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So I am looking to start again in Diablo after its terrible first opening months...and I've noticed alot of changes. My first question is the DH still all glass cannon or is a defensive tanking build possible? What is the best build and BIS items?

Lastly and most importantly, is the Windforce bow with all the knock back BIS or the Manticore with 2 sockets? Are 2x1H's still an option if they have all the right stats? Overall, I would appreciate just some advice. Thanks y'all
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Glass cannons tend to die fast in inferno nowadays. Tanks are viable, but there are also seens to be a lot more "balanced" builds running around now too. For BIS items, I'd take a look at some of the higher ranking DH's on diabloprogress or look them up around here.

WF vs manti is a matter of preference. A good manti is the core of a lot of high DPS builds, but some people don't like the slower attack speed. Dual wielding is an option, but it can be very expensive since you have to balance out what is usually a loss of EHP from not having a quiver.
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Tank builds are viable, but they still require good DPS for Life Steal. Overall you're better off with a balanced build in higher MPs, but a tank trap build works well too.

I farm MP 7 keys solo and do fine, but I know I'm killing slower than other uber-geared ppl out there. I can survive tho, which is more important to me anyway.

I have a 2OS Manticore and a Windforce simply because I cannot decide which I like better. Windforce is a great utility weapong with the knockback, and the attack speed is awesome. However the DPS just isn't as much due to losing at LEAST 100% Crit Damage as compared to a 2 OS Manticore...

BiS for DH is really complicated because there are a lot of good options. Legacy Nats (Unlimited Disc Gen) vs. New Nats (Higher DPS) have very different uses but excel at them beyond other gear sets.

Mempo for helm seems to be a winner, as is Vile Ward shoulders.

Likely one of your rings is going to be a Hellfire from the new Uber event if you can get a decently rolled one. SoJ ring is nice for elites, but a trifecta ring (IAS, CC, CD) with Dex often beats them for overall damage.

Lacuni bracer for MS and IAS with a high Dex roll and CC is good.

Dead Man's quiver is definitely BiS with 20% IAS, 10% CC and 250+ Dex/Vit...

Witching Hour belt for IAS

The other slots there really aren't clear winners, and even the one's I mentioned aren't necessarily "the best" just a fair representation of what the best are using most often.
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I use a Windforce in solo play and my Manticore in group play. Melee classes don't like chasing the monsters I knockback with the Windforce. I do lose about 40K with the Windforce but I survive alot better.
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