Diablo® III

Tank Demon Hunter build

I made a tank build for demon hunters and it has been working very well for me in any monster power levels. I thought I'd share it with the community.

I'm able to sit in one place and tank any uber bosses with this build.
The items that you need for this build mainly require stacking of all resist, max discipline, and critical chance.

Bola Shot(Thunder Ball) - I like to switch between Thunder Ball and Volatile Explosives in different fights. Thunder Ball when fighting uber bosses and Volatile Explosives when farming because bigger explosion means I'll have more life leech overall with more dps.

Vault(Trail of Cinders) - useful when getting out of situations such as being in middle of high damage aoe attacks. If used with Shadow Power(Gloom), you can get out of places while leeching life with full hp.

Elemental Arrow(Ball Lightning) - mainly used to charge up discipline. Since this attack zaps targets multiple times, with Night Stalker passive, you will regain discipline in no time.

Shadow Power(Gloom) - This skill should be active at all times because this skill is the main reason you will be able to tank through everything.

Preparation(Backup Plan) - Although with this build, you will have enough discipline to keep Shadow Power at all times, sometimes you won't be as lucky with critical chances.

Sentry(Guardian Turret) - this skill allows you to have 15% more damage reduction when you are in the turret bubble as well as giving you more dps from the turrets

Night Stalker - passive to have chance at regaining discipline when you critical hit.

Archery - just for extra dps

Perfectionist - 10% added to all your defenses with reduced discipline cost for your skills.
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I don't think you're a "tank" as much as it is your gear is really good. You're using bola shot.

My tank DH (Jawbreaker) is a "tank" build and my gear is mostly armor/resist/regen/LoH stuff that wouldn't sell for 5m total.
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Interestingly enough, I run a similar build with similar gear (ignore my profile, it's not up to date at the time of this reply).

Here's a different twist on this build that I highly recommend...

Replace the Ball of Lightning with Spike Trap -> Echoing Fury. The key thing here is that you are going to be face tanking... a lot... so why not take advantage of this and place a trap at your feet to deliver huge bursts of 275% weapon dmg?

The combination of spike traps and bola delivers so much AOE dmg that everything literally melts on your screen. Also, all of this AOE dmg procs really well with your Nightstalker.

This has proven to be a very fun build... very satisfying (if you like big yellow crit numbers).

Additionally, if one has high enough crit chance, they may be able to drop Preparation completely. I ran a MP5 Act 3 farm route, and I think I only hit Prep three times (Nightstalker is amazing).

Finally, another strong consideration is Numbing Traps... the 20% dmg reduction from it plus the 15% from the Guardian Turret is amazing)
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