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how much will you pay DH above you?


I suck at this, but would probably say around 3 billion or so.
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lol.. oh well..

@KWDiablo prob 3-4b?
haha this thread is very interesting
Someone offered me 3b for my glove several day ago and I directly decline that lol
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Sweet calamity, I bet overall you are around 1.5-2.5b The calamity, chest, boots and even innas pants start to creep up your worth. As a fellow calamity user though, I would call you priceless :- )
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@Potentiality 6-8b Your belt seems to be your only weak piece, I thought Inna's favors could roll higher dex vit combo's.
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02/04/2013 01:20 PMPosted by BurningJC007
@Potentiality 6-8b Your belt seems to be your only weak piece, I thought Inna's favors could roll higher dex vit combo's.

Haha, yep, I actually have a well rolled witching hour, but it gives about 8k less dps, surprisingly. +Ele on black damage I suppose along with the double 130 dex bonus is why,
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8% to holy dmg means a lot if you are using a black dmg weapon especially considering the small weapon delta implies an extra addition to max dmg

btw, I would pay 6.5b for your gear set :D
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@KWdiablo about 3-5bill
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@chucknorris about 350M?
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Wow... That character had to cost at least $3000! Must be nice..
(sorry to break the chain, but I had to)
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@ Chupao

between 250-275M
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@Oscar 500m?
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@Anigerian: Oscar's DH is worth more than 500mil! Whether he payed more than that is debatable. :-P

As for your DH, I imagine probably around 125-150mil.
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@tekkazerrox, you're worth about 350-450m on a rough estimate.
I'm not really familiar with BT pants (dex roll), so I may have been way off on that slot.

I like your use of Armor to gain EHP, I'm a big fan of armor rolls myself.
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Ohhh dearest Menlyn:

I'm gonna say 2-2.5B. Awesome DH.

Also @ Tekkazzerox, thanks for your support of my DH. ;-) Yes, I paid well over 500m for my DH. In just the last few days I've made about 500m worth of improvements (not accounting for the profit of previous items sold).
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@ Celanian.

You have such great items but your manticore is kinda lawlz
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@FrozenArrow 350m to 500m
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I am not good at this :p but.. 2-4bil?
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@Zanxius. 3bil

Solid built with lots of AR.
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Sweet DH. Nice work.
4 to 5b
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