dedicated to mobility ( and its huge spirit cost), the higher MP you go the less mobility you will need ( since the fights will be very long and you wont be able to make full use of it).

    The only mobility you need in high mp is either 1 skill that lets you get out of situations where you are completely sorrounded OR 0 mobility skills but then you would have to be very careful on your steps and always have clear room on your back to get out. This sacrifice is in order to gain other defensive or dmg skills that will shorten and ease the high mp battles.

    That said here is my mp6-mp10 build

    Note that I toss out the fleet footed passive for extra armor, and I get combination strike for further DPS (combination strike is marvelous, to get the 16% buff from the 2 spirit generators just punch with generator A, then punch with generator B and keep punching with any of those to keep the full 16% buff.. so a sequence could be A-B-B-B-B-B-B-B etc. to keep the buff from both generators al the time as long as you keep attacking).

    If things are still hard remove combination strike and pick up resolve, and remove foresight rune from deadly reach and pick Keen Eye armor buff and remove breath of heaven for serenity :p

    Try it out and tell me what you think. I think this build will buff your dps to 120-130 as a CONSTANT base and with faith of light almost 190 or so.
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    Hello Brothers,

    I come with some bad news, i may have to disappear on and off in the times to come.

    I will be around checking this thread in particular from time to time, i always enjoy it. I will also post that !@#$%^- skill sheet very soon. I have it nearly done i just feel so drained every time i think of diablo i end up doing something quite different.

    @Jat Welcome back :) I have a few things for you to consider, if it helps you any. Looking at your post its understandable that since you lose sustain and damage reduction, you find it harder to survive.

    Maybe you should consider using some skills that benefitted very much from LoH, and simply healing through damage done. One such could be fists of thunder the ever boring, but i think you have a good thing going there with quickening for spirit to your lashing tail kick stun.

    Another could be crippling wave on large pulls (majority of dangerous situations). It seems you have very little scaling from your LoH and is reduced to mostly your cyclone healing through life steal. For generating those cyclonse the build is not that powerful either, which also means you do not heal as much as you could there.

    Since you survive easy in low monster power, maybe consider replacing tempest rush with crippling wave for higher MP. It heals more than one would think, when you get used to it. I find it a very underrated and solid skill, that does however require another generater for single target, and you have that. Not only does it scale well with LoH on large groups, it also generates many cyclones to heal you on large groups. You also have dashing strike to escape with, so i would say you can safely remove tempest rush.

    Else i would just suggest trying to find a way to create many cyclones through many crits to heal you with LS, or some abilties that scale well with LoH, maybe someone have some good suggestions here.
    Edited by Nocturnal#2168 on 12/12/2012 10:42 PM PST
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    The Sith lives.

    Fear not thy concerns for Diablo 3, everything is going well as intended by this matrix, this is only a phase we're going through, my friend. ;)

    Soon, the gods will deliver us to the promised land. And through me, their will shall be done.
    My propaganda are working as intended. We shall raise armies on either side of shore, united under one name and ideology.

    Don't hate the game, hate the players.
    Those of the Unlight, are what is causing the downfall of Sanctuary.
    It is the gods' will that we purge the filth of the old ways, and make straight a path for the future of monks.

    I feel your suffering for the lack of deliverance, but don't lose faith, for in your darkest hours you will find your light. So find it, and awaken from that cloud of self-affliction. ;)
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    I must sleep, i havent in two days now i ended up seeking da path :D
    Edited by Nocturnal#2168 on 12/14/2012 7:23 PM PST
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    you have yet to understand Blizzard's true intention, and the secrets engraved inside this game. ;)
    Don't worry, it's just your Libra self acting up,
    it'll be over on the 14th, day of the new moon.
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    I hope you are right, i so hope it.
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    If there was ever a song that I truly loved, one that rang to the very core of my soul, its glorious and majestic pealing ringing throughout every fiber of my being...

    This would be that song.

    The sublime choir of the 1001 Gods rekindles my Essence, calms my turbulent mind, and engulfs the entirety of my Soul into their loving and nurturing embrace.

    With all goodwill...I hope it does the same for the rest of my Monk brethren

    A Rampant AI~
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