Diablo® III

WTS Demi Godly Barb 1h Weapon


1185.3 dps
311 min dmge
377 max dmge
35% dmge
ias 10%
crit dmge 84%

current offer 550m from AndroG
BiN suggestion from my friend 1.5b
*never play barb not sure the price
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Um take the 550m now, that's way overpriced.
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seriously? my friend said that 550m is cheap.that y he ask me to put it here.1st time posting here and at trading section.hehe

well if dont receive better offer mayb u r right. thx for the info.
really appreciate it.
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550 mil is a really nice offer. Take it, don't be greedy.

Just my $.02
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Mighty weps fell out of flavor.
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based on information from our friend at trading section, this weapon are good for off-hand due to the stat + the dmge.

i am 2h crossbow user.dont have any idea about how 1h weapon work lol.
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Take the coin and run...it's a nice wep, no doubt about it...but 550mil is a very very very fair offer. GL...cheers
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theyre gonna delete this post soon cuz you dont hv a barb. im just saying. they did that to me when posting in a monk section for selling monk stuff. 550m sure is nice. but i think you can get more with that much aspd. free bump
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oh really.thx for the free bump
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decent, but no LS / 900+ loh = meh
take that 550m and run
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It's not going to go for 1.5b unfortunately.

1) No life leech OR
2) No strength
3) Mighty Weapon (they go for alot less than Maces / Axes)

The IAS cuts both ways. Whilst you want a fast attack speed weapon, you really want this on your offhand and not your mainhand (unless you are using EF which boosts your OH attack speed.) Having ASPD on your MH means your actual weapon damage (note: not DPS) is lower than a similar DPS weapon w/o the attack speed. Tornados from RLTW is entirely dependant on MH weapon damage, not weapon DPS.
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