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Starting my first HC toon today...

Figured it would be a safe route to play a monk. Was my first toon in SC and I dont remember dying until inferno.. Haven't played since pre 1.0.3, have changes to any other classes brought up their livability?
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Welcome back... just about every class can survive better now. Monk's Seize the Initiative was nerfed, so now it only gives half as much armor as it used to.

Barbarian's Inspiring Presence regens twice as much life now as it used to, so that passive helps out a ton (especially if you don't have money for LoH or Regen gear). Impunity only gives a 20% bonus to Resist All (instead of 50%).

Demon Hunter's Boar follower is awesome now. It regens life and gives All Resist bonus.

I'd say that Barb is the best survival wise, followed by Monk and then Witch Doctor. Barb gear is pretty expensive though, so you can't go wrong picking Monk.
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I can't be sure, but if you had a no-death monk pre 1.0.3 through Hell diff, then you'll likely find it to be easy to get back to inferno this time around. Be wary of the A4 keywarden though...you'd be wise to be geared up and ready for a careful fight before entering the first silver spire level (or whatever it's called). He often spawns right around a nasty pack of elites, making this arguably the most challenging fight in the 1.0.5 game, esp in hell/inferno.
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I think Barbarian is the safest choice. I've never died on my HC or SC Barbs (I play my SC Barb as if it were in HC mode).

I am well on my way towards clearing HC Inferno Diablo.
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In my opinion (and having played all classes) I think the order of general survivability in HC is:


Monk should be pretty safe, but like what Battletag mentioned be wary of the A4 keywarden. Also as a monk beware of stuff like mallet lord packs, which are new to 1.05.
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welcome. i think every class is good for HC, although DH and wiz struggle sometimes.
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I recommend starting at MP10 Hardcore right away. It's a whole different experience. You will actualy care about loot at lower levels. Overall progression is slower but it's a lot of fun.

And if you wanna top that, use self-found gear only.

I recently went back to d3 playing like that and I enjoy the game again. That's what I wanted it to be like since day 1.
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Demon Hunter's Boar follower is awesome now. It regens life and gives All Resist bonus.

Although the Boar is great and all, it starts dying when you kick up the MP and possibly needed the protection the most. Mallet lords and berserkers and whatnot will just smash the boar a couple times and be done with it.

I'm not too sure if the Boar's own defenses scale with your own or not. I feel like the best thing about the companions is that they can soak up the debuffs and be the target of some affixes instead of you.
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I've seen a boar take several hits from the mallet lord elite in the hell rift and keep going like it was a love pat on mp1-2 inferno. Though that was just 1 mallet lord, I was nevertheless quite impressed with his survivability overall.

I'd agree with the earlier poster that survivability goes:


There's a sizable gap btwn barb and monk, and another one btwn monk and dh. However, as stated monk gear tends to be quite cheap, so you can gear up a monk reasonably well on a limited budget.
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