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What should I buy my DH? 2mil

I haven't played since July and D3 is like a totally different game now. Can anyone look at my build and tell me what I should buy for him? I only have 2 million gold. I think I have like 75kish dps without ss and around 130k with ss.

Also, where should I be farming with my guy?

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currently checking up on AH but... to start id say
15% ias
8% crit
like 50k or less
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farming act1 monster power1 inferno should not be too hard for you.
(perfectionist has gotten a huge boost now)
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Really need to boost your Dex and Critical Damage. My build is pretty cheap (under 30 million or so counting all training costs, crafting costs and items used on the way up) and I have an unbuffed DPS of 56K and EHP (effective hit points) of 662K. There are people out there with far higher DPS but I have a pretty good combination of DPS and EHP. You can get a fairly high EHP by stacking enough life and that is cheaper to do than maxing AR (all resistances) or you can try to buff both; do whatever gives you the best EHP.

With my build and equipment I can easily farm MP3 in any act in inferno. I run MP3 because its the most efficient for me; I can run higher difficulties but it starts to really slow me down.
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i have a natalya armor for 2m
has following stats
13%evasive fire
3open sockets

tell me if interested
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I will give you a trash Nat chest if you want it. Your chest has higher dps, but if you grab 2-3 pc then you will gain a decent bit of damage, probably.

I don't care either way, I have one, you can have it. Lol

Message me in game if you want it
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Also might want to consider an Inna's belt for the 130 Dexterity bonus.
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i would look for a manticore with socket if i was you
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I just got a new quiver for 6k lol. I can't seem to figure out how to bump the inferno difficulty up though. I cleared inferno before I stopped playing, do I have to clear it again to unlock the next difficulty?
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It's listed under Options -> Gameplay -> Enable Monster Power
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Before you do ANYTHING, you should read up on like the 3 patches you've missed so you know wtf is going on now days with content and class changes. Otherwise, how can you expect to make an informed decision on anything you buy/change?
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you can get a dead mans legacy for rather cheap, aim for with with 15% attack speed and 9 critical chance and the random slot can be what ever you want (life % etc). I am trying to sell one for 3 mil and its not even selling and it has the above stats or better so they are cheap to get. Sometimes just cutting back one stat or so a bit can reduce price by millions.
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I may have some items in my stash that I can give you for free. Some are even legendary pieces (Nat's, DML, etc) that might benefit you.

Hit me up in game if you're interested.
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