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how much will you pay DH above you?

no profile, but nice Starjeweled avatar from SC2
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@oscar 1-2b
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dont know, too out of touch, but if someone can give me an idea of what my guy is worth, id appreciate it as it would give me a jump in the trying to get rid of this game direction
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Not sure, around 350-400 maybe.
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pretty nice set up cigar, not too sure with prices but maybe like 1b?
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I can't see your profile...
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500m ~ 1b? idk..
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@ Jukebox

somewhere 800m
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how you guys has so many dps :( i need to stop being so bad
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About 200M
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Easily 3-4B in my opinion, I want your amulet ;)
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P.S. Sorry that I dun quite agree with you on the amount Shades' gear set is worth
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500m ~ 1b? idk..


@ celanian: about 500m?
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@ shdowflare 4 - 5 bil

interesting we have exactly the same Manticore wtf :o
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@Nocturnal 6B?

There are 16 copies of your Manticore floating around according to DP.

rickyhope#1548 Petrosia Demon Hunter (US sc)
kamikaze#6577 Masamune Demon Hunter (US sc)
nick#11944 Nick Demon Hunter (US sc)
lei#3680 Lei Demon Hunter (US sc)
tyrannical#1627 Iris Demon Hunter (US sc)
mobius#1918 Mobius Demon Hunter (US sc)
tigerblood#6383 TigerBlood Demon Hunter (US sc)
photon#1551 PhotonHunter Demon Hunter (US sc)
reaper666#1553 OOOO Demon Hunter (US sc)
shdwflare#1288 Lizzy Demon Hunter (US sc)
shinafae#1517 Shinafae Demon Hunter (US sc)
csi#3575 Csi Demon Hunter (US sc)
glitz#1220 Nya Demon Hunter (US sc)
pornchai#6729 Chaos Demon Hunter (US sc)
grady#3638 SilverFlash Demon Hunter (US sc)
KWDiablo#3225 KenWanDH Demon Hunter (US sc)


My boots are worth more than 500m by themselves. Granted the boots are probably worth as much as the entire rest of my DH combined. :)
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@Nocturnal 3b - 4b got some nice pieces there, Wish I had Vile wards like yours.

EDIT: looking through your gear again, probably more like 6b.

@Celanian 650-700m
Edited by BurningJC007#1355 on 2/1/2013 12:08 AM PST
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@ JC007

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Priceless legacy nat set lol
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Between 6.5b-7.5b
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