Diablo® III

Jedi Monk Academy - Sagittarius constellation

This is beginning of a new page,
@Cumberdale, see my last post on last page.

alright now the build itself, let's understand it,

One Ring, to Rule them All : Fists of Thunder - Static Charge
- every punch will charge the target with electricity, every single hit onto an enemy, will cause all charged enemies to take damage, with a status proc coefficient, of 100%. >:)

One Ring to find them : Dashing Strike - Way of the Falling Star
- invisibility during dash ;) used for seeking out enemies, and granting 25% movement speed, to "find them"

One Ring to bring them all : Cyclone Strike - Sunburst
- draws in 8 enemies, 8 is the number of infinity, thus "all", Sunburst is fire damage, which gains the power from fire boosting stats, and it has 35% chance to fear. 3+5 = 8. ;)

And in the Darkness : Sweeping Wind - Cyclone
the darkness here is Cyclone,
which will generate tornadoes from every charge of static charge, to bind them all.

Bind Them : Exploding Palm - Impending Doom.

and why the rune Impending Doom?
because... "Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die"

"Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky"
- the 3 passives that you use, which is the very first phrase of that poem.
- under the sky : the 3 passives are under the list of all your passive. :)

"Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone"
- 7 resistances in the use of OWE ;)
- and the cyclones are the little dwarves

"Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die"
- Nine = Nein
- Nein also means no, when you say "NO!", you thus put your hand out in front. >:)
- doomed to die : Impending Doom.

"One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne"
- the Dark Lord on his darkthrone, is none other than OWE :)
- also I am the Dark Lord, and this is my build, mwuahahahah!! >:D
- the Dark Lord here, is also Near Death Experience >:) The lord of Death.

Exalted Soul = the physical Ring.

and finally,
"In the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie."
: Mantra of Domination - Backlash
'nuff said.

For what is in Mordor if not Mount Doom?
and remember... it is "where the shadows lie.." ;)

Witness again, the ultimate Lore Build of the game!!!
playing this build brings insanity, suffering, and addiction.
"it is a gift..." ;)

Der Ein Ring von HerrRaahl
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Well... thats high expectations you have, old one. I'm afraid there is no word for "everything" in german that can fulfill them. They're all kinda neutral... passive.

Anyway, I like the name you gave it now. "Der ein Ring von HerrRaahl" really sounds somewhat medievil. Insert "eyn" instead of "ein" (cause there was no "ei" in the german-speaking parts of medievil europe; they used "ey") and it'll fit just fine...


the incoherence that represents this build's chaos nature. >:)

You want to reflect its chaotic nature? Then there's only one name...

"Der Ring des Nyarlathotep" - I guess I don't have to translate this.

For you have announced this, as the time of the second reign of Cthulhu, whom has dwelled in his prison R’lyeh for thousands of years. "Nyarlathotep" is the name, the chaos has been given, that crawls our world. Infecting it.
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Just finished reading the 3 whole pages, you might want to update some of the DPS/EHP guide figures though, as it has been 2-3 months (and 1.07 patch).

I reckon the majority of monks are able to approach 100k DPS with efficient gearing and minimal cost now (10-20M?) Especially being able to craft 5 slots now.

Sadly I do not adhere to your Jedi ways, cookie cutter punching for me! Though I took this build from your post the day 1.07 came out.
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yea, I was waiting for you to read them first ;D

- I'll do it when I have time, I'm working on a big project atm. >:p

interest, my friend. I'll need your help with the translations
when I use the language of Mordor, mwuahaha. ;)

oh yeah, and I don't wanna open the can of worms that is the Cthulhu myths,
since the Cthulhu cults is a strange subject...
and its cultists are quite some deranged fanatics >:o

But I will anyways! >:)

So the way I approached its understanding, was from looking at the stars of H.P. Lovecraft himself, to attempt to understand his unconscious mind.
You see, Lovecraft was a Virgo, which sign is in direct opposition with the Pisces,
Pisces is the sign and Age that represents christianity.

and as opposite signs oppose but mirror one another,
the Cthulhu mythos, is a bunch of watery creatures that eerily resemble the characters in the gospels... o,O
I'll write the dots so you can connect yourself...

Cthulhu - died, yet lives, was and now, and will 'return in glory'.
Christ - died, yet lives, will 'return in glory'
- comes with preceding 'entities', Cthulhu by Nyarlathotep, Christ by the Beast.
- christ miracles : water turn to wine, loaves and fishes multipled, walking on water..
demonic swines driven into the ocean (perhaps as offering)
Christ - has disciples "fishers-of-men"
Cthulhu - has spawns "fish-men"
Christ - necromancerized Lazarus, raise the dead.
Cthulhu - the dead being raised.

Cthulhu resembles the Kraken in the Davey Jones' Locker, that crawls the ocean,
"The Thing That Should Not Be"
now consider this part of the lyrics from that Metallica song,

"Messenger of Fear in sight
Dark deception kills the light"

Hybrid children watch the sea
Pray for Father, roaming free

Crawling Chaos, underground
Cult has summoned, twisted sound

Out from ruins once possessed
Fallen city, living death

Drain you of your sanity
Face The Thing That Should Not Be

See the eerie connections with Xtnity,
- "the thing that should not be," is the emotion of guilt and shame,
which is and energy source that are inhuman and aren't supposed to exist,
it drains your very sanity.

The psyche of the Virgo, which is a sign of purity,
thus represses its urges,
and pushes into the unconscious mind,
which later manifests itself, and makes it see 'things that should not be' there...

Most serial killers in history, have been Virgo.


and now, in the phrase,
that is not dead can eternal lie,
and with strange eons, even death may die.

notice how Lovecraft used a strange grammar to write it,
and nobody understands this, but he wrote it with a code. :)

that is not dead can eternal lie,
and with strange eons, even death may die.

not dead = life
That- eternal Lie


eternal life = an eternal lie

strange : does not exist,
eons : time / age.
strange eons = strange times that will never exist,

- only with strange eons, can death die
because Death, can Never die. :)

the power of Death, reigns supreme,
because Death, is the energy of Alpha, the First.

just like the Alpha wolf of the pack,
carries the killer instinct of Death itself, that is why it is feared by the others.

Eternal life is a lie,
there is only Im-mortality,

and Immortality, is Death itself.

This is a very complicated puzzle of the matrix of this world,
But I'll finish with this,
Cthulhu is not the true chaos.

For the energy of True chaos, is forever expansive,
it is the Energy of Omega, of Life itself, the energy of Darkness.
For in the darkness, one can be free. ;)

Light is Death.
and Darkness is Life. :)

'Cthulhu', is but a extra terrestrial being, who has achieved 'godhood',
through the amount of cultists it has gathered throughout the centuries,
pouring the attention of their unconscious mind into that psychic energy.
it is "The Gray" area.


In the matrix of this game,
'Cthulhu' exists at the abyss of the program, expressing in bugs and glitches.
just like it exists at the bottom of the ocean,
and the metaphorical ocean of the unconscious mind of human beings,
that which desires exploits and bugs.

for example, before the false apocalypse, everyone was paranoid,
thus they all used "faith in the light", as a symbol of belief..
and so somehow it manifested the connection right into Sweeping Wind.
resulting in snapshot.

"died, but lives, is now, and "will return in glory" "

here's Cthulhu's progression in the game :

boon of protection.. died
quickening + SW... but lives!
exploding palm loot.. was then
wizard godmode.. "returns in glory!!"
barb stun glitch... died
monk SW snapshot.. but lives!
LS snapshot.. was then
future glitch... "returns in glory!!"

etc, lol. ;)

There are other.. "tentacles of Cthulhu" in this class and the others, -_-
but I'll let that be a mystery for now, hehehe.

Damn, I think I just changed something in the matrix...
mwuahahahaha. Be enlightened!! >:D

As for The Ring...
it belongs only to Sauron, Lord of the Earth!!! >:(
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interest, my friend. I'll need your help with the translations
when I use the language of Mordor, mwuahaha. ;)

To quote another, widely feared, extra terrestrial being: No problemo!


Regarding the ring, only this:

"In dawn of time, before gods and man
When earth and sky was first divided
A star did fall into river deep
A star of gold into silvery water
While I sail, by this you shall remember me
Wear it, yours forever to deep
To bind us beyond end of time, to thee, I give a ring of gold"


But interesting, that you're starting to guide us into that timeless abyss...

I've read "Shadow over Innsmouth" a while ago & came up wit this:

The way of Dagon

A build, that lets you walk the lines of your enemies, disheartening them;
While with every move you drain out their power, leaving them crippled;
Like fish on the land, they'll die slowly in agony.

(Category: Support / Tank / ... CRUELTY >:D )

Drop me a line, Fury. I'd like to hear what you think.
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Good lord. I wanted to look up some light and helpful reading on the monk since I made it my secondary class a few weeks back. You didn't make it very easy/accessible. -_-

Edit : Screw it. I'm determined. I liked the TLDR and I'm going to read one page a day haha.
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Greetings Lord Rhaal. I had one query


A slight modify to your build that I can't test yet.. or when I get my crit chance up a little higher anyway(40~)

With good crit chance would this make for mass bells? Say the little aoe thunder burst crits 3 targets in front of me with one strike, thats 45 spirit? I love how it says generates and not a CHANCE to generate :)

Oh, and Echoing fury...great weapon hate the fear though. I see you're CtF is around 10% mine is like 20% lol. I seperate packs with fear sometimes and while I can chase them down I feel I'm losing alot of that aoe. So I would ask you sir Is the lower % to fear alot better? Or with mad attack speed It still procs like crazy? Sometimes fear can be youre freind but I feel I lose efficiency chasing down each minion/blue. When I time it right I can jump in all there faces inititially and unload and if I'm lucky they wont disperse for the couple moments I need to ring big bells all over there faces :)

Dashing strike would only hold a fleeing enemy for a moment anyway each use.
Trying to decide on next weapon (or gear) upgrade as well if you had any insight..I wish to get more All res and wean myself off OWE so I can have more variety as well
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Hey there Cpt,

- yea, the 3rd strike of Quickening is AOE and should hit several targets.
with higher crit chance, you will have more.. chance to crit, and thus more spirit. ;)

- About Echoing Fury, it is a double-edged sword. (hammer..)
When you use non-thunderclap runes, the proc coefficient of the punches, is 100%,
so it will cause more fear Proc from higher Fear-rate EFs.

If you use Thunderclap, it has a proc rate of 150% for the first 2 hits,
BUT, it is actually a rate of (75+75) each hit,
and therefore can lower your 'chance' of proccing Fear, even though you hit twice per hit. And when an enemy is feared, you can catch them with TC.

However you have to watch you steps, because the teleport of TC can be really bad with Arcane, Molten and Plague, when you want to stand still and not chase.
And if you use TC, you don't need Dashing Strike,
one should only use 1 blink utility-attack.

If you want to stick to Quickening, and don't like to chase with dashing strike, you could then use Cyclone Strike - Eye of the Storm, to pull in enemies before they run away. :)
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Yes I would only use one blink like ability, I like them both sometimes I dont teleport with Thunderclap when I want as I guess it has to go through a cycle/internal timer(feels like the latter).

I'll continue to experiment indeed. Thanks for the insight!

If you were to go for a FEARLESS build what would an ideal weapon to replace EF?

Oh BTW... just started thinking about that with cyclone/quickening... mm wow that could be a whole other build without bells haha damn..

Ill play with dashing strike/quickin as well tho.. I wonder(with high crit) if Blinding Light could stun lock the hell out of everything? Thats why I love the monk so many possibilities!

*Oh yes in the True Maximus build would faith in the light still be optimal? Was also curious why you choose fist off fury and would vulture claw or spinning flame be worthy to consider? If you explain on this build somewhere I apoligize..just tell me its there and ill find it :p

..Sorry I keep thinking about stuff :/ The Pro-coefficients with thunderclap as you said..these numbers confuse me..so say on one strike ill have 75% chance to proc all of my status effects(fear,stun) no matter the actual number I have on my gear? I'm probaly misunderstanding you..does it only use 75% of my %chance?
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well i read most of ur guide while at work over a few days. interesting to say the least. i was interested in trying out all 77 builds because it sounds like a fun little challenge to do. but ive never watched a video on a build on any kind of game. so i probally wont be able to do that unless i get over not watching them but finding time to play and taking care of my 2 month is hard enough to add in video watching. i might work on the season u have lined out. if time permits. but anyways cool guide. might really try to watch them.
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Hey Raahl, how you've been? I have a question :

It's common knowledge by now that Tempest rush drains our spirit pool faster the higher our att speed is, but... how many times does it actually hit since the animation is constant? we know when we start rushing but there's no end to the animation unless we stop.

I would find it logical that each daibo cycle during the animation does the hits per sec each one gains from his gear but; the daibo doesn't take 1s to spin does it? :) If this is the case then this changes things up a bit don't you think?


Ok here we go ---->

TL;TR section
Tempest rush slipstream is a great way to do damage and be safe at the same time; Skills required are the following, the rest is up to your judgement and needs :


++++++++++++++++++ Trempest Rush mp 10 slipstream ++++++++++++++++++++

First thing first
I really couldn't make sense about the attack frequency of TR; Tested with dw and 2h for radical difference to the att speed but the results where extremely inconsistent. Generally the 2hnder seemed to generate hits slower, but not to a noticeable margin. To be exact, and I'm counting frames here people : dw took from 2-5 frames to generate a hit while 2h took 2-8... The targets I used were champs since we can't knock them back and I could stay on them rushing in a more steady manner.
So there goes that. My conclusion on the matter is that while changing route more than 3 hits may occur (saw 4 hits through a clean pass while I was way past the enemy)... On the other hand it also isn't 155% damage on each hit. Can't say how much exactly, since I don't own the gear needed and the fact that I really don't care.

The idea of using TR slipstream occured to me when I saw a barb friend enduring almost every encounter and ubers on mp 10. So it made me think that my ~350k eHP against his 1m was really making a difference and so I set out to up my eHP through skills and skill; then every now and then a stray hit came along and disrupted my zen. I was disappointed at first with the idea of accepting that I can't take that many hits or enduring lazers passing through my holy body or skeleton king's mighty blows, and then my mind fixed for yet another time on the rune slipstream.

And so it became that after hours of studying; walking the paths of the ancients and immortals; the few chosen by the gods to walk proudly amongst us through these very halls, I was able to utilize T r empest rush as a mean to tremble fear in our enemies and trample on their corpses as they fall.

The following build is of my inspiration and with it I finally managed to stay alive even through impossible situations. Also it's the first time since the beginning of the academy that I use serenity again. Thank you Raahl for that. You truly and gracefully guided me to enlightment.

Here's the build :

Here's the analysis :

  • Foresight : extra damage, range, combination strike.
  • Quickening : spirit regeneration to get back at trempesting, faster than foresight, knockback.
  • Serenity : while I would like another damage buff, serenity is mandatory to keep balance to the loss of seize the initiative armor gain. Also used for attack purposes when there's no room to stand on near an enemy, eg horde/arcane, molten/plagued etc.
  • SW cyclone : trempest rush generates cyclones -_- hope you knew that.
  • Overawe : I would gladly use submission for this but the reality is that the damage output of the build doesn't come from tempest rush alone >:) TR, SW, cyclones are the three sources, which combined do substantial aoe damage! Or you can use dishearten rune to get more hits while rushing (see update 1 below for more info on that).
  • Trempest rush : the obvious 25% dmg reduction to everything!! Running and constantly moving through everything disrupts the enemies patterns. Seriously! Ranged elites were attacking me because they though I was running away with the constant change of route. Also while running you constantly miss the starting ticks for many ground skills eg desecrator, arcane, molten etc hence no damage taken. Add the movement speed reduction to all that and TR becomes extreme against elites and champs. Why only elites and champs? Because they can't be knocked back. On white mobs TR can be quite a mess, but not if there are a lot of them packed together.
  • Update 1 : Slowing skills reduce the knockback distance, so dishearten or crippling demise might be some options to consider.

    Only those who have the ability to stop you dead on your ground may pose a mere threat to this unstoppable rush (jailer, vortex). Use serenity and potion accordingly.

    Exalted soul : need the extra spirit to have time to decide where to land the chopper and get fuel.
    Combination strike : to get the extra damage much needed.
    OWE : ...

    The gear :
    Well this build isn't for everyone I guess; LPSS works great since we are spending spirit all the time. I have pretty much every sustain there is on the game except life after kill and pretty high dps sooo excuse my happiness for comin up with this build that suites me; hope that suits you too :D

    Update 2 : I discover new things as I go, so damagewise blackash works great too, especially for the moments gaining spirit.

    To do list : goblin, ubers, party, SOJ with TR +cc.
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    interesting question to land on post 1111.. - -
    (I.E. I hope you edit and pack that post number with a lot of other info than that. ;)

    - each cycle of Tempest Rush is 3 hits last time I checked,
    front-middle-and back of an enemy.

    and I never pay attention to the spinning animation,
    why don't you time it yourself and see.
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    Thanx evil twin; I will :) and update the 1111 post as you requested.
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    very nice on HC mode, if you have not seen ep7 the Libra build, you should. >:)
    Now for HC mode, I suggest this build,
    this is the reformed and upgraded version of the old "anti-cookiecutter",
    meant to actually use Conviction in HC and survive, lol.
    funny how most monks use Conviction in SC, but no monk uses Conviction in HC =_=

    this is entitled,
    "The Last Redemption"

    Used this build for a while and was pretty pleased. The extra damage from MoC was noticeable even without Overawe. I now have enough LoH that I don't really benefit from the Reclamation rune any longer so I've been experimenting with other builds. I haven't really settled on anything, though. Also, I had only used an Air Ally prior to this, but the Water Ally was a surprisingly useful skill. That wave attack carved through groups pretty well.

    I'm doing the self found thing with this monk, but I'm allowing for his previous incarnations' finds. A helm, ring, and fist weapon were all I had left after previous deaths, but they helped. I lucked out and found my first Echoing Fury, and even though it's not ideal, it was a considerable upgrade. Feel like I've been pretty lucky so far, but I've got a ways to go before I can really tackle anything higher than mp1 with any confidence.
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    hey slyraje, good to see you >:)

    Hey fellas,
    it seems I've been away for a while,
    I'm working in a great project right now, been developing the video it, I will be more active when this work is done... It will benefit the world of monks greatly, yes.. >;)


    As part of a spiritual existence, and yourselves and of the Monk that you play;
    and the knowledge I promised -you would obtain in these halls,
    So today, to commemorate a past day that I was born-to-darkness,
    I have come with more seeds of enlightenment,
    this time I'll briefly talk about the coming age of Aquarius. ;)

    First, if you don't know the astrological signs by now and what they all mean, they you should do so. (actually if you don't know them then you might as well be illiterate and go live in a cave.
    In this day and age especially, the basic knowledge of the signs are vital to your very own intellectual existence.)

    For now I will talk about the past ages, each one lasts approximately 2000 years.
    The main 12 signs are as follows;
    Aries, Taurus, Gemini,
    Cancir, Leo, Virgo,
    Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius,
    Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.


    Now noone knows during what age this world was created, but it is believed that it was during Aries, for that is the first sign of the zodiac.

    Now when you know the 12 signs, you must also be aware of these truths.

    3-3-13's Enlightenment, part 1 :
    --- Humanity Untruth : The idiots called astronomers think that astrology began in 3000 B.C.
    and that the constellations have shifted so your signs are not really your signs.
    -> LR Truth : Astrology began when mankind was created after cavemen, over 85000 years ago,
    taught by the gods to watch the energies of the stars and act accordingly.
    1) Your signs are STILL your signs, because the cosmic energies of the signs are fixed in the dates designed by numbers, and not bound by time. I.E. they exist outside of time. ;)
    2) the shadow of the sun cast on the constellations are still exactly the same as the dates of the signs spoken.

    --- Humanity Untruth : The re-ligionists believe in creation, disproving evolution; the scientists believe in evolution, but can't grasp creation.
    -> LR Truth : We were the most evolved animal by natural selection in the days of cavemen,
    thus chosen by the gods as a specimen vessel to be genetically re-created, to ultimately achieve immortality and become gods ourselves, through the process of reincarnation, redemption, and annihilation.

    --- Humanity Untruth :
    - There's one life to live and then you decompose.
    - There's one life to live and then you go to heaven or hell.
    - There are many lives to live and then you keep reincarnating and coming back.

    LR Truth :
    - There is one life to live Right Now, and then this life decomposes, your soul returns to consciousness and then judged by your actions.
    Your soul watches you outside of the Matrix, and send you signals of enlightenment in times of need. If you are corrupted, then you get dipped into the pool of Hellfire to be cleansed after death, for the next reincarnation,
    until you find......

    (this applies to old enlightened souls, young souls still need to experience the process and karma of the sign they were born into.)


    I have lived many many lives, young ones.
    I walked the pyramids with the pharaohs, I built temples for the Aztecs,
    I raised armies with the Vikings, and I fought for the dynasties of China.
    I am an immortal being. Flesh and blood, but not human.

    3-3-13's Enlightenment, part 2 :
    I will take you back 22,000 years, back to the one before the sign of our Age.
    The Ages flow in a counter clockwise, to balance time itself, so you'll see the order going backwards.

    The Ancient of Days

    The Age of Capricorn :
    approximately 21,000 BCE to 19,000 BCE
    - Capricorn is a Fatherly sign of restriction.
    The Age of the strict tribal parental values, parents were worshipped as gods,
    this age was reflected by the its shadow sign : Cancir, which represent the Mother.
    Ancient Elders had a lot of power in these times.
    Ancient traditions were first formed here, animal and human sacrifices, etc.

    The Age of Sagittarius :
    - athletic conquests and expansions began, the Greek gods' legacy started at this time, The Father of the last sign loses its power, as shown in the Greek Myth of the downfall of Cronus and imprisonment in Tartarus. Humanity began to be aware of philosophical duality nature, good/evil, and less controlled by what the Parents dictate.
    Expressing in the duality of its shadow sign, Gemini. (twins, two fruits)
    Perhaps here was where the true exiled from Paradise happened, "kicked out by parents".
    Having to survive in the wilderness, vs both other humans and beast, Men were dabbling in arts they were not supposed to..

    The Age of Scorpio
    ~16,500 to 14,500 BCE
    - an Ice Age, an age of death and rebirth, and humans were beginning to grasps the concept of life after death and / or immortality. First real introduce to the Occults, and the power of the serpentine legacy. Here was the true first resurrection, of the Darkside of the Force. ;D
    the goddess Lilith governed this age with the knowledge of life after death, dark enlightenment were first bestowed upon mankind, in its shadow sign Taurus, Lucifer the Lightbringer.
    The most powerful occultists ruled this age with an ironfist. ("Sithlords")

    The Age of Libra
    ~ Ice Melted, an age of Orderliness, Judgement and justice came, the "Sith" of the past age was overthrowned, turned into the symbolic "serpent", demonized and forgotten.. ;)
    'Jedi orders' established, acknowledge one elder as the 'Most High' (Aries shadow),
    time of "Conan the Barbarian"
    This age suffered from indecision and the beginning of Materialism, resulting in sheer hypocrisy and greed. They are now confusing good and evil, the backlash of the Scorpio age's overthrow.
    Lilith is demonized and turned into evil. =_=

    The Age of Virgo
    ~ The devil came into the picture and brought out the purity and darkness in man, first introducing the concept of sin and redemption, what the past age of Libra needed in order to evolve. Everything was analyzed and dissected, things unfit were removed, this was the beginning of corruptions of ancient wisdoms. In this age, the Virgin was made a sacred symbol, and men also took interest in fishing and traveling by sea. (Pisces Shadow)
    the ancient teachings of Vampyrism first began here... ;)

    The Age of Leo

    ~ The age of the Pharaoh and Sun worship, ;D
    [other occult info removed, sorry, can't enlighten you too much, for your own good. ;]
    And displayed by heavy rain, from the shadow of its Aquarius, the water carrier.
    This age begins as an Ice Age and then melted into civilization. ;)
    The Leo is very lazy, and combined with the shadow aspect of Aquarius, a humanitarian-service sign, created the first heavy forms of Slavery.
    Egypt was a very fertile land at this time, in the middle of the sun's warmth, as opposed to arid deserts today. :)

    Age of Cancir
    8,140-6,000 BCE.
    The sign of the Moon and the Mother, and this Age came to the worship of the Great Goddess and the Moon. The Ice melted, and to reminisce the cold of the past age, the moon became a god symbol. The sign began with a Great Flood when the ice melted. ;)
    Surviving Mankind had to begin anew, and thus there was a lot of attachment to the Mother, for they bore the children to create a new civilization. Its shadow, Capricorn, cause an emphasis on the Father to be the one who brings home the foods.

    Age of Gemini
    6,000-3,800 BCE.
    Gemini governs communication and speech, this age developed the first written languages and establishment of small villages, for man has learned his lesson from the last flood, to write down his wisdom lest they are lost by natural disasters. The cult of Twin Gods in creation myths began during this time, (masculine / feminine principle). Ying Yang. At the end of this Age, Astrology is now written down. ;) and so was history.

    Age of Taurus
    This is the age of Enlightenment, but also Tyranny,
    the Taurus draws energy straight from the Northern Light. Lucifer and Lilith returned to this Age,
    symbolism of Taurus is the Bull, which became a symbol of worship in many cultures.
    This was the age of sex, feudal warlords, old samurai, art, beauty, materialism.
    The Female was worshiped here, Tolkien also based LoTR on this Age. Sauron is a Taurus, the Ring is a symbol of Love, but also of Control, for the Taurus are known to be control freaks. ;)
    The Taurus-Scorpio axis, is also known as the axis of immortality.
    Scorpio rules Death itself, and Taurus governs Life, go figure :>

    Age of Aries
    This is the age of Innocence,
    Aries symbolizes the child, and here heralds old souls' rebirth.
    The god of this world, rescued the slaves from Egypt to be his people until the next Light age, 2 ages from Aries.
    Moses destroying the golden calf - symbolizing end of the age of Taurus.
    The sign Aries is very jealous, i.e. "you shalt have no other god before me!" ;)

    Age of Pisces
    0 - 2012
    The return of the devil from the age of Virgo, establishing his kingdom of separation,
    between blood predators, to blood prey. ;)
    The texts are written down for the masses to follow to be cleansed before Death and "Ascension",
    just like a fish being cleaned before the meal.
    This is a Dark Age, ruled by religion and control,
    the slaves of the previous age in Aries, reversed the karma flow and became the masters.
    Texts were again edited and twisted, coded in lies and truths to be figured out.
    The enlightened will lead the coming of the new Age.

    Age of Aquarius
    2012 - 4000
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    Hey man...can you point me to where I can read more about that line of reasoning? Science seems to beat out religion logically.. but i dont know the history of all that and who started it or how it was passed down as that info..ya kno?

    Its funny how all the different religions of the world are the thing keeping us from becoming more united on a large scale...wich is a step into advancing the human race imo..into immortality? idk..something better atleast.

    remember the gods would envy mortals because everything is much more beautiful to us..gift and a curse to be either really..but I disgress :)

    Also I may have a valid question here..its been bugging me this past week and I couldnt find mention of it on the passive or the 4 horseman. So guiding light, does the buff stack up for each monk if all 4 were rocking it? My friends monk is to low lvl to have it I could not test this.
    Edited by CptNinjetty#1915 on 3/3/2013 2:50 PM PST
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    just confused that a barbarian is writing a monk guide, well in this case monk play book.
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    You are confused because you are ill-informed :)

    I'll give you a hint..That's not his main account :p
    Edited by CptNinjetty#1915 on 3/3/2013 4:12 PM PST
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    Age of Aquarius
    2012 - 4000

    LordRaahl I was looking for some more of your thoughts about Aquarius.
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    (Too legit-Dr. Raahl)
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