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how much will you pay DH above you?

thalos 30m? Idk
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@Anigerian - 300 mil I'd say.
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@Seeyle 50mil?
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@hazard 125 mil?
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@steelphantom 50mil
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Vantage - 150 mil tops
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no idea but in the billions i think
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PewPewTiuTiu, very very very nice gear. Id say upwards of 1.5 bill.

ChangWu, Sorry. missed you there :p

nice gear, id go with about 100 - 150 mill?
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pshh.. BSUCLA can take my infiniti g35 for that . lolol

+1 for your car. I love my G37

also, I hate that my profile now shows me in my exp farming gear. I look so trashy in these pickup radius shoulders and hellfire ring.

edit: @aerial maybe 3b for just weapon and hat...

I too have a g35 coupe, nice to see people rockin G's on here.

@Royalmarine, not sure about EU pricing but on US server I'd say you're around 800-1b
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@CashMonay around 4-5b?
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@pigro haha thanks man, we both know yours is worth over 7-8 :P
Edited by CashMonay#1807 on 11/1/2012 7:02 AM PDT
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It seems like you were skipped so I'll give you an estimate. I'm bad at this, but I would say 600-700M.
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Trying for fun! 300m
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For fun, I'd say about 380m, nice SoJ/DML ele damage combo. Interesting stat stacking on shoulders/amulet. Vile ward + crit chance amulet would help your dps a lot.
Edited by Pajamaparty#1935 on 11/1/2012 9:42 AM PDT
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@funk Nice gear 1B easy
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@Boii ~5-600m
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